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  1. Raglan street dairy

    when i was about 5 i was in st paul st. it has a slope. I messed about with the handle on the float as it tipped on me. I still have the scar on side of head. mum didn't have to pay for milk cos i was too young. I dont know whether it was a coop or hansons float. Years later when we lived in parr stocks. I used to accompany float around during school hols. I was given a bottle of orange after we hooked up float to battery at bulls head coop
  2. Cowley horror stories

    HW and Engineer. Flash also had chemist at bullshead. There was also having to stand on the stone sides of the steps upto canteen. Or getting snowballed in doorway to school.
  3. divers in bottles and baking soda powered toys?

    My friend who was manager of a supermarket said these type of packaged toys were a big big prob. Before i believe health issues, toys were just inside the plastic container of the cereal then inside the cereal box or in a plastic bag. He used to find boxes cut or broken open so they could get the toy! I know Phyll will know about the USA AND KINDER EGGS PROHIBITED!! cos of legislation between food and contained toys. We are going over there soon and cant find anything wrong for dinosaur poo,sheep poo or cow poo-REALLY JUST CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS SOLD BY CHARITIES ?
  4. Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    I used to use a garage in king st . This was on a corner in king st.There are fotos around the area on this site.
  5. Thatto Heath Fair.

    I believe that the "chalk" ornaments given as prizes are now sought after items? glued on coconuts,blunt darts,very small squares on the roll a penny.there was also an art in both throwing wooden balls into a sloping bucket or knocking all the tin cans off the shelf. guess your weight stand.hoopla stand angled blocks very hard to get over. If you had a piece of meccano you could prise pennies out of the slot machines cos there was a small gap on ill fitting trays the pennies used to drop on.
  6. Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    DHR. I left school in 1962 and around 1965 was moving work from lpool. My dad pointed to a little advert in st.helens reporter for a traffic clerk. I went for an interview ,then was asked back for another then asked for another and finding this was cos initial numbers were 48 and it was now down to me and another lad. So i told them i couldnt attend. I told my dad it seemed a cockeyed firm. He worked at bold colliery and said a few years later that rumours at the colliery the business was in trouble so was glad i hadnt joined. From my knowledge there was a depot in brown st cos i went out with a girl in brown st. I DONT KNOW WHETHER YOU HAVE SEEN IT !But I'm sure there is a foto on this site somewhere showing Parr stocks road where the legion was. To the left you can see the start of BRIDGES TRANSPORT prop.There seemed to be a prop next to the entrance that i believe was the office before you got to the garage bit. If you can like me find the foto it must bring memories back though?. Hopefully DAVE or one of our foto experts can draw up the foto. I THINK IF YOU PUT IN PARR BRITISH LEGION IT IS THERE Ive not been able to get the foto up quick enough to hold but you can see the bay window start of the Bridges office!
  7. coach trips to north west nightclubs from the Cotham arms.

    Well youd better hope you dont put too much on that disreputable FACEBOOK!
  8. coach trips to north west nightclubs from the Cotham arms.

    Eckersleys used to keep their worst coaches for stag does etc.Various places to pick up were over the years, water st,albion st,bickerstaffe st as well. Remember the corpy buses picking up for rugby matches as well.
  9. Does anyone remember those divers you put in a pop bottle and by pressing the cork they rise or dropped in the water. There was also those submarines etc where i think you put baking soda inside them and it made them move in the water. i think the latter have surfaced?-sorfy about the pun though!!
  10. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    The point i am making HORT is that as you go through the light in Baldwin st and it is on GREEN. The light just round the corner in Cotham st is on RED. Some drivers think they have to STOP. This is not the case as far as my road knowledge? You can go through these lights. Unfortunately whilst it is on RED the crossing lights are still on RED .But people can be confused about crossing.People ignore the RED dont cross and chance it every time. As well as JAYWALKERS who cross anywhere. You may have some sense but i bet youve nipped across to go into Wilkos? Can BIG JEFF identify the specific rule for the light at the crossing. Which traffic is supposed to follow it. My belief is its there as another for traffic coming from Westfield st only and has no bearing for traffic turning into Cotham st from Baldwin st?If its also to control Baldwin st traffic.Then its timing isnt correct? because you have no time to pull up as you just turn the corner. Thats my only issue. OOPS forgot about the prats who drive across the junction to try to get to the Car Parknear THE CHINESE BUFFET.and those who get confused by the route from Bickerstaffe st area? Buses and taxis only sign ignored. I have even seen on a few occasions seen police stopped near ODs in Cotham st stopping cars! So come on HORT sort it all out?
  11. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    The new influx of out of town shoppers with the Grrrreat news about the stores will mean the xroads will need to be redesigned. At least pedestfians wont have to juggle trying to miss buses, taxis,cars etc all coming at them from all directions. Not having seen the new rosd layout it maybe anew innovative design. Plus i wouldnt imagine too many residents are worried about cost to taxpayer cos they dont pay tax! as identified by the caring tory party.
  12. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    But it still doesnt stop it happening.It was my observation of traffic,including not just buses,but cars,A & B taxis and slow moving or puzzled pedestrians .Perhaps we'll see filters, bus lanes, taxi lanes,cycle lanes criss crossing.that wonderful crossroads.Or maybe just stick the oldstyle bobby withhis arm signals like yesteryear to really cock up the whole place?
  13. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    Agree but i dont think HORT you would be too happy getting a clout in your rear. As an aside if anyone is coming down prescot rd .Just past the eccleston arms there is a set of lights before boundary road .Then another set just past boundary road.THIS ISNT A PELICAN CROSSING.I went normally through first set as it was changing to green.Then in the width of boundary road the crossing lights were still on red. I pulled up to stop but others were overtaking me and going through. HORT who was in wrong?
  14. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    the traffic lights in cotham st,on crossing used to catch drivers out when coming out of baldwin st into cotham st. Ive seen cars pull up if on red and buses nearly hitting them in rear. These are for cover out of westfield st so coming out of baldwin st lights you ignore those just round corner at crossing in cotham st..
  15. Darby and Joan Clubs

    Joe 90.used to pass that many a time walking to carr mill . never knew it was one.