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  1. .......and they had a specially strengthened toe-cap
  2. New one one on me. How on earth can anyone blame litter on austerity?
  3. Yes, I looked in briefly last summer. The bit around the old museum, now called the Mansion House looked great but I ran out of time for further exploration. Have the tennis courts and the old bowling green had any work on them? Also the big putting green and the pavilion from where you hired the balls and putting irons and the bowlers stored their woods? A question about the Mansion House: I believe it's a wedding venue now and occasional restaurant or bistro. Has anything been done with the upper floors/rooms? I seem to remember some of the building converted to office space - Age Concern or similar? Oh and the lodge at the Bishop Road entrance, is that just a private dwelling or part of the park complex? Has the duck-pond and that sort of miniature turret built out of glass-slag been kept? The park was very important to my youth as my wife lived in Rivington Avenue and we used the park extensively for peace and quiet until we married and had a place of our own
  4. That's the one, 4 Windlehurst Av. Strange coincidence. I got chatting to a guy I met at a local barber's place three weeks ago. He was, like me, in his 70s and he grew up in Windlehurst Av before relocating to London and then Cumbria
  5. Came across another strange St Helens word today. Skelping meaning going dangerously fast. "I was skelping down the M6"
  6. I went there between 1948 and 1951 and remember Miss Stavely well. Great teacher and great person. She lived in Windlehurst, close to where my wife lived
  7. Yes, I remember. I watched her go past in Greenfield Road. I was at Cowley. From memory we'd all been given the afternoon off so I went to my grandparents in Dentons Green Lane and then to Greenfield Road to watch them go past. They were late and one brave Cowley lad got the cane for riding his bike (no hands) down Greenfield Road waving to the crowds about two minutes before the royal procession went past Cowley was full of harmless Royalty jokes at the time. The Town Hall bogs had been specially prepared with silver thrutch-bars for her to hang onto and Royal Blue silk bog-rolls was one such story
  8. I feared the worst before the game and then when Amor was sent off, I thought we'd be stuffed. But no; a great game and edge of seat stuff
  9. Tank aerial fishing rods! I'd totally forgotten about those. I think mine came from Casey's in Liverpool Rd too. It was telescopic and retracted to about 18" length. The big thing when we were young was fur-lined flying helmets from there
  10. What a bloody clanger!
  11. I knew he was terminally ill, but that's still a shock. I'd never met the man personally but we communicated occasionally by email and I have the deepest respect for him. RIP Chris
  12. Great game and a real advert for Superleague. Cas really rose to the occasion despite losing Shenton in pre-match training
  13. I'm impressed that the Primary School you attended expected its pupils to learn that off by heart, all 303 lines. The Catechism would be a piece of cake after that
  14. They say you learn something new every day. It's in the dictionary too. "Noddy; foolish or drowsy (archaic)".
  15. When I was a little lad in the 1940s I used to try the April Fool stuff on my old granddad. He would shake his head and tell me that April Fool time finished at mid-day on 1st April and recite this rhyme: "April Noddy's past and gone Tha's a Noddy not thinking on" Anyone else recall this? What intrigues me now was that in his day Noddy must have been a Lancashire word for fool