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  1. I’m with #Nigella My life isn’t complete without a confetti of chives

  2. BICC Computer Centre, Warrington Road

    I remember visiting that site from an NCC course I did. I later worked in just such a room at Hatton Garden for MCC and later a much larger one at the Liver buildings although by then I wasn't an operator but a shift leader in Data Control. My brother in law worked as a programmer at the BI in the 70s and a mate of mine from childhood name of Leyland.
  3. Barrow Family

    There are only 2 on the 1911 census one in Billinge and one born Cadishead, both are miners I think, obviously not yours. Got him on the 1891. Its the name is the problem, mistranscribed a lot. Barron, Bavvon. Barrost... so try every possible variation and search for everyone on that census separately because he may turn up with them along the line. In 1901 Catherine is a widow at 29 Liverpool street with sons George Joseph William Walter. They are correctly there as Barrow. George wasn't found in 1911 using this under Barrow. William is at 16 Drake St St Helens a gas stoker married to Lily, daughter Dorothy. George wasn't found either. There is a Catherine Barrow age 64 a widow nursing children but she says shes born Liverpool not Ireland. The address 42 ?Harrowly Street Manchester. She is a boarder, the only other person is the head Mary Settree 32 cotton spinner born Manchester Sorry can't help much more than that. You need to scour that 1911 census using all possibilities for the name but it would take hours Who did James marry?
  4. Whiston

    Whiston Central is gone, became Rainhill High School then moved to Rainhill, next door to Loyola Hall, it is now a housing estate. Holt Transport is closed, company dissolved and that also is a housing estate called Quiston Grange I think. Can't remember when they shut but they were over 85 years old at last input of accounts in 1996. Don't know a thing about the ghost story Hands of Halsnead this is the only time I ever heard it mentioned. Probably some children's story about St Nicks churchyard to keep them out of mischief.
  5. Transcription Help Please.

    Rather sad looking back at this though I must say. I keep having questions to ask Le that he would be able to answer better than anyone.
  6. Transcription Help Please.

    You could have a gas shell wound as you can see from this man's image added 22 minutes later This is one I came across recently but I have a family member whose record actually says GSW Gas Shell Wound and I can't find it
  7. Holmes Caffrey Cosgrove

    I was born in 60 and lived at my nans, 8 Cumberland Avenue, later moved to Gladstone Street for a while
  8. Holmes Caffrey Cosgrove

    Hi there Colin, sorry I was on a bus before Great, I'll post now and then I can shut all my open windows Hope this helps. If you write it all out as a family tree on paper it makes more sense. Made a connection between the names LEAHAY, BULGER, COSGROVE, HOLMES, CAFFREY like this: Joseph LEAHAY (1835-?1896 Born Wexford) married Mary BULGER (1845-1936 Born Wexford) Shes in grave 32/404 Could be a Joseph Leahay in grave 21/175 died 1896 age 58 not sure. Two of their children 1 - Ann Francis LEAHAY(1877-1956 ) married John COSGROVE (1878-1916 ) at Sutton St Anne on 27/4/1901, John died in 1916, she then married George White in 1920 at Peasley Cross.Shes in the grave 32/404 along with her mother, husband John and 3 of their 5 children Others are James and Joseph Peter. 2 - Mary Leahay (1866- ) Born Ireland Wexford? Married Edward CAFFREY(1867-) born Ireland? Mary and Edward Caffrey had a daughter Elizabeth Anne Caffrey (1894-1962)born Widnes who married Joseph HOLMES(1893-1829) in 1916 at Prescot.The marriage seems to be registered as HOLMEN, in the indexes anyway. These are in grave 31/166 .....with Joseph Holmes parents were Joseph Holmes 1858-1922 born Kilkenny and Dora/Doretta BRENNAN 1862-1925 born Kilkenny - other children Michael, Dorrett These are in grave 31/166, years are a bit out but sometimes they are Cemetary details 31/166 Joseph Holmes 1859-1922 husband of Doretta Brennan Dorah Holmes 1863-1925 wife of above mother of Joseph Holmes below Joseph Holmes 1892-1929 husband of Elizabeth A Caffrey Joseph Edward Holme 1917-1930 son of Joseph Holmes /Eliz Anne Caffrey Elizabeth Ann Holmes 1894-1962 nee Caffrey Edward Caffrey 1872(66?)-1924 married to Mary Leahay [query age] Mary Caffrey 1872(68?)-1945 nee Leahay?[query age] cant check these as GRO stops at 1916 32/404 John Cosgrove 1878-1916 Husband of Anne Francis John Cosgrove 1914-1917 mother was Anne Francis/Leahay Anne Francis Cosgrove 1910-1918 mother Leahay mother of above Margaret Cosgrove 1906-1920 daught of above mother Leahay Nicholas Holmes 1915-1919 mother Eliz Anne nee Caffrey Winifred Holmes 1918-1921 as above Mary Leahay 1848-1936? nee Bulger mother of Anne Francis below Ann Francis White 1877-1956 formerly Cosgrove formerly Leahay, daughter of above You should check this info for yourself using graves, census data and the GRO indexes. I checked up on all children and confirmed all mothers maiden names for each family. Some of the spellings at the GRO are amazing for this family, listed below....BUT I know I got mixed up with the two Marys with the dates of birth/ death/graves and who I state they are married to, cant spend any more time on it though. But your conundrum is solved anyway, you can fill in the details from this lot I also found this 1939 CENSUS 65 Upland Road (just round the corner from my Nan ) Mary Caffrey b1865 age 74 Elizabeth Anne Holmes 1894 45 Daugh in law born Widnes James Holmes 1918 21 son Have kept some other census data in case of need, I can send them if you can't find them yourself Ratty
  9. 8-12 November http://tracking.findmypast.co.uk/track?t=v&enid=ZWFzPTEmbXNpZD0xJmF1aWQ9MjM1MDUyNzAmbWlkPTEwNDE4NjEmbXNnaWQ9MjkwMjA3JmRpZD0xNzY4NzMmZWRpZD0xNzY4NzMmc249MTY4Mzc2NzImZWlkPWdpbGx5aGFzaGVhcnRAZ29vZ2xlbWFpbC5jb20mZWVpZD1naWxseWhhc2hlYXJ0QGdvb2dsZW1haWwuY29tJnVpZD00MDMwNTMxMjgmdGFyZ2V0aWQ9Jm1uPTE1NjIwJnJpZD0zNTgzMCZlcmlkPTM1ODMwJmZsPSZtdmlkPSZ0Z2lkPSZleHRyYT0=&&&2000&eu=1500&&
  10. Mayers of Hall Street

