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  1. Hewitt family

    Just to say i have now confirmed the link between Joshua 1731-1802 and Joshua 1769-1839 Hewitt of course. it is 100%
  2. Hewitt family

    Thank you very much, will do. Phil
  3. Hewitt family

    According family Search Joshua 1731-1802 was the father of the other Joshua 1769-1839. the son was a watchmaker and ended up as a publican. Thank you for all the help
  4. Hewitt family

    I have checked the tree and feel it is at least 95% certain that it is true that Joshua 1731 was the others Joshua's father. I have a probate for juniors will executor was John Hewitt. Best wishes Phil
  5. Hewitt family

    I will do. I tried my wife's tree and that is a problem !!! It looks right I will check it and keep you informed Phil
  6. Hewitt family

    Thank you so much. I know a bit of this and really can tie up a few things. I know the Joshua b1769 is on the grave stone of Joshua senior. also marked on stone is Lydia Hewitt wife of Joshua senior. I have a photo of it I just wanted to confirm this, you know what it is like to go on the wrong line. Phil Hewitt, great x3 grandson of Joshua 1769-1839
  7. Hewitt family

    Hi there , can anyone help me find the parents of joshua Hewitt 1769-1839 born in Prescot. Buried at StMarys ?
  8. finding Hewitts

    Thank You, I found the marriage as St.Phillips in Liverpool 1838. Sarah maiden name was Foster. and I have their children. Its just the parents details I neeed. Many thanks, Philip Hewitt
  9. finding Hewitts

    Can anyone help me find the parents of Thomas 1811-1868. He was married to Sarah 1816- ? Thomas was a watchmaker living in Prescot ? Thank You Philip Hewitt
  10. My Prescot Ancestors = ROSCOE, HEWITT, BLACK

    Kirsty, All the family in the past were watchmakers. i cannot connect anything at the moment. I do know that a branch of the family moved to warwickshire and were connected the Coventry Watchmakers. I will keep on trying good luck with your research. Philip Hewitt
  11. My Prescot Ancestors = ROSCOE, HEWITT, BLACK

    Kirsty I have checked my tree. i have a lot of Prescot watchmakers in the family, but cannot match the name up. I will keep trying Philip Hewitt
  12. HEWITT

    HEWITT family tree, any information would be gratefully received.I have quite a bit . am related to the watchmakers from prescot area.
  13. Can anyone help me with my family history ? I am related to the watchmaking Hewitts from Prescot area but need a few links Thanl you