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  1. Priest Robbed in Tellins.

    Its remarkable why, if he was guilty , he would not admit it and get better treatment. I am intruiged by Horts assessment being closer go to the event and having first hand contact with the township of Billinge. It may be possible that Simm has been set up.I dont trust the police period.
  2. Priest Robbed in Tellins.

    Pick you reveal some unknown evidence and I have an open mind, when you consider crimes like" The Bakewell Tart " case and th e " Birmingham Five".and there are many more in the US. Did Simms appeal?
  3. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    Remember them both , Fredricks was the best IMO. Frederickss have a cafe near Chorley.
  4. Radio Programmes in the 50s

    Thanks Phyll
  5. Radio Programmes in the 50s

    Youve both got it tangled, the comedian was the fabulous Jimmy James, and his stooge was Eli Woods. Roy Castle was another one of his stooges. He didn't rattle off jokes like some of the modern ones. They were routines like the box and one were Eli asks Jimmy "are you putting it about that I'm barmy. My kind of comedy. and then there was Jimmy wheeler, Albert Modley, Norman Evans and many more. No smut just rib ticklingly funny
  6. Another pub gone.

    My local The Old Springs, Kitt Green Wigan has had three managers in the last two years the present one is leaving because he cant make enough profit. Talking to him he is convinced that the pub will shut down....its just sad
  7. St Helens Bottles

    When I wasa kid we played stonies ( marbles ) and in our shed there were many green ones.I believe that they were the stoppers from old pop bottles ?
  8. Kirkland St

    Thats him Kenny he talked about his uncle Alf who played for Saints.
  9. Kirkland St

    I had a work mate,Colin Ellaby who lived in kirkland Street.Somebody told me that he died in strange circumstances, he was a pit electrician like me and a very nice lad. Does anybodyy have any info.Thanks
  10. Curlew

    great shot fantastic detail
  11. st helens steam engine shed

    Every school boys dream Sutty, great memory for you.
  12. Grunewalde

    Thanks he was only in his thirties!
  13. Bodden St Air Raid Shelter, Clockface

    That's right it was Kenwright's and they had a small shop. Dingies uncle who used to stay at their prefab was always asking me to go to the shop to get him five Woodbines, this happened several times so eventually I told him where to go. I was about 10 at the time. People used to take their radio accumulators for their radios to be recharged. It was for the grid leak circuit. This was improved by the addition of a grid leak resistor so the accumulators were obsolete in newer radios. There was pond on the corner of Kenwright's field were we used to play. Old Mr Kenwright pushed me into the mud when he was making us kids go away from the pit. All the kids hated him
  14. Bodden St Air Raid Shelter, Clockface

    I think I remember Eric Paul did he live on Gartons Lane near the bridge.The houses he lived in were known as the old row they were the first houses built on what was Rigby Road before it was renamed.Was the building you mention on the wast ground in between Bently St and Cannon St.I remember that there was a large mound there as well