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  1. Albert Pierrepiont

    I live just around the corner, in Southport, from where Albert Pierrepoint lived for a time. I'm led to believe, from information gathered from someone who has lived in the surrounding area all of his long life, that Pierrepoint and his wife moved to Much Hoole, about 8 miles away from here, where he had interests in a local Public House called the Rose and Crown, which is on the main road between Southport and Preston. Not sure how accurate the information is, it is just anecdotal, but if it is accurate, then he could have been cremated or interred somewhere outside of Southport. His final resting place would however have been kept secret for obvious reasons.
  2. Pub closures

    On the subject of pub closures, the White House, [formally the Imperial, before I was exiled from St Helens] in Sutton road was featured on the programme "Fake Britain" this morning, concerning the landlord selling fake spirits and being jailed for the offence. The local trading standards officer who dealt with the case said that she thought that it would prove to be one of the largest, if not THE largest, seizure of counterfeit spirits, from a public house, in this country.
  3. Powells engineers in Jackson St, next to Middlehursts, was a long established company, making baling presses and conveyors, first for the agricultural industry then later for the waste paper recycling industry.
  4. Old press article: late 1960's...

    The Evening Post and Chronicle was popular in the area around that time, probably more so than the Liverpool Echo, may be worth a look if you haven't already.
  5. Local butchers

    Ronnie Davies did have a butchers shop in Sutton Rd, his wife, whose name I can't remember, worked in the shop. It was the first building after Lancots lane, just around the corner from the Welsh Chapel. My particular memory of the place is the large mural which covered the whole of the wall behind the counter, showing a field with cows and sheep running around. I used to look at that for ages while waiting for the gossip to end and my turn to be served to come around.
  6. Brass Bands and Other Musical Groups

    Hi, I remember a Howard Taylor from Sutton from nearly 50 years ago, when, if it's the same person, he played in Haydock prize band along with my father, and often used to take myself and my dad in his car, down to the wagon and horses in Haydock for practice sessions, which I used to sit and listen to. If I can recall any further information then I will post it on here. I do believe though that he had a son, a few years older than myself who attended the same school as I did, albeit in a higher year. I cannot, at the present, remember his name.
  7. Glad someone can recall the band, I was trying to find out about it for someone else, who was going to the dance halls during that time, I was beginning to think she was getting a bit confused about the band and the leader of the group, but at least I now know that it did exist at that time.
  8. walking days-also may day walks

    I remember the late 50's and early 60's taking part in the walking day from Sutton C of E primary school, known back then as Sutton nash. The whole route used to be lined with people watching the procession, perhaps that used to be one of the highlights of the year for Suttoners. We would walk from the school, along Peckers Hill road, down Junction Lane and into Station Road/Robin's lane, then onto an enclosure in Sherdley park, where we'd all be given a bag with a pork pie and some other bits and pieces to eat. We'd have a few activities, running competitions and such like and hang around for a while, then that was it for another year. I'll never forget, as we were walking, the band would suddenly stop playing and just the big bass drum at the front would keep time, always liked that part of it. The weather was always very warm and sunny, although that recollection could just be the result of a fading memory. The weather was always warm and sunny back then wasn't it?
  9. I asked the question a while ago whether anyone remembered a group who played in the St Helens area at places like the Co Op. Although I had a couple of replies, the information didn't relate to the band I was trying to find out about. The leader of the band played the Hawaiian guitar and I've since found out that his name was Noel Powell, I believe even from an early age, he had grey/silver hair. Just wondering if any of the older members remember anything about this group from the 50's or 60's
  10. Thanks for your quick replies, I'll look through the information on the link provided.
  11. In the photos section, there is a picture labelled Startham Hall, in Billinge. Does anyone know the location of this building and whether it still exists. I have spoken to "Billingers" but they don't seem to have heard of it, in fact it is a Billinge resident who has asked if I can find out more about it.
  12. red and blue ducks

    British Sidac used to draw water from the Monastery dam which was near St Annes church, the dam also used to be used by the Sidac angling club. The monastery dam used to fill from the Mill dam which was in Mill Lane,[surprisingly] not far from where the Sidac club used to be situated. The coloured water was the outlet from the Sidac and the colour of the outflow depended on the paper they were making, the usual colour was green but I have seen it running blue or yellow or a mixture of all those colours. It used to flow out from a pumping works near Sutton national school [The old name for Sutton C of E,] it would follow Worsley Brow then cut across what used to be known as the Bonk, then out towards Parr across Gaskell st. Not sure where it went to after that, but I think it used to end up at a water treatment plant close to Boardman's lane in Parr. I remember the smells from it but don't remember any coloured ducks. I'm told that the water runs clear now and there are fish living in it.
  13. Cowley horror stories

    The original thread was about recollections of Cowley horror stories and for me it was a monthly occurrence when "Fred" Wright stood on stage during assembly and read out the effort letters for that month. The best I always hoped for was that my name wasn't mentioned at all, which meant I'd done enough to warrant a "M" which kept me out of trouble for another month. I always liked to do just enough to keep trouble at bay.
  14. Cowley horror stories

    Spot on DJGAZZA, it was williams. The French teacher referred to by Familyman could have been one of the French students who used to appear from time to time. [ That's a French student, not a student of French] Who used to assist the regular Masters in the lessons. One who I remember, used to sometimes join us in Cross Country and quite often used to stop and light up a Gauloise, he wouldn't share it though. If Fred Wright had known that , he would probably have been made to copy out one of his leaflets about the dangers of smoking. Anyone else remember "Smiler", Mr Rowden who took Physics. He could be so angry he'd be red in the face but he still kept smiling.
  15. Dance Halls

    Interesting reading about the old clubs and dance halls which used to exist. Although most were before my time, an elderly relative, still living in St Helens reminisces quite often about the co-op dance hall. [ pronounced kwarp} She often mentions a dance band which played there but cannot remember the name of it. She tells me that the person who she believes led the group played the Hawaiian guitar and thinks his name may have been Noel. I noticed in an earlier reply that someone mentioned a group which played elsewhere which was also led by a Hawaiian guitar player although that particular man was disabled and therefore obviously a different band. Does anyone have any recollections of this band who played the co-op and could give any information. Not even sure when it was but should imagine it would probably have been the early 50's.