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  1. So sad to hear he helped so many people on here will be sadly missed RIP Chris
  2. Thanks Guwop superb photo's it had me baffled
  3. Went on the 45407 Lancashire Fusilier last month in Scotland on the Jacobite run it was just like riding in a car the smoothest steamer iv'e rode on and the scenery was superb
  4. Cant open these photo's or the ones from Sherdly Remec anyone got any idea why all the others on the site work fine can't work out why as they are all jpg
  5. Was there last month stunning scenery
  6. WOT no link i don't think it is but you are always right or so you think Just checked on google and you are right i didn't think the site was that big but it wasn't obvious to me but i don't spend all day on line
  7. No title i haven't a clue where or what it is
  8. Spent my youth in the Dragon especially on saints home games a couple of games of bagatelle cheese and onion role and a meat and potato pie washed down with a couple of pints then off to the game
  9. Remember the prefabs in Bodden street and the waist ground with the pond at the end as you turned the corner at the top can't recall the air raid shelter though
  10. Crone and Taylor's in Sutton engineers made conveyors Clock Face crisps Tripe factory in Clock Face
  11. Me thinks your in the wrong area Hort's Goyt is a stream not a river look on a map with Carr Mill Dam on it
  12. Nice to see a photo of my old school started there on the first day it opened thanks Rob
  13. 96

    What a relief for those relatives lets hope the cash strapped CPS don't kick it under the table it's not over yet
  14. All asbestos is dangerous the worse one is blue asbestos
  15. How sad fishing for links to post that's unbelievable