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    midway betwix pies and glass
  1. census

    depends if the person was naughty and could have been in prison or abroad .many reasons .
  2. Oh NO.The Vision of St.Helens Town Centre.

    wigan shopping as you leave the station is just a ramshacle load a buildings and pubs.seems thats the norm for towns.so how come towns and cities we bombed in the second world war and elsewhere ravaged themselves have now regenerated.
  3. Motor bike shops

    i meant he could sell anything.yep regards the rest though.he even sold anti freeze plastic units that were FREE with car mags.dont know how he got hold of them.
  4. Windle Cross Road Works

    it would help on any exit or entrance even on ISLANDS!Ive travelled around and through haydock for years.,m6 exit 21a another example.Drivers staying in the lane non existant.Staying in the outside lane and then at last minute trying to get across lanes.No reading of the lane warnings!Not just cars but hgvs do this regular.So perhaps even with the morning commute, school runs, white van men coming from our industrial estates we could help ourselves with a little PATIENCE.Better to get there alive then never?
  5. Around St.Helens

    cant remember now. but he went to cowley and would have left in the 1960s.he was a bonny lad befitting the old style of copper.
  6. Your thoughts as a soldier on Dday

    just as an aside.we see many films of pilots, seamen on rafts My late father in law was torpedoed in the indian ocean.There were a small number of other merchantmen on the raft.They survived for over 40 days on the raft.When found they had to be hospitalised in Mauritius. The details and other Japanese atrocities of merchantships torpedoed etc are covered in a book called i believe.Blood and the Bushido.Its so easy for filmakers to make the scenarios with the supporting actors but harder to define the true scenarios..
  7. super 8s

    Does anyone think its been spoiled cos of tv.matches thur wakefield.saints will know their situation for fri leeds match.
  8. Factory in Parr

    yes it was.as an aside do you remember REVELATION small factory in Corporation st that was opp the hippodrome.Dawsons,my hairdressers ,Revelation then Rivoli.Revelation also had a small factory in warrington.
  9. Factory in Parr

    it did quite a lot of st michael marked items for women-labels cut off.
  10. Around St.Helens

    one of my school friends Denis Fairclough joined the police force and his location was that station corner ellamsbridge and robins lane.didn't know it was still in operation.
  11. Fosters DIY Fingerpost

    the info is that rest of family have decided its time to shut up shop.main family in spain now.
  12. new m & s store sthelens

    Robbob,bet ones going to be a POLISH FOOD STORE.?,Another takeaway(Currys)!,Poundshop and m & s food.
  13. can anyone help me please ?

    my dad was john joseph but known as JACK!
  14. new m & s store sthelens

    well you may be right cos i forced it out of my contact and he said they were hoping to WHIP UP MORE CUSTOMERS?.
  15. can anyone help me please ?

    As I explained DONT ASSUME or take things on FACE VALUE! Ages didn't always match.I was told by people on this site whe helped me you can get 5 yrs or so diff .So they may not have lied and that can make you assume certain issues .