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  1. New RL team in New York

    It'd be great to see a N American competition as well as Australian, French and British leagues
  2. New RL team in New York

    Following the spectacular success of Toronto in getting promoted, along with Barrow, into the Championship for next year and at the same time getting home gates of around 8000, what do we think about the application of a New York team to join League 1 in 2019? In fact if all plans come into fruition, what do we feel about the prospect of Superleague comprising a Canadian, a US and a French team within three or four years? A long way from an M62-only sport, eh?
  3. Ever owned one of these?

    It's fifty years since we left St Helens and while I do go back from time to time, I rarely go beyond my sister's house in Laffak or the Saints ground. What staggers me about the photos that Robbob posts from time to time of various parts of Parr, is how clean, green and fresh it all looks. My indelible memory of Parr from the 1950s is of polluting old glassware factories, grim smoke blackened terraced houses, Kimmik-heaps, colliery waste and flashes and old clay-pits {molly-pits anyone?)
  4. England rugby league world cup squad for october start

    I don't watch enough games and players to feel in any position to double guess any selector. Just glad that Roby is back in
  5. Is it a legitimate protest, or is he just a nutter?
  6. 2017 Grand Final

    If you MUST cut and paste Phil Clarke's post as opposed to your own thoughts, at least try and reduce the font size
  7. 2017 Grand Final

    Aye, Ste, you stick to watching kick and clap where a law ia a law is a law
  8. 2017 Grand Final

    I'll give you the two reasons from memory why the RFL adopted the interpretation that there should be a visible and obvious attempt to heel the ball backward through his legs by the tackled player. You'd need a slow-motion video to record whether or not the boot actually made contact or whether it was just the momentum of the ball being placed between the player's feet that moved it backwards It doesn't matter a damn to the course of the game provided an attempt is made to heel the ball backwards and that the ball actually moves backwards Remember, at a professional level, Rugby League is primarily a spectator sport. They go to great lengths to get every decision that could impact the game's outcome as correct as possible. The play-the-ball is not one of these. If it was, the game would be as boring as punt and grunt To satisfy some speccies, they'd need not just every action analysed by slow motion video, but micrometers, feeler-gauges and theodolites on the field as well
  9. 2017 Grand Final

    I'm afraid you are Ste. The RFL, the ultimate ruling authority of the British game and its interpretation of the rules/laws, has made the game's position on this crystal clear
  10. 2017 Grand Final

    I repeat, if Law interpretation was as simple as you'd like, Job Centres would be heaving up with Judges, Recorders, QCs, solicitors, Legal Clerks, Professors and Lecturers in Law etc. As for RL refs, they are well briefed on interpretation of the rules or laws of the game, formal guidelines are issued to them and the media on a regular basis
  11. 2017 Grand Final

    These recommendations on interpretation get issued to clubs and officials on a regular basis and are frequently discussed in RL magazines etc, there's no secret about them. To give you a legal parallel, English Law says you should not park your car on the pavement. Local bye-laws allow or even recommend this. Similarly with cycling on the pavement. If law interpretation were as simple as some people suggest, lawyers would be out of work tomorrow
  12. 2017 Grand Final

    If you take the trouble to find out, a bit like the Judiciary and Legal Case-law , the RFL issue guidelines on how the Laws of the game should be interpreted. "Play the Ball" is a good starting point inasmuch as there should be visible intent to to strike the ball with the foot, NOT necessarily actual contact
  13. 2017 Grand Final

    Unlike the tedium of kick and clap where the game seems to be permanently stopped for some or other technical infringement, rugby league referees apply the spirit of the rules and leave the pedantry to others
  14. 2017 Grand Final

    Castleford were a bitter disappointment tonight. We can blame the weather for all the handling errors but the reality is that Leeds handled the conditions far better
  15. Remembering Voll

    Thomas Karel Van Vollenhoven added 28 minutes later Born April 29th 1935