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  1. Up the Monastery

    Wasn't there a cul de sac somewhere around there nicknamed the Pudding Bag
  2. cottage in Boardmans Lane

    Maybe someone can solve a mystery for me about Boardman's Lane. When I was a child in the 1940s and we lived in Harris Street, Boardman's Lane was always spoken of in almost reverential terms in our house as being something to do with my Dad's place of work. Until he got a better paying job as an overhead crane driver at Pilks, he was some kind of clerk at Richard Evans's HQ. (Richard Evans was a coal mining and merchandising company that pre-dated nationalisation of mining). I suspect but am not sure, that Boardman's Lane was where Richard Evans's HQ was situated. Can anyone confirm this
  3. Rangi Chase

    Then if he feels the ban is wrong he can act like any other employee and claim for unfair constructive dismissal at an Industrial Tribunal
  4. Rangi Chase

    I'm no longer involved but I suspect that the clubs and the RFL have ruled that using Class A drugs should carry a 2 year ban because of the role-model issue. Maybe the same applies in soccer and kick and clap. Anyone know?
  5. Leeds v Wigan

    Maybe I'm old fashioned, but to me playing in the National Stadium at Wembley is far more important than playing at a Manchester soccer ground
  6. Rangi Chase

    It's illegal and these players are role-models to young kids
  7. Tonight's game at Wheldon Road

    What are we expecting from Castleford v Saints tonight? Anyone going or are you all watching it on Sky? Just to digress a little; on the few times I visited there with either Carlisle or Barrow, their reception for players and officials was always one of the season's highlights. Whatever happened on the pitch (we were invariably snottered) their hospitality was second to none. Their Chairman, David Poulter, was a real gentleman who personally met and entertained all visitors
  8. The Clegg

    Could be. Just like the two marl-pits in Parr were corrupted to Big Molly and Little Molly
  9. The Clegg

    Anyone know the origin of the name Clegg? In many areas of the country"claggy" means sticky as in clay-like so I'm wondering if that is a clue? Maybe cleggy is an upper-class (posh end of St Helens) way of saying claggy
  10. Today's game at Belle Vue

    I wanted Salford to win but I thought it was a good fair game. I thought Sam Tomkin's sin-binning was a bit pedantic. Should be a good final with Hull just pipping it
  11. Today's game at Belle Vue

    You going to the Wigan v Salford game, Joe?
  12. Incident at McColl's grocery + post office

    The days of being able to blame Scouers seem well past. Look at this one http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/15435803.Masked_men_who_targeted_farmhouse_in_terrifying_robbery_handed_lengthy_jail_terms/?ref=rss
  13. The Glassblower

    Somewhere in that area, just up from the Sprayhurst Club on opposite side to baths was a small coach-hire company owned by my wife's cousin, a guy called Geoffrey Carroll. I often wondered how they stayed in business with Gavin Murray's and Ellison's just a block away towards the Lingholme
  14. The Glassblower

    Right. Didn't there used to be some sort of men's club there? Sprayhurst or something like that?