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  1. and ive got the cuts lost teeth to agree.
  2. Unfortunately with all the legalities like insurance, repairs,bills its too much for parents to take over under some form of managementEven looking at a form of leading or renting policy? Even with the likes of Alan and am sure others whove got excellent business and management skills.Its difficult to tempt these sort of people out of "retirement" to get access to this expertise.Parents have such a busy life the expertise bank is slowly drying up.
  3. As an aside in respect of footballers injury scale.The rugby player is expecting a contact and muscles can be ready.Footballers bouncing about ,diving ,the way they throw themselves around is asking for injury.Blaiming the physio?isnt on. Maybe as well the design of the poncey boots is an issue.Remember the old boots weighed a ton.I'm sure Alan can remember them?
  4. Japanese knotweed was found on the city road site of ford.That was one of the reasons it took so long for the development!!!
  5. saints a few years ago went through a similar injury patch whilst other teams went injury free!Do you have any suggestions -the way players tackle,fitness,bad luck,holding back for whatever reason(coming back from injury) does end up in many instances with injuries.Then players get called up for friendlies and international matches mot full fit.
  6. The problem was clearing it up rather than it getting there in the first place.Blaiming the council cutbacks on the lack of street cleaners.My target was if it wasnt there in the first place perhaps we wouldnt need many street vleaners,.So do wr assume wr can leave asmuch litter cos someone will pick itup?
  7. Interesting people blaim austerity for the amount of litter in the streets.Do we assume invisible conservatives are throwing,plastic cups,boxes, cig packets,old food,takeaway food packaging etc in the middle of the night?One sutton ratepayer complains about rubbish there.Perhaps I could assume the street cleanres are heavily involved in clearing up,queens park,thatto heath,eccleston,haydock grot spots as well.Perhaps we should have an award for the grottiest grot spots.
  8. ive mentioned some time ago.There was a short series on i believe if memory ok,on channel 4.It went into how the ENGLISH Language evolved.Even today people still refer to THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!?even our GCs in the USA are asking in a child way,WHAT DOES GRANDMA/GRANDPA MEAN.The program refered to that even though these islands were invaded over the centuries we took into our lives these people,married bore children and absorbed many of their words subtly!Absorbsion/integration-not classed as immigration?When ALIENS land who knows what words we'll taken on board?
  9. never been the same since they dropped the toplessbarmaids! years ago.Plenty of music prev wonder what went wrong.?
  10. Tony it was a hard life as an electrian.all those fiddly bits of wire,multicoloured,millions of fuses etc etc.Now its just take the unit out and put in another etc.Like mechanics or should i say motor mechanics and not KWIK FIT FITTER!
  11. hi.i wonder how many items were dipped in the stinking brook in parr to strip all the gunge off them.Must admit we had a scottie thst fell in and SURVIVED,!!
  12. Can you remember when you took even small items of household or personal items to be repair shops, washers,cookers,irons.You could even trade them in .One thing my mum mentioned was the gas board used to take old cookers and immerse them in acid to clean then resell.What about firms who would take your painted doors and dip them in stripper and return them to you ready to repaint?
  13. I'm still here,sorry!as a RUGBY fan.I'm quite ok with banter but biased?a no no.ive been to quite a few grounds and even stood on featherstones ground in the middle of winter .But feel that time is over.I can criticise Saints as easily as any otber as ive paid my dues over the many years.Ive seen seasons when Saints were clocking over 1000pts! for.and when theyre dismal after good seasons.Its swings and roundabouts.
  14. Cowley used to have them .I remember down one of the corridors they had some on the wall?But you never got single ones.They seemed to come out much later.Parents who had more than one child could if lucky get both children on one foto.I have a chewed up newspaper foto showing allybob class but unfortunately not all the names are printed..I did hope to identify the missing names.Still trying.Especially as a recent death of one schoolmate EDDIE KAY of Prescot Road was identified to me.
  15. wonder why we dont have people putting school clsss fotos under fotos on this site?Perhaps Dave and others may say theres been sites like genes reunited,facebook, cowley sites. Its only a comment as ive lost quite a few fotos with moving a few times and to see the fab fab fab fotos its worth getting a few moans from Dave when get a few things wrong and slapped wrist etc to go through the fotos its really appreciated!!!