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  1. Ross Street, Parr.

    Hi, I was born at 17 Ross St in 1946. My grandparents lived there from the year dot up to the late 70's when they managed to set the chimney on fire and total the place. Ooops! I forgot. My Dad was born at No 17 in 1920 and my grandmothers sister lived at no 19 for a while. My grandmothers nephew lived at no15 and her other sister at no13 their Mother lived in the next street.
  2. Are there any pictures knocking about of the Ross Street area of Park Road; before they knocked it all down of course. I was born there in the 40's and a few of my relatives lived there but I've only got two pics one in front of our house and one in Nanny Goat park. I've got a school pic from Merton Bank infants; I think it was about 1951/2 if anybody was arround then?