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  1. Rangi Chase

    Makes you wonder if Saints knew something
  2. Rangi Chase

    Rangi Chase has been suspended after failing a drug test Looks like the end of his career
  3. Today's game at Belle Vue

    lama tasi banned 1 match
  4. Quarry Pond near Sherdley Park

    I do not recall them, KK,I was quite young when there i did have a piecce of paper of most of the residents of that half of Manor St i will try and dig it out
  5. Quarry Pond near Sherdley Park

    Yes Hort we lived almost opposite
  6. Quarry Pond near Sherdley Park

    That's the one i remember used to go fishing for gudgeon there when i was a kid living on Manor Street
  7. Around St.Helens

    They knocked the terraced houses down in the late sixties Rob, luckily we moved out first
  8. Around St.Helens

    I used to live on Manor Street when i was a nipper been over that bridge many times
  9. Catalans v Wigan

    It would of just been a question to the video ref as to how the ball came loose . the bell became dead as soon as Catalan touched down so the Wigan try would have been disallowed and the Catalan try would have been awarded
  10. The little lad looks really glad he got his face painted Rob
  11. Around St.Helens

    There will be a lot of arses being shown on the town hall steps if we do
  12. Around St.Helens

    Its the Exchange Vaults Rob commonly known as Chessies
  13. One Spring

    Looks like a load of bullocks to me Rob
  14. Behind the scenes

    A very handsome chap......And some bloke with a camera