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  1. SMITH FAMILY from Freda Avenue Sutton

    Hi Phyll Both your records seem to be right, Emily Gee must have married Edward Gee he must have been a relitive because her name was Gee before she married and had Bertha, and then married my grandad in 1919. I remember that my dad had a step sister.
  2. Steve Prescott

    R I P Steve the world is a much poorer place with your passing.
  3. SMITH FAMILY from Freda Avenue Sutton

    Thanks Phyll You have the right Emily Gee she was my grandmother, but I never new her. That is why I'm delving into the Smith history. I have discovered that one of my dads brothers was awarded the B M E medal for galantry in ww11. His name was Fred Smith. Thanks very much for your reply. Rainmate
  4. SMITH FAMILY from Freda Avenue Sutton

    Just adding to my request. My Granddads name was Henry Smith and his wife was Emily ( maiden name was Gee) before she was married she lived in Herbert Street Sutton, St Helens.
  5. I am trying to find out about my ancestors in Sutton, they lived in Freda Avenue from about 1930 till about 2008