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  1. St Anne's Baptism Records

    could anyone tell me how to Access catholic baptisms as nearly all my ancestors are RC
  2. Rag and Bone men

    I was a fireman at Sutton oak shed st Helens and certain drivers stopped in places and told me to shovel and fair amount of coal off the engine.
  3. The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    next to the church in st Helens cemetery
  4. Tonight's game v Castleford at Wheldon Rd

    just heard a rumour matty smith is starting the game. last that happened it was a disaster
  5. Tonight's game v Castleford at Wheldon Rd

    I would dearly love saints to win but I can't see it. saints have done very well after a really bad start but they still can be very inconsistent,looking forward to next season.
  6. Prescot Reporter Archives (WW1 related)

    try st Helens roll of honour henry's is on it under the name harry travers.
  7. Hackett

    ann frances hacket was born in the December quarter of 1882 in the medway registration district, her mothers maiden name was CARROLL
  8. thanks,i'll have to go to specsavers
  9. I ran the download and when I went to go back on it I couldn't find it. can anyone send the link or download.
  10. Wedding at Lowe House

    probably a gypsey wedding, p.c traveller
  11. census

    in the igi index (free site) peter duffy b1884 wwi enlistment document 1914 peter duffy 30rs royal engineers number 428427 birthplace st Helens Lancashire.
  12. census

    I found them in widnes from time to time
  13. cottage in Boardmans Lane

    the air training corps used the building in the 1960s and it was still used as a schoo,i was told it was part of st vincents parr
  14. Barton and Wallace Genalogy

    there was a ann neary born in st Helens in 1895, it's shown in Lancashire bmd site but not In the gro site. this is not a uncommon feature when records are copied.
  15. can anyone help me please ?

    gro birth records for duffy-riley family regd at prescot lizzie duffy 3 quarter 1882 Catherine duffy 1886 4 quarter Michael duffy 1st quarter 1889 james duffy 4th quarter 1895https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/indexes_search.asp for the shortcut to work click indexes near the end