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  1. Littler's Field

    Here is the 1849 OS map. Zoom in to see the area. The cottage is not there then, unless its Windle Grange http://maps.nls.uk/view/126522299 added 3 minutes later Here is the 1906 map, its not threre either. http://maps.nls.uk/view/126522302
  2. Littler's Field

    Was it formerly Parish Church Field? That's behind the cottage
  3. st helens ghost stories

    I would to meet a ghost.
  4. List Of Photography Sites

    It wasn't like that when I put it on. So I will have to leave PB. added 16 minutes later I am just glad I kept my photos on my 'puter and backed them up on external hard drive. I know some people who have not.
  5. List Of Photography Sites

    Robbob, what is the problem with Photobucket, I can still use it. eg
  6. Lucem House

    You may be correct Dave, bit where was the Elim Penticostal before it went to Duke Street?
  7. Lucem House

    It was Elim Pentecostal.
  8. Disappeared word and phrases

    I still have a last, for shoe repairs, but not used it for many years
  9. Prefabs

    How many prefabs are left in St Helens? There used to be loads at Moss Bank/Clinkham Wood, but now it seems all that have not been converted are these.
  10. Disappeared word and phrases

    We still have a maiden for clothes. I remember my gran doing the washing in a dolly tub.
  11. Chelsea Harwood.

    She lives Cleveland Street, in St Helens and cheated £25,000 in benefits.. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/15386947.Social_media_star_Chelsey_Harwood_jailed_for_three_months/?ref=rss
  12. Chelsea Harwood.

    Just read that she is a TV star and has been jailed for failing to do community service after £25,000 benefit cheat conviction. Who in God's name is Chelsea Harwood?
  13. Around St.Helens

    It looks like a guy called Arthur and he's banned from all the bookies in town. Also banned from all the pubs. He's on benefits and goes round town begging.
  14. Any ideas who this is?

    I still don't recognise him, is he older than me?