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  1. Around St.Helens

    Wasn't Gladys Appleton murdered in the grounds of the Elms?
  2. Just read this and it says St Helens is one of the worst places in the country. Is it because Rainhill has shut down? http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16033527.Mental_and_physical_health_of_St_Helens_residents_among_worst_in_England__says_report/?ref=rss
  3. Vicky park faces.

    I think I put these on here a few years ago. Anyone remember?
  4. I worked behind the bar in the Cotham Arms around 1971- 1972. Reg Gregory was the Landlord, but I cannot remember coach trips from the pub.
  5. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    There were traffic lights with pedestrian control to stop the traffic. I do not believe this area was an issue. I go every Friday and Saturday afternoons and have NEVER seen a pedestrian crossing problem. In fact you can cross most of those roads without using the crossing light options.
  6. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    Why is the junction being changed at great cost to the tax payer?
  7. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    Hitting the back of a stationary or slowing vehicle in front is your fault in almost all cases. Applies to bus drivers as well as everyone else.
  8. Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    If buses hit them in rear then its bus drivers fault.
  9. Does anyone know what all the road works are at the junction of Baldwin Street, Cotham Street, Ormskirk Street and Westfield Street? The permanent traffic lights have been removed and temporary ones installed. The balustrades have been removed and there is loads of fencing put up. I have not seen anything in the press. Anyone any idea?
  10. Whist Drives?

    I always thought that in a Whist Drive, you changed partners for every game. I am cottect?
  11. I do not think it was. I may be wrong but I think it opened very late 1950s. I remember going up Baxters Lane from Robins Lane to Sutton Oak Engine sheds (Morrissons now) when my dad worked in the sheds. I do not remember seeing Stamina foods in the mid fifties. I think there was a pond, pool or flash there - filled in when someone drowned. Then they built Stamina. I was only 7 years old and I may be wrong. I have a
  12. Whist Drives? Anyone remember them? I do but never been to one. Anyone been to one?
  13. Around St.Helens

    There is a very good band playing the clubs and pubs around St Helens and Wigan called Schooner
  14. I am sure some of you will remember Clock Face Crisps. The time on the clock face on the packet was 18 minutes past one. Does anyone know why this particular time was shown?