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  1. Thanks ratty, many records were also lost due to air raids in ww2.
  2. I thought that there would be lists of persons liable for conscription. Which would be handy when searching for locations of people. Many men appealed against their conscription, are there any records of the results of these appeals?
  3. Are these registers available to the public.
  4. Foll Doll row chancery lane. There are some photos on the gallery.
  5. Anyone doing family research should take note, that the 1841 census rounds down ages over 15.
  6. I think the culvert behind Matalan, ends up at the Sankey brook near Jackson St.
  7. I vaguely recall seeing an old map showing a Grafton St. It was opposite the rolling mill on Watery lane about where the Coppersmiths pub was.
  8. I think that the café was called Rustic View, somebody had a sense of humour.
  9. Violet Carson ( Ena Sharples ) was the piano player.
  10. I think that it could have been Chevasse's son that won 2 V.C. medals in WW1.
  11. Thanks Ned, you are doing a great job. Will there be a downloadable graveyard map of St Mary's?
  12. Hi Ned, Were Whiston workhouse inmates buried in common graves, and if so was there special section for them.
  13. Hello Lainey and Kingo Peter Crank and his wife Mary nee Littler had a daughter Isabella. She married James Littler at St Oswolds Winwick in 1825. ( possible cousins) The Cranks, Littlers and Birchalls seem to have inter married frequently. A Peter Burchall is on the 1861 census ( spelled as Berkhall age 79 ) shown as visiting Peter & Margaret Littler at old Fold Haydock. He died 1866 aged 83 and is buried St Thomas Ashton in Makerfield. Lancashire online- parish clerks project.
  14. All dams silt up. A dam forms a lake so any silt will settle out, the first part to be affected is where the water enters. Eventually the whole dam will fill up, apart from a few water channels.
  15. The cameras used on the moon were Hasselblad, they were left there to save weight on the return journey. I had a 3D viewer showing them they were brilliant, but I don't know what I did with it.