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  1. Coca cola truck

    The problems with sugar-laden drinks are not confined to obesity. Teachers will tell you that younger kids become hyper-active after an overdose of fructose and are virtually unteachable, if not uncontrollable. Speaking personally about that Coca Cola truck, why should kids be overdosed by blatant advertising in the name of Christmas? I saw it on the M6 and it was a vile and vulgar statement of what we've allowed Christmas to become. And no, I'm no religious nutter, I just think kids should be given a balanced view of the festivities and not encouraged to treat that boorish advertising monstrosity as an essential part of the tradition of Christmas By the way, Philthespark, there are a number of peer-reviewed studies in the USA that link that country's well-documented obesity over the past thirty years to fructose-laden foodstuffs and drinks Oh and to Non Sibi. Yes, when Carlisle Border Raiders were on the go, we sold pies to the spectators. But they were special rugby league pies. Low in fat and carbohydrates made by Pioneer
  2. Coca cola truck

    I was chuffed to read this morning that our Cumbria County Council have written to Coca Cola saying that the truck is not welcome here. Spoil sports? No, just determined to help tackle childhood obesity
  3. Bates ciggie shop opp wilkies

    I assume that's the Tellins "bonny" meaning fat. I'm sure that definition is unique to St Helens. Everywhere else it means good looking
  4. Air raid shelters

    I can remember several underground ones. One on Bishop Road fields, one on Rivington Road School field and one in Victoria Park. By the late 1940s they were sordid smelly places where countless kids had relieved themselves and I imagine it was a relief to local householders when they were filled in. HORT, you refer to bombers returning to Germany jettisoning their unused bombs after attacking Liverpool. Did you know that there was one such dropped at the junction of Rivington Avenue and Gamble Avenue? The crudely filled in crater was there right into the 1950s and the flats that were on the left side of Gamble Avenue as you went up the hill had shrapnel marks all over them
  5. australia 6 England 0

    So we made the Final for the first time since 1995. Have we improved or have the convicts regressed? My opinion is that we are miles better than at any time since then. It was the toughest game I've seen in years and could have gone either way. Just a couple of errors made all the difference. Roll on the Kiwi Test series next year
  6. Around St.Helens

    Ta Phyll, I assume that's somewhere on the road that used to go to Ravenhead from near Pilks Sheet works Head Office. If I'm remembering correctly, it ran roughly parallel to Liverpool Road
  7. Things you don't see anymore

    Telex and Fax machines. Comptometers Typewriters Short hand courses Log tables Slide rules
  8. Around St.Helens

    Robbob, where is Vera Page Park?
  9. Things you don't see anymore

    Kids playing conkers
  10. england v tonga

    I think that RL has damaged the Aussie RU game. Unsure as to why the NZ RL game has regressed. It's maybe just a temporary thing
  11. england v tonga

    Great game, great atmosphere and a great advertisement for the game. Best game I've watched all season. Roll on next weekend and the Final. Win, lose or draw, I'll love every second of it
  12. Hyphenated surnames

    Remember when they were a mark of poshness? Not any more, now they're all at it
  13. Things you don't see anymore

    Trouser presses
  14. New Zealand rugby league

    It seems in a bad state. I don't just mean their exit from the World Cup against Fiji in the Quarter Finals. I mean the three-quarters empty stadium in Wellington that accompanied it. Embarrassing for such a high profile match on home soil
  15. Lady Pilks

    So is our house and thousands others outside city/town limits in Cumbria. As far as I can tell, it has zero impact on property values