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  1. Around St.Helens

    I believe Chiquitas has pulled out of opening at westpoint, Just another empty building now
  2. England rugby league world cup squad for october start

    Why would i mention wigan if saints players get injured
  3. England rugby league world cup squad for october start

    I did'nt know wigan had any injuries, Funny no one mentioned it
  4. Robbob to provide cardboard cutouts of buildings?

    Is it the same firm that is doing Big Ben
  5. Remembering Voll

    So was Voll
  6. Saints win at Salford

    Very nearly only 91 short if you pretend Wakefield did'nt score any
  7. Martin Murray is Prepped 2 Go

    Is he the bloke that used to be on with Ted Noonan Rob ?
  8. Rangi Chase

    Makes you wonder if Saints knew something
  9. Rangi Chase

    Rangi Chase has been suspended after failing a drug test Looks like the end of his career
  10. Today's game at Belle Vue

    lama tasi banned 1 match
  11. Quarry Pond near Sherdley Park

    I do not recall them, KK,I was quite young when there i did have a piecce of paper of most of the residents of that half of Manor St i will try and dig it out
  12. Quarry Pond near Sherdley Park

    Yes Hort we lived almost opposite
  13. Quarry Pond near Sherdley Park

    That's the one i remember used to go fishing for gudgeon there when i was a kid living on Manor Street
  14. Around St.Helens

    They knocked the terraced houses down in the late sixties Rob, luckily we moved out first