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  1. Toronto in Superleague, 2019

    Just had a look on google and Hort's right - since 2015 you need a ETA.
  2. Toronto in Superleague, 2019

    Visa? is that a recent introduction? I've been to Canada 4 times and never needed one.
  3. Around St.Helens

    Talk about over the top productions!
  4. Look who dropped in...

    Was it an advertising shoot for that bottled water that appears in almost very pic with the label conveniently facing the camera?
  5. cottage in Boardmans Lane

    As far as I know, Richard Evans main offices were situated at the top end of Clipsley lane Haydock near where the Tesco store is.
  6. RIP Len 'Banana' Saunders

    It's called 'joint enterprise' when a number of people are present at the time of the crime's commission - even though the crime is carried out by a single member of that group.
  7. Littler's Field

    According to the maps, Windle House (opp. Abbey pub) and Windle Grange (on the left of Rainford rd opp. school) are/were separate places.
  8. Rag and Bone men

    No problem here in brum - you only have to put any scrap on the driveway and it's gone in no time at all. Three or four vans touring the area every day.
  9. Huddersfield v Saints

    From the Huddersfield local papare. Giants managing director Richard Thewlis thanked the Saints and the RFL for their understanding after Huddersfield Town’s victory over Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship play-offs booked the Terriers a date in the final at Wembley on the Bank Holiday Monday. added 1 minute later That should read 'paper' - where's the 'edit' button gone?
  10. Motor bike shops

    Dingsdales also had a shop up near the Ram's Head in Haydock. Bill Pope also had a motorbike shop (converted mission hall) on West End road just down from the Huntsman.
  11. FA to intro dive and fake injury panel aug 2017

    Yes, but not all of the ball - just a bit needs to overhang the white quadrant line and it's legal - or are all the refs in all the football leagues in the world misinterpreting the rule?
  12. FA to intro dive and fake injury panel aug 2017

    The whole of the ball doesn't need to be in the quadrant. A part of the ball can overhang the white line and the placement is legal.
  13. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    It is probably the Ashton branch of the family ~ They had a son who probably took over the business from his father and aunt who ran the firm when I worked there in the 1970s
  14. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    I worked as an ice-cream man for Fredericks for a short while from the factory they had (have?) in Ashton. I don't know for sure if they were of Italian descent but they looked to have the Mediterranean olive skinned appearance. It must have been a good paying business as they had quite a large house at the top end of Liverpool road Ashton.
  15. Tontine Street, Windle

    The telephone exchange was on the corner of Tontine Street and Foundry street when I worked there in the 70's. At that time, Tontine street was separated from Chalon Way by a metal fence. In those days, Chalon way was a dual carriageway that ran from Church street to the bottom of Bridge street.