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  1. Here's some i remember I went to the pictures tomorrow I took a front seat at the back I bought a plain cake with currants in I ate it and gave it them back. The corporation muck cart was full up to the brim the driver overbalanced fell in and couldn't swim he sank to the bottom just like a little stone and then we heard him singing show me the way to go home. I was Christmas morn in the evening the snow was raining fast A barefoot girl with clogs on Stood sitting on the grass. And as kids we used to try saying this rhyme fast. I chased a bug around a tree I'll have his blood he knows I will.
  2. Saints22. Wigan19 a great game to watch
  3. At last we have managed to get Ben Barbar on a 21/2 year deal, I hope he can put his misdemeanours behind him ,he is a fantastic player and can be a great asset to Saints . COYS
  4. Thanks Dave l Couldn't remember the name .
  5. Geoff Dukes came after Ham Burrills There was also a motor bike shop near where Asda is now can't remember the name but remember he lived in Oxford St ,I bought a load of spares from him after he shut the shop ,my hobby was restoring old British Bikes so they were like gold to me.he had a one off Italian racing bike that did well at the IOMan which I tried to buy but he wouldn't sell.
  6. Well Alan I hope someone gives us 2 good coats of Dulux before tomorrow
  7. This link may bring back memories NS
  8. I remember that very well. I was there.but Saints were not playing then like they have been playing recently.
  9. I think they were discussing whether Benny Barba would be signing for Warrington or Saints. By the way where did that performance by Saints come from? How can the same team that has been diabolical rececently ,put on a display of Rugby at its best to nil a team 2nd from top.Thursdays game against Wigan should be interesting and will tell us if it was a flash in the pan.
  10. Your right Dave I had forgotten them and I have a faint idea that a firm name Birchalls existed perhaps someone can confirm.
  11. Vincents still used the Horse drawn ice cream cart long after Fredericks and Randolfs switched to Motor Vehicles.Dom Frederick served the Sutton Manor area Con Maloone from Mill Lane sold Fredericks ice cream in the Marshalls Cross area from a Tricycle,the only other ice cream street vendor I can remember was Walls "Stop me and buy one" some shops made their own ice cream. in the 1930s StHelens byelaws prohibited the sale of ice cream by a street vendor on Sundays and as youngsters in Sutton Manor we were lucky to be on the border with Widnes who had no such byelaw so the ice cream man could stop at the junction of Jubitts lane and Bell lane to trade . another bit of useless information ice cream was called Hokey Pokey in the early 1900s
  12. No respect for the supporters Something has seriously gone wrong in the attitude of the players
  13. They did Alan.
  14. Alan. I think that it was called" Blanco "
  15. It is to be hoped that he can get them playing better than they did at Warrington tonight.