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  1. It was unbelieveable!

    Aye, thanks for that BJL. Made my day. Fantastic stuff. Glad I didn't have to wait for BBC tonight. And what a brilliant change from all the party-political bollocks and Islamaphobia on here. Wife will love it when she gets back in too.
  2. It was unbelieveable!

    I was checking the score every ten minutes or so whilst watching Leeds v Cas and had written it off when we we went three scores down. Pleasant surprise
  3. Warrington v Wigan

    Yes, Saints lost on Friday. A good tight game but a loss is a loss. If they carry on like that they'll fall below Wigan in the league placings
  4. St.Helens B.R.S.

    I think all transport companies above a certain size were nationalised in the immediate post-war years by the Clement Atlee government and re-christened as British Road Services (BRS)
  5. St.Helens B.R.S.

    There was another BRS depot in the very early 1950s in Knowsley Road. It was about 100 yards further on from the Cambridge Road junction on same side as Saints old ground. I think it was purely maintenance. When I was at Knowsley Road School we used to cadge ball bearings from the workers there
  6. Rag and Bone men

    I gave a friend of mine who did some lead-work for us the scrap lead so he could get it weighed in at the local scrap dealer. They sent him back to get a letter of authorisation from me before they'd accept it
  7. Hull v Wigan

    Strange, but exciting season. Anyone can beat anyone at the moment. Are the days of Wigan, Warrington, Leeds and Saints dominance a thing of the past?
  8. Just a random thought

    That winger, Regan Grace's haircut reminds me of one of the Simpson cartoon characters except that it's black not orange
  9. Huddersfield v Saints

    Cracking game from Perpignan too. Catalans just pinched it in the end
  10. Huddersfield v Saints

    At home as well, I bet Joe90 keeps a low profile. Of course it'll be down to injuries and lousy refereeing
  11. Childhood rhyme

    As a child I used to wonder if orien tar was like gas tar
  12. Childhood rhyme

    Those took me right back, Vinty
  13. Huddersfield v Saints

    Thanks, Plonker
  14. Huddersfield v Saints

    Why has Monday's game been postponed?
  15. saints warrington mystery

    I can't remember the name of the industrial psychologist but basically his message was that if you want to bring about a sudden (and maybe only temporary) improvement in productivity, one sure fire way is to change the working environment. Even a factory or office re-paint will do it. I think the same applies in rugby league. You just have a new man in the hot-seat. Even though he only arrived the day before, the psychology works. His challenge now is to get the team to hang onto that improvement