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  1. Lukaku song?

    How is that racist? He is Belgian is he not? And a scoring genius?
  2. Lukaku song?

    The FA have said a Man U supporters' song about Lukaku should be banned because its racist. I have tried to listen during televised games but cannot hear it What is it about?
  3. Toronto in Superleague, 2019

    How high is the alco tax? How much is a pint of lager?
  4. Toronto in Superleague, 2019

    They won't even let you on the plane in UK without one.
  5. Toronto in Superleague, 2019

    No but you need an Electronic Travel Authorisation it is like a visa.
  6. Toronto in Superleague, 2019

    I hope they do - I got to go Perpignan so I fancy a trip to Toronto. Never been to Canada.
  7. There was a dog show on in Sherdley Park also Sunday.
  8. House for Sale

    Lord Pilkington's former house is up for sale again a snip at £1,900,000 Details in the link below http://abarnett.co.uk/property-details/?property_id=rps_arm-BUR170126
  9. Cost of a table for ten at Twickenham

    Unlike the past, there is less forward passes than in RL.
  10. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    Here is an article in the Liverpool Echo about the Chantry and the Volunteers. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/land-forgotten-merseysiders-unearthed-after-13596793#comments-section added 18 minutes later And here are the volunteers last Sunday
  11. Around St.Helens

    So where will the Red Light District be?
  12. Teachers's Rest

    When I went to school in the 1950s and 1960s, we had Summer Holidays of 5 or six weeks off as they do now. Then in October we had another holiday from school that all kids and parents called "Teacher's Rest". It was 6 weeks after the end of the Summer Holiday and about 6 weeks before the Christmas Holiday Now its called Autumn Half Term. Is this political madness gone mad? Does anyone else remember it being called "Teacher's Rest"?
  13. Priest Robbed in Tellins.

    I have previously commented, on other threads, that some in Billinge think it was someone else closer to Helen responsible. I do not know who was guilty, I just know what I hear. I knew Helen very well and I did not like Simms, but I am unsure about his conviction.
  14. Would you sponsor your local authority or school.

    Why sponsor your local school when the Government is to waste BILLIONS of pounds on HS2?