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  1. stockley family of prescot

    The forename Sandyland (and variants) is one of the mysteries of Prescot - if anyone has a theory I'd love to hear it Most generations of Stockley families have a Sandlyland as do the female Stockley offspring when they marry e.g Moores, Waine, etc I have the Moores family in my databas http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=1301&root=2&pid=46730 GeoffB
  2. Lyon's Bakery.

    The Lyon family is quite well documented http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=1301&t=2&root=2&pid=15477 On a personal note I have one of their mineral water bottles
  3. Napoleonic soldiers

  4. Can you supply some names and dates if possible - also relationships if known
  5. Hi Paul - not sure where I was up to the last time we chatted The firm of John & Richard Allen was wound up in in 1847 - http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=6041 The firm continued to trade as Allen, Houghton, and Brother John Allen, Henry James Houghton, and Peter Allen Houghton (nephews of John Allen) Peter Allen Houghton is listed as their agent in the 1848 Slater's Guide The firm of John Allen and Co was wound up in 1852 - http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=6108 For info you can find the Trade Directories relevant to Prescot here http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=975&q=
  6. John Dixon

    Thanks Stephen I hope someone likes a challenge
  7. John Dixon

    I have received an email from a lady in Holland. She is looking for information on a John Dixon who was born in Prescott near Liverpool died on October 1st, 1849 in a mental institution in Bloemendaal in the Netherlands, 86 years of age. So he was born around 1763 Apparently there was a John Dixon working in Amsterdam for Hope & Co in 1804 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_%26_Co Anyone got any ideas? Quite a challenge I know
  8. I believe the looms were steam powered - it must have been easier to transport the cloth than the coal
  9. Paul has led us on a merry dance - I look forward to his book - Prescot boy to Egypt, Bath and California should be interesting reading :-) The 1928 and 1934 trade directories show Cotton Manufacturers http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=1053&root=6&g=334 John and Richard Allen, Hillock Street Something I had completely missed
  10. BICC Telephone Cables Division,Prescot

    Not sure I know the picture you mean Edward Chambre was a brilliant photographer - the National Trust now own his Liverpool house and studio there are loads of his images on line
  11. Prescot help please?

    Jinty- starting with the easiest Ancestry has searchable divorces - but only until 1914 - if anyone has more info I'd also like to know Birth in Scotland - I only searched England and Wales - Scotland keep their own BMD - had a quick look at these but can't see anything that fits I checked the E&W baptisms by looking for a combination of surname Welsby and mother's maiden name Molloy but the 3 you mention are the only ones I could find within the relevant timescales You mention a possibility of a second marriage do you know the surname and could these other cousins be the result of that union?
  12. Prescot help please?

    I'd with Stephen - Ancestry is my first port of call when searching - though I've never added a tree there I think it costs somewhere between $70 ish to £120 ish per annum I lot of people seem to like genesreunited it costs £10 a month I think if you simply want to produce a treeand add notes etc then genopro might suite I'd with Stephen - Ancestry is my first port of call when searching - though I've never added a tree there I think it costs somewhere between $70 ish to £120 ish per annum I lot of people seem to like genes reunited it costs £10 a month I think http://www.genesreunited.co.uk/ if you simply want to produce a tree and add notes etc then genopro might suite http://www.genopro.com/ if you like it its 1 off fee of around £20 you can try all of them as a trial and see what you like
  13. Prescot help please?

    Jinty - corrected date not sure if it was a typo or brain fade I started looking at my family history around 10 years ago - I couldn't find anything suitable programme at that time so I wrote my own I'm a retired IT Director my background is in databases and programming At first it was just my and my wife's family - but when I retired I decided to take on the whole of Prescot :-) My intention was to allow people to register and "adopt" their family - enter data edit etc If you want to be a guinea pig and take over your family let me know
  14. Prescot help please?

    JInty I've done a little more work and I believe you have some cousins You knew about Marcella and George Beer - they had 4 children 2 born in Prescot http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=1301&t=2&root=2&pid=41411 I have found a marriage for Norah in 1943 - to William Welsby - they had 3 children http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=1301&t=2&root=2&pid=41407 to prove this the actual marriage and birth certificates will be needed
  15. Prescot help please?

    Horatio Henry Deville married Kate White in 1896 There is in the 1891 Census a Horatio Devall a lodger in Barnsley - he is a glass blower I can't find for now any trace of him after that or his wife Kate and son George after 1901