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  1. do you think THERESA MAY has shot her self in the foot with the white van man,the pension pledge and the foreign aid and also the proposed  diesel tax surely in this day and agewe can send a man to the moon is there nothing that can be done to alter the cars or the fuel to make them safe?


  2. I was told years ago when it was drained you could see an old cottage
  3. did that house used to be a café in the war
  4. yes I remember the timber yard it was on the small estate at the back of ward street the man who worked there was a STAN PAINTER he moved to DUKE STREET and looked after the handymans store there
  5. john Morton was the bake house owner
  6. I remember HARRY OCKLEY he always had a mack on summer and winter and was always to be seen in VICTORIA PARK . WE used to run a mile when we saw him
  7. how pleasant it is to see people doing some good work ,we are doing the same at our local church grave yard.
  8. I think the house was a police house at the corner of KINGSLEY RD and RAINFORD RD I remember going there in the1960s
  9. any body remember the hill side café that used to be there, did a lot of my courting in there.
  10. played in that fountain many atime in my younger days
  11. ALAN uncle BOB was my partner, MARY DAINTY and her mother were personal friends , have a copy of that some where.
  12. ONE forgotten is the colour and varnish works near the canal
  13. THE chip shop was LIZZY WOODIERS.
  14. DR ROYwas a very good friend of our family . is she still a doctor ?
  15. I know that surgery very well my wife used to go there if my mind is correct they had an INDIAN LADY DOC joined them in the 70s