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  1. The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Isn't that the remaining gatepost on Clipsley lane that used to be the entrance to Haydock railway station?
  2. The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    BJL, your lion is one of two on the gateposts of Haydock Medical Centre at the top end of Station Road. Surprised that our resident Statty Roader Joe90 didn't get that one.
  3. Crash on Tesco car park

    That Bentley looks a bit bent.
  4. Around St.Helens

    Next time I come to St Helens, I'd best have a good look around while there's still something left of it.
  5. Bird Photography in Wales

    Great pics Rob - are the birds captive animals?
  6. Just been speaking to a relative who lives in Morgan St. Apparently he was alleged to have stolen a mini-digger a while ago and flogged it to gyppos. Unfortunately, said digger had a tracker and the police repossessed it and he ended up in Walton for a spell. While he was in nick, his girlfriend flogged his possessions to pay the gyppos some of the cash which they had paid for the digger. Remember a while back when someone was asking about moving to Parr, I told the story of how someone had rolled up at a house in Morgan St and proceeded to smash the window in the door. Turns out that the house was that of Mr Griffiths and the window smasher was a gyppo coming for his money. Apparently, he's normally a decent chap but it seems he was upset with GF for flogging his stuff. The rumour in the street is that the gyppos are still after him and he felt he'd be safer back inside so went on the rampage to deliberately get arrested.
  7. Hurricane Sun

    my car was covered in a red dust layer when I went out today
  8. Toronto in Superleague, 2019

    Just had a look on google and Hort's right - since 2015 you need a ETA.
  9. Toronto in Superleague, 2019

    Visa? is that a recent introduction? I've been to Canada 4 times and never needed one.
  10. Around St.Helens

    Talk about over the top productions!
  11. Look who dropped in...

    Was it an advertising shoot for that bottled water that appears in almost very pic with the label conveniently facing the camera?
  12. cottage in Boardmans Lane

    As far as I know, Richard Evans main offices were situated at the top end of Clipsley lane Haydock near where the Tesco store is.
  13. RIP Len 'Banana' Saunders

    It's called 'joint enterprise' when a number of people are present at the time of the crime's commission - even though the crime is carried out by a single member of that group.
  14. Littler's Field

    According to the maps, Windle House (opp. Abbey pub) and Windle Grange (on the left of Rainford rd opp. school) are/were separate places.