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  1. This news is hard to take in I will miss Chris very much. He 'cleaned' a lot of my old pics for me as well as sorting out my computer problems. A gentleman in every sense of the word. R.I.P Chris.
  2. I'm getting myself a bit that the shop on the corner of Robins Lane?
  3. Loved the video, it felt like I was there. Thanks to Andy and Rob....and a big thank you to the volunteers. What a wonderful job everyone has done :-)
  4. I didn't know where it was either
  5. I'm wondering if any of these have any living relatives.? Yes, that is very sad Rob
  6. Oh wow !!!....what a wonderful job Ted and his volunteers have done. And you and your mate Rob Those ariel pics are marvellous. Wish sometimes I lived over there, I'd love to help. Hope you find the oldest grave, I'm wondering how old it is. Sincere thanks to Ted and co for their dedication. Oh,, and I love Hort's dog, Socks, he's beautiful
  7. I think it's beautiful too Alan. Hope they don't knock it down
  8. Welcome brianza
  9. Good Lord ! .....great pics though Degsy
  10. Wow ! ....what a mess. I've been gone for many years Degsy so could you tell me whereabouts this is please? Sorry, just seen your other pics, know where I am now
  11. The man with the walking sticks.....if I lived over there I would make him a great sign Great pics Rob.
  12. I bought my Grandma a plastic heart-shaped 'container' with imitation daffodils in it and also in it was a bottle of Lily of the Valley Eau de cologne. Like Alan's doll it also said Present from Rhyl. More than 30 years later after her death my cousin actually returned it to me here in Australia. Grandma had kept it in her cabinet all that time.
  13. I did Joe, it was suicidal. He was sitting on his crossbar even on the flat. I've never seen anyone's legs turn that fast. Prudhomme had designed the first 2 stages so that Froome wouldn't be in the lead in the first week. Didn't work.....and I hate knowing the winner with 2 weeks left. Barring any accidents of course. I did like the way Froome hit the spectator though I mean the first 2 mountain stages.
  14. It does look ill, brings tears to my eyes
  15. I'm too busy watching the Tour de France