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  1. 1930s houses of Eccleston

    I used live on the west side of Millbrook Lane (i.e. same side as the Seven Stars but further south, towards Chapel Lane). At the time, there was a field opposite which ran down to Mill Brook itself and as kids we used to play there, jumping over the brook. My understanding was that this land was owned by Greenall Whitley and occasionally the dray horses would be allowed to graze there. The land was sold for housing in the early 1980s
  2. Cowley Vale

    Thanks, all, yes it's quite clear now, it was the reference to "Fingerpost" that confused me so I've learnt something useful as well!
  3. Can anyone tell me exactly where Cowley Vale was? The attached map suggests it was in Fingerpost but elsewhere on this site, it is stated that Cowley Vale became Denton's Green Lane. http://s230.photobucket.com/user/davgw_2007/media/St_Helens_Photographs/Maps/Cowley_Vale.jpg.html
  4. Eccleston Grammar School

    Thanks Dicky, could well be, I lived in Freckleton Road as a child, but never remember anyone mentioning the house or the school, wasn't till many years later that I became aware of it!
  5. Richard Seddon, who was born in St Helens on 22 June 1845 and went on to become New Zealand's longest serving prime minister, is reported to have been educated at Eccleston Grammar School (sometimes referred to as Eccleston Hill Grammar School) where his father Thomas Seddon was headmaster. Does anyone know where this school was and what became of it?
  6. Thanks for that, Le200, I've now managed to locate a copy anyway
  7. Does anyone have a PDF copy of the booklet written in 2006 by Keith Atherton about Surprising Connections between the town of St Helens and the world of aviation? The Surprising Connections website is down but it's clear from a Google search that there is a PDF copy
  8. Serjeant John Molyneux VC

    Hi thanks once again Phyll, as it happens I've tracked down the contact details of his grandson and will see what I can find out from him
  9. V.C.

    Jeff, it's OK I've found it, was in "VCs of the First World War: The Final Days 1918" by Gerald Gliddon
  10. V.C.

    Big Jeff, this is a bit after the event, I know, but can you tell me where you got the information in your last paragraph from? I've been trying to find further background information on him but haven't come across this
  11. Serjeant John Molyneux VC

    Does anyone have any information regarding John Molyneux's family? I read somewhere that his wife's name was Agnes but can't find any record of date of marriage, number of children etc, though it sounds as if he had children /grandchildren
  12. West Park Grammar School

    I recall getting a half day but don't think the player's name was Ashton - Tom Simms rings a bell but can't be certain. Not sure what you mean when you ask who ran the school before the De La Salle order took over - if they arrived in 1911 that would coincide with the school opening
  13. West Park Grammar School

    Brilliant, thanks to everyone for their help. I was intrigued by the fact that Sir High Stott Taylor, the eminent chemist who was born in St Helens in 1890, had attended Cowley, when all his family (and he also for the rest of his life) were very devout Catholics. This suggested that there was no Catholic Grammar School at the time so 1911 fits perfectly.
  14. Does anyone know when West Park Grammar school opened? It was originally known as St Helens Catholic Grammar School and was located in West Park, opposite Pilks Head Office on Prescot Road. When it moved to Alder Hey Road in the mid 1960s it retained the name of West Park. The school was mentioned in an exchange in Hansard in 1920 but I can't find anything earlier than that. Can anyone help?
  15. This was the shop run by Henry Bernstein, father of David Bernstein (chairman of the FA) until 1946. Does anyone know where it was and whether it closed when the Bernstein family moved to London in 1946? Does anyone know anything more about theh Bernstein family's connection to St Helens?