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  1. Ever owned one of these?

    Yeah I had one Blue with a Cream vinyl Roof ! everybody knew it round fingerpost
  2. Brookfest 2017

    Ha Ha I have no Frigging Idea Who that was ?
  3. Brookfest

    The reason I want to use the "pay at the gate " option is this F%%K-07 unpredictable weather we bin having See you there ! ( if its not pissing down )
  4. Brookfest

    Anyone know if there will be tickets on the gate ?
  5. save the music videos 

    1. Dave


      I'll leave them a while longer. If something ever has to go then they're the ones. :)

    2. mally


      Ok boss But if you Do need to wipe them out can we start again Maybe just one a day and not shedloads ?

  6. Our friend Le200 has died

    As Above I didn't know him only from his posts on here But he always seemed a Genuine Guy RIP Le200
  7. Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    and anyone seen this ? http://www.nwex.co.uk/showthread.php?t=8690 https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/the-plug-st-helens-17-07-08.t31973
  8. Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    When I went there was Just a Pool in the middle like a Duck pond ! I think it was when they were building the new overflow Anyone remember the year sure it was the 70s
  9. Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    I couldn't ! lots of junk though
  10. Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    When is it Happening as I too am looking forward to seeing it again I remember there being another Thread about it on here a bit ago http://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/topic/65291-carr-mill-dam/
  11. Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    I remember them draining it once before wonder if they will drag all the old sunken boats out this time
  12. Lidl off Park Rd

    anything would be better than those Traffic lights at the bottom of park rd /boardmans lane they for years have been 4 way with nothing at all ever coming out of where the building site now is
  13. Lidl off Park Rd

    ^^^ Answers my Question mate wondered What they were going to Build there ^^^ Thought it might be another Cafe ( actually they could put a drive through on park road traffic is that slow )
  14. The Windle Pub,Hard Lane.

    I am Confused . Com How the hell did you get pictures of tonight (17 march ) when its not tonight yet ? What trickery is this ? you posted these on 16 March
  15. Because they are a Bunch of Fking Nimbys that get up in the morning and go to work on retail parks and Industrial estates that are built next door to somebody else's houses , Like those C**ts that dont want a chippy near them but block up the street with their range rovers and 4x4s where other people live so that they can get their fish and chips ! These people make me Laugh Nimbys every one of them Fck them and their Greenbelt I have Zero sympathy for em