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  1. anyone remember jimmy miller? completing my mums ancestry jimmy was her first husband, and died in the disaster, looking for any connections that can help me thanks in advance x
  2. Sister Duffy

    hi johnny, I qualified in 74 and worked on theatre until I left in1980 to have my son I am still working in the private sector and have been here since 1984, working with the elderly, a job I enjoy, think our paths may have crossed at some time
  3. Geraldo and Chessies (Exchange Vaults) ... any ideas?

    lol, my late Freddie was a biker and was often in Chessies with his mates x
  4. St Helens Fever Hospital

    in the 70,s the rooms upstairs where used to house drs,we had to go upstairs to be measured for our uniforms, aprons belts and cloaks
  5. Wishing Well cafe/restaurant

    was there another corn stores intown, apparently my great grand father ernest penketh and his wife emily annie owned a corn stores but they became bankrupt and the masons "helped" by turning a blind eye, dont know how true that was, he came from cotham st and his father was a builder james penketh, anyone know about this thanks
  6. Old St Helens Hospital

    i trained and worked at st helens hospital i was sad to see the photos of the interia before demolisment, but i also had a happy flash back of the scub sinks in theater, being only 5 foot i usually used the smaller height sink, many happy memories of working on theater , was a theater sister before i left to have my youngest child, thank you for posting those photos
  7. trying to find out information on my grandfather charles Burns who was killed at cowley hill works in 1933 death certificate states crushed between a crane and a wagon any one know how i can access records for this event thanks
  8. Sister Duffy

    Johnny where did you train, i trained at st helens hospital early 70s qualified in 74,we had some students from rainhill hosp to do part of their training
  9. anybody a member of ancestry.com?

    i am also on ancestry let me know if i can also help
  10. Geraldo and Chessie's?

    my late fiancee fred was a biker who used to go to chessies quite a lot with his mates, he had some good memories
  11. st helens ghost stories

    st helens hospital had several "ghost" sightings, one said to be Lady Kurtz ,also baby cried at night and the rocking horse rocked on its own, on Hazel ward, night nurse said to have walked down the ward through a apparition witnessed by several patients and care staff, they needed sedation after. wolverhampton house also has hauntings, investigated by local ghost groups and a well known paranormal group " parascience" which i belonged to, now belong to another well known paranormal group U.P.I.A. when i worked at st helens hospital, i didn't witness any paranormal events, but on night duty the place was quite errie
  12. samuel girffiths mother was violet galtrey b 1889-1962. her father was john james galtrey born in yorkshire scarbrough, his father was william galtrey. john james galtry was married to frances jane florey 1864- 1951. dont know why there was a name change? do you ? very interesting
  13. Paul Kirkman has passed away

    sorry to hear that,
  14. Wilmere Lane Bold

    its actually called Lilycross nursing home. was wilmere house before being demolished. a ferdinand hurter, swis chemist lived in wilmere house around 1871 ish, worked as chief chemist for gaskell and deacon &co
  15. charles burns victoria st

    many many thanks for all your imput, his mother and father did come from olbury in midlands, and he was born in widnes, have his death certificate, wondering if there may have been a news item in the local papers as he died as result of a accident at pilkington bros, not sure how i go about finding out, any suggestions