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    midway betwix pies and glass
  1. Around St.Helens

    Doesnt surprise.I'm not one for fake news.Had followed cases in usa where they had bad vibes-crap menu ,poor service,high prices etc.
  2. Around St.Helens

    and if and when on westpoint-chiquitos/texmex.
  3. Things you don't see anymore

    i thought theyd converted every train to a sleeper as they go so slòooòoòoow.i dont know if they have or will have all night tube trains.but am aware many homeless already just go round on them.
  4. New RL team in New York

    Alan there is also mention of BOSTON and,but dont quote me Philly?
  5. joe 90(6) changing allegiance?

    nah it must have been a doppelganger. Surely you dont want to decry your avid faith in wigan rfc.With Whelans seeming to have too many fingers in too many pies. It beholds you to put your money where your mouth is ? If Rfc cant give you the goods then t'other game may do. Theyve still got crap referees, tv pundits and what were once called linesman but do not appear to be assisting the referee as their job spec demands. No doubt thus giving your possible unknown wealth of knowledge including the offside rule? a new world of readers.
  6. Hurricane Sun

    my tablet seems to be having a "moment". well we all blaim someone or something else. I will have to one finger type in future!
  7. joe 90(6) changing allegiance?

    Sure ive just seen joe coming out of local stockbrokers.With a Wigan FC share quote.Whelan dithering?
  8. Hurricane Sun

    You rascal Robbob.I was wondering if youd managed to get that sun shot. I was going to put note or pm you.Thought you may have been in bed? The hurricane is playing havoc with weather. cos its bringing the heat up from azores etc.The prev ones had raised tdnerife hest when we went . it wadsover 36 degrees c .There have been severe westher wsrns sgain recently with tsmp well into late 30s.So you may get more shots.
  9. Proposed Scheme for Millennium Centre, Phase 4.

    there are a number of users already housed in the existing block,plus a great little cafe.So be interesting the type of users its expected to hold.I thought the carpark was for those housed in some apartments alongside .
  10. Ever owned one of these?

    we had the rust bucket capri in same colour.
  11. England rugby league world cup squad for october start

    Well joe 90(6).Look at the policy of letting players go to OZ or Ru.Thats the puzzle,as to which prats then take them back Knackered.Sam Tomkins as an example. With the number of leading elbows,scissor tackles,drop ons,its as easy to be injured over here.Thats no excuse about not being picked.Football is no different with the number of injured before we even start a season.Perhaps the players need to stop eating pies?
  12. England rugby league world cup squad for october start

    What do people think about the squad and its omissions and young uns.
  13. 2017 Grand Final

    would you say thats what happened to wigan in their last match?.wonder what RULE CHANGES WILL BEIMPOSED FOR NEXT SEASON. Perhaps to placate Joe 90 to become joe 6.we could do away with refs and just let the pundits decide?
  14. 2017 Grand Final

    in discussions with joe 90.keeps coming up refs decisions, forward passes,reaping the ball.scrums have always been fed. its getting as bad as wrestling when it was on tv.just entertainment.
  15. 2017 Grand Final

    but Alan theyd had a game against Saints .