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  1. Parkgate

    Even longer since I was there. As a child I used to accompany my uncle who played cricket for St Helens Recs in the Liverpool Competition. There was a good team there, Neston I think it was.
  2. Darby and Joan Clubs

    They were originally a WRVS wartime initiative to care for older people and give them a social life
  3. Wigan v Hull game in Wollongong

    Yes, but unlike American Football in the UK, Rugby League is extremely well-established in Australia - and at a higher standard with far better funding than here. So for the life of me, I cannot see any dividend in UK clubs playing a couple of games over there. Can you?
  4. I've just watched Wigan beat Hull FC in an error-strewn game in Wollongong, near Sydney that did little if anything to promote Superleague in Europe. The quality of rugby was poor, the ground was less than half-full with most of the attendance being comprised of sweating, pissed up Hull supporters. Can anyone say anything in support of this initiative of taking a couple of Superleague games to the other side of the globe?
  5. What an outstanding Performance

    Great performance all round. And what a player that Ben Barba is!
  6. Crank road

    Got it. Bottom of Windle Hall fields. The wood will be a riot of bluebells in a couple of months time, unless someone dug them all up to sell
  7. Crank road

    Can you say exactly where on Crank Rd please? I'm guessing it's on RHS going out of town just before the junction with Watery Lane?
  8. Around St.Helens

    We had our wedding reception upstairs there, in 1967. It seemed quite posh to me in those days
  9. The Hardshaw Centre

    Seems a very pleasant, modern, roomy and well-lit facility
  10. Taylor Park gates

    Thanks, Kizzy. I thought it didn't look like the gate of my memory
  11. Taylor Park gates

    Which entrance is that photo?
  12. Old cobblers

    That picture of the old Co-op in Eccleston Street brought back a vivid memory. Round about 1958 I got a summer job in the Helena House food hall doing unskilled jobs. One of my jobs was to cycle up to the Eccleston Street Co-op on a bike like one of those "Open all Hours" jobs with a big basket on the front to collect stuff from a warehouse they had there behind the shop. One day I collected three large hams. They were crawling with maggots and I had to scrub them off with soda and water when I got them back to Helena House yard
  13. Also available in other Colours

    The place looked to have recently been repainted. What mindless vandalism. It'll probably need a complete repaint at a four figure cost
  14. I.m no history student but I keep getting a flash-back to my childhood and my maternal grandfather who lived until the early 1960s despite being gassed in WW1 and being troubled with a chronic and incessant barking cough because of it (probably not helped by his Battle Axe tobacco pipe-smoking habit). In any reference to WW1 he made a point of referring to it as the 1914 - 19 war. Why would this be as the official end date was 11/11/1918?
  15. The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Strange coincidence, we met the woman who used to be the librarian there at a dog show in Penrith, near Carlisle. She moved to Brampton (about 8 miles east of Carlisle) many years ago