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    midway betwix pies and glass
  1. Convenience store for The Ramford pub?

    john b.we used to live in the first house in mon grove opp the ramford.
  2. BICC Computer Centre, Warrington Road

    Stephen and Sharky. When i left Sidac i went to st.helens corp. They were using a HOLLERINTH ?card reader to run their accounts. I came in work early jan one year in 60s and Alf Slocombe was running it and he was in tears as it had completely broken down We had no machine so everything was done manual. We went to BICC to see their Leo 3,Beechams as well. However we were pushed to go for the ICL 1900 series cos it was gov funded and was being supported in Manchester. So we had the system running upto june that year and looked at it and said sod it we'll not run dual . So we went live in tbe june of that year. So that maybe why st.helens council finances are now in a mess!! Then went onto Nwwa and UU!dont blaim me for what happened then?
  3. Coca cola truck

    I really really love Christmas. Cos I know we'll be getting plenty of crap on tv. Oh and all those HOLIDAY ADVERTS, Adverts to start saving for NEXT YEARS OVERPRICED HAMPER, Oh and knowing as its AN EARLY EASTER NEXT YEAR-ADS FOR EASTER EGGS! Still it'll soon be the start of PROPER RUGBY? Then Alan you can take back control of the remote?
  4. Coca cola truck

    just go into any of the places like toby carvery,lymewood. Plates piled high as they leave the trough. Grab a few pints etc.Then leave with halffilled plates. Its amazing to see them piling tbe plates as hign as they can? Alan,ive spent many a dinnertime in London road at a few of the eateries when at work. The Green man? amongst others. Oh forgot Alan.your as bad. Bet youve sold quite a few pies etc at Carlisle and other of your sporting venues youve been involved with.? Profit before healthy eating?scoffed a few myself around the grounds-naughty naughty.
  5. ramford hotel ,robbob

    Just spotted the foto of my old local. yet another store.we lived diagonally opp on the end semi . Planning approved by the news item. So no more drunks around there?
  6. video replays

    Did anyone see the report re video for the ref to actually see. Unfortunately i just missed the beginning and only saw the end where a ref was looking at a sideline video. Wonder how this will play out in matches?
  7. Landlords BEWARE!

    well Phyll ours as you know is last but still not as good as USA.Giving 10 life sentences?.If theyre never coming out why not just shoot them.Asking the NRA to do it. It would keep theyre supporters in jobs and save the USA millions and clear the jails as well?.
  8. Bates ciggie shop opp wilkies

    When uncle wanted baccy.I used to collect it from shop where the charity shops are now. Then went to baccy shop closed now. Shop owner very bonny. He didn't look at all well for at least a year.
  9. Air raid shelters

    There was a comment about there still being wartime posters up..I wondered was it just a safe area for their staff to go to. Was HARTS demolished?to be replaced by the current buildings.
  10. Air raid shelters

    Everytime someone brings up this item. I try to find out details of this . During work on the old HARTS store. Builders found a door that was forced open. Inside they found a wartime shelter. I tried to remember when this came up in newspaper locally but cant find. Does anyone ever remember this ?
  11. australia 6 England 0

    But I'm not phased by complaining about own players even world beaters . You seem very reluctant to admit failings in wigan players.
  12. australia 6 England 0

    Even Huddart was fallable! Was at wakefield in pouring rain. All he had to do was put ball over line and we would have drawn. He crossed line in corner. Thought he was doing good by trying to get to near post . He slid over dead ball line!!! Oh and I shouted YOU NAUGHTY BOY HUDDART.!
  13. australia 6 England 0

    Thats why I'm happy to moan at saints over sloppy passes and missed tackles. I even praised that Wigan winger BEVAN and that Warrington winger BOSTON. So no complaints from you Joe 90(6). I KNOW MY RUGBY?. Well if we have HOLBROOK and WILKIN as pundits! as seen recently. Bet joe you'll be tearing your hair out at their unbiased reporting.
  14. C A and D Heaton ( Removals)

    Can confirm cos original building still there ad HORT says. Perhaps cos its dentons green lane could have confused?
  15. C A and D Heaton ( Removals)

    It was just that it had a foto of a removals van. Perhaps one was the black sheep of the family? You never know who your relatives could be.