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    midway betwix pies and glass
  1. Around St.Helens

    just trying to get my head round the latest almost brexit moves in sthelens. 1.bank in hardshaw st flown the COOP. 2.Property moves for Warren James.Had more closing down sales than mfi.yet finds a new place and still having SALES! See from your latest set of fotos we may have a new bank in Ormskirk st.UR BANKING. 3.See my old dentists at rear of Bank!never reformed more NHS austerity.Come on you must remember it used to be dentist many years ago before it got STAR rating! Finally your poser could it have been the new Chiquitos/TEXMEX ? Loadsa Ponies?in Argos .
  2. It was unbelieveable!

    After reading the comments from All Blacks coach.Saints need to follow his comments re ball control and handling.
  3. Around St.Helens

    robbob.if you see any little green men will make a donation to willowbrook!if no green men will still do it.
  4. Around St.Helens

    robbob re the flamco building if you manage to see it from washway lane area there is a small road leading up to it and its got a series of solar panels on roof.
  5. It was unbelieveable!

    teams now realised from last season not to get into Wanes fight type of game and play rugby.Thus now exposing wigans poor defense strategy.Wane should realise this before theyre fighting poss for relegation like a few seasons ago. Saints likewise need to learn positional play and offloads not always the answer.Saints also need to know how to carry a ball.
  6. It was unbelieveable!

    Was it as good as the time years ago when we were losing 14 10 seconds to go,against i think wakefield at knowsley road in a cup match.Murphy came up with a high kick.It hit the opposing player on his head in goal.Saints player picked the ball and scored.We still had the kick,it was converted 15 14.
  7. Warrington v Wigan

    interesting results.Wigan draw .But dropsy saints managed to get a drop goal from a Salford dropped pass.Hey joe90 crap all round eh?.
  8. Warrington v Wigan

    Do you have any unbiased opinions re sending off and what about retro bans?.give us something really good to get us teeth into.not just moans!
  9. Warrington v Wigan

    It was just a hypo to see how you would reason for a wigan player being sent off and how he should be treated? if he was only banned after the event and not in the match he was being banned for.Suppose it was the very last minute a player was sent off?If your belief that if he had been sent off IN THE MATCH IT WOULD HAVE HAD A SIGNIFICANT EFFECT?So if the offence was even in the last few minutes i dont think your argument would have necessarily help wigan.Maybe if very much earlier possibly? Just thought if you feel the sending off in the match is sufficient an incident could occur anytime and could even be viewed retro so not all actions can be effective IN A MATCH.
  10. Warrington v Wigan

    its the same for all teams!what about bans.if a wigan player was sent offand banned say for 3 matches. how then do you then want him to be banned.He may be a key plsyer and if wigan are meeting 3 big matches next should he only be banned sgainsy the lowly clubs.not that there are many these days. Perhaps wigan should only be given penalties in kickable or territorial beneficial positions and others not?picky picky joey!
  11. Warrington v Wigan

    some covert wiganers in leigh!?
  12. William Livesey Death

    well ive been misled for many a year.The marriage was between a methodist and a roman catholic!perhaps they got a conversion discount!!!
  13. Around St.Helens

    BINGO!When passing the business,never see much going on!.Much appreciated HORT.now lets see if anyone can work its use out!
  14. Warrington v Wigan

    hi.thought it would be one i mentioned.wont be many wiganers going?so dont need a big ground.
  15. Warrington v Wigan

    Hi joe.its the quality not the QUANTITY WE EAT.So if the semi is at saints,will askem to stock up on em.