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  1. 1876 Birth

    Dead end for me too. Found a death of Joseph Campbell born 1876, in St Helens but don't know where buried Joseph Campbell Event Type: Death Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar Registration Year: 1947 Registration District: St. Helens County: Lancashire Event Place: St. Helens, Lancashire, England Age (available after 1866): 71 Birth Year (Estimated): 1876 Volume: 10F Page: 631 Line Number: 32
  2. Tonks/Johnson Prescot

    Hello Red I'm afraid the only way you will get information about why someone died is through the official death certificate which you can order from the local registrar, here is the form for your person http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/pda.php?date=1919&county=lancashire&reference=SH%3ASH%2F198%2F94&file=./cgi/lancashire/deaths/1919/J&pos=30537&area=SH&surname_1=JOHNSON&forename_1=Nellie&year=1919&age=- But I would check the address to send it to is correct as I think they recently moved into the Town Hall. Also enclose a stamped adressed envelope for return. Afraid this will cost you £10 although if you make an account at the General Register Office online here: https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/indexes_search.asp ....you can search the index there and get a copy of the certificate to download as a PDF for £6.00 at the moment. Photos is not something I can help with. If you post another topic in the Connections/Contacts section someone may have known her and oblige one day.
  3. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    I hope so added 14 minutes later I have a victim of assault in my Welsh Potters
  4. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    Cheesus! I hope he went away before he hurt anyone else
  5. The Range car park parkingeye fine (merged)

    Latest news on these fines http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42849443
  6. Data is the new oil

    1. Dave


      People are the new oil.

      Soylent Green is People.

  7. GRO PDF trial second session

    They have extended the PDF pilot service for digitised birth and death certificates until July 11th 2018.
  8. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    I have done some Indian research myself, my husband's great, great grandad was in the 95th Foot(Derbys) and he fought there in the Indian Mutiny, did the 3000 mile march across the continent and all that, eventually became Chelsea Pensioner and settled in Widnes working as a Goods Foreman at the railway goods yard, he died of pneumonia and is buried at St Lukes Church there. His wife was of Irish descent but a British citizen, born at sea off the cape of good hope, she was the army schoolmistress and travelled with the regiment to India, Crimea and Ireland, they were married at Trinity Church, Karachi, Bombay and had a son born in Bombay and buried there before he was a month old. Their next son was born at Mhow, West Bengal he was enrolled in the army aged around 11 as a drummer boy and stayed in as a career soldier ending his career as a Major in the South Lancs Reg, (his brother was killed at Pas de Calais WW1) his own son born in Ireland at the barracks, also a career soldier who started in the army band, also became a Major in the South Lancs, DC/DCM and survived WW2 only to be killed by a lorry while crossing the road in St Helens. His son, also a soldier, after surviving WW1 was killed in the Irish war of Independence 1919 by a stray shot from his own patrol, whilst he was officer of the guard at the Viceregal Lodge Phoenix Park, Dublin. I found FIBIS a great help with the research in India, also the British Library https://search.fibis.org/frontis/bin/
  9. 1831 Census for St. Helens

    I don't think there is an 1831 census for anywhere online or off is there, or if there is it won't have any useful information for family history purposes, names of head of households only added 0 minutes later I seem to remember one for Billinge somewhere now I think on it
  10. When I moved to Liverpool in the late 70s I got taken out to the restaurant that used to be at the top, proper snooty it was and there were only about three couples in it, I ordered entrecote steak and didn't know you had to order veg all separate so it came without, just a steak in the middle of the plate, smarmy barstuards. I just ate it, never said a word and drank lots of wine and left. Needless to say there was no tip. Visited the top first, very cold and windy but that view was worth it.
  11. Irish research

    You should find the old threads on here somewhere BGL. I think I looked through the parish books and microfilm for that marriage but we couldn't locate it, some of Lowe House years are missing and Sacred Heart are elsewhere
  12. Irish research

    Talking of which, I just came across this image while clearing my phone data, I'm sorry but I can't remember the source now and it doesn't say. It seems to be the grave details at Windleshaw Chantry for the name Crilly, you probably have it already but just in case. It's a dropbox file which I will delete in time https://www.dropbox.com/s/3dgx9xiy31ubf8a/2013-03-05.jpg?dl=0
  13. RICE family

    If Teresa came out of the workhouse and later remarried perhaps the child was sent back to her, this was usual practice. There may be some records for Kirkdale left in the Liverpool Archives. (actually there are I found a list, see below) They are very helpful there, if you send them an email stating what you are looking for they will let you know what is available and where you can see them, they probably won't do a search for you without a fee but they have sent me images and info for nothing before now. email http://liverpool.gov.uk/contact-us/service-area/liverpool-record-office/ full site http://liverpool.gov.uk/libraries/archives-family-history/ Liverpool Record Office holds the records ofKirkdale Industrial School, 1845-1904 (ref: 353SEL). These include admission and dischargeregisters (1862-1865), classification registers(1845-1897), and religious creed registers (1869-1904).
  14. Littler's Field

    Le200 gave me this link to old maps http://maps.nls.uk/geo/find/# added 0 minutes later I seem to remember a Littlers field in Parr near Havannah but I may be wrong