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  1. So shocked to hear this,didn't even know he was ill,he will be missed. R.I.P Chris.
  2. Now that's what I call a good refurbishment.Great pics as usual Rob.
  3. I agree Rob,the devil and the Saints don't match!!
  4. It wasn't just Rainford out there,take a closer look,I saw Rainhill Eccleston and Haydock protesting.Good luck to all of them.
  5. It's still there Alan run by the people who bought them out NSG.
  6. Travel country roads to Burscough then look out for Wheat lane on the right which is on the opposite side to Briars Hall.Great pub.
  7. Great pic Rob I was in there yesterday around four onward's coming back out at five the fire alarm was going off inside the building,ended up phoning the fire service.
  8. What a vast improvement compared to a year back! lovely pic Rob.
  9. He slept near the kilns at the brickwork's,my Grandfather told me this.
  10. It's a house now a Alan.
  11. Yes Dave it was in the grounds.
  12. It's heartbreaking what has happened there, a lot of memories for a lot of people!
  13. Lovely pics Rob!
  14. Gypsy travellers are the culprits,it was going on in Wigan earlier this year.
  15. I was in there myself yesterday and all the leaves were back down again.It's a fantastic job that's been done in there,well done to all involved doing it.