    Maher will be the original Irish spelling of the name and over here we tended to spell it how we heard it I have Connaughtons, which was spelt Connarton, Connacton or Connington depending on who was writing it
  11. Hewitt family

    Oh yes I do! Some of those trees on Ancestry leave a lot to be desired, dont trust them. And this lot gave me goggle eyes so I hope I got it all down correctly, please check it all out for yourself
  12. Mayers of Hall Street

    You won't get much further with RC records online, there are some folks who have the odd database who will help you out if they see this, or if you make a specific topic with "RC BMD and the church name", but otherwise you will have to track the records down on microfilm or fiche. Put it here in St Helens Geneology> Look Up Forum http://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/forum/124-lookup-forums/ The section of the Crem they are buried in may tell you if they were RC a person called NED on here will help you with that, I can't remember (the section for your grave is 31) The History and Archives at the main library in St Helens has most (some in book form ) but it is closed down at the moment. You could also try Preston at the Lancashire Records Office Here are the websites I used for your search GRO Indexes https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/indexes_search.asp Lancashire Online Parish Clerk /LAN OPC http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/Search/indexp.html St Helens Crematorium Deceased Search http://crem.oltps.sthelens.gov.uk/ That last one sometimes doesn't work right and gives a load of gobbledygook but if you keep refreshing the page it will catch up.
  13. Rainhill Remembers

    Nice one!
  14. Hewitt family

    Can't really be certain sure this far back without extensive research but I came across a will for a Joshua Hewitt Watchmaker married to Lydia with sons Thomas and Joseph and Lydia mentioned in the will, Probate was 1802 Then I found the following which all could well be your Joshua Working by his birth, I found a likely Joshua Hewitt marriage to Ann Rimmer LanOpc 10 Aug 1788 St Luke Farnworth Joshua Hewitt - (X), Watchmaker, Farnworth near Prescot Ann Rimmer - (X), Spinster, Farnworth near Prescot Witness: Peter Shaw; John Starkey Married by Banns by: Thomas Moss Minister We have his death 1839 Prescot which states abode Eccleston So I looked for possible parents and came across these: Marriage: 3 Oct 1757 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England Joshua Hewitt - Eccleston Jane Brookfield - (X), Eccleston Witness: Peter Denton; Wm Banester Married by Licence by: A Gwyn Vicar Register: Marriages 1754 - 1801, Page 13, Entry 43 Source: LDS Film 1657584 item 9 Perhaps his first wife As you will see the marriage below he was then widowed This Joshua was a watchmaker of Eccleston and could be the father of yours so I looked up all children of the first marriage to Jane : 1758 Catherine 1759 John 1761 Ellen 1761 James 1762 Paul 1764 Thomas (mentioned in the will?) 1770 Joseph (mentioned in the will?) 1772 Mary 1773 Ann As you can see there is a gap, Is this were your Joshua should be? if so why was he not mentioned in the will instead of Joseph? (?2nd marriage, the wife that is mentioned in the will?) Marriage: 11 Jun 1783 St Luke (formerly St Wilfrid), Farnworth (Widnes), Lancashire, England Joshua Hewitt - Widower, Farnworth near Prescot Lydia Ashcroft - (X), Spinster, Farnworth near Prescot Witness: John Tyrer; Peter Shaw Married by Banns by: Thomas Moss Minister Register: Marriages 1781 - 1812, Page 12, Entry 804 Source: LDS Film 1655235 item 4 This information gives me a possible birth year for Joshua(Jane/Lydia) of C1737 then I looked for that baptism These baptisms on LanOpc Baptism: 30 Mar 1729 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England Joshua Hewitt - Son of John Hewitt & Mary Abode: Prescott Occupation: Laboror Register: Baptisms 1727 - 1765, Page 5, Entry 15 Source: LDS Film 1657583 Baptism: 18 Jul 1731 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England Joshua Hewit - Son of John Hewit & Mary Abode: Prescott Occupation: Laboror Register: Baptisms 1727 - 1765, Page 13, Entry 1 Source: LDS Film 1657583 This looks like they had a son called Josh who died and they named the next son the same, as is customary, sure enough I found it Burial: 25 Nov 1730 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England Joshua Hewit - Son of John Hewit & Mary Abode: Prescott Occupation: Laboror This second Josh works with dates as it means he would have been 16 at first marriage to Jane and 52 at 2nd marriage to Lydia. I'm not saying this is all true and proven, I have no clue, there are other Hewitt families in this area but they don't have baptisms that come close to your Joshua. You need to figure out why your 1769 Joshua wasn't baptised or why it's not turning up in the records, look for the original records and the bishops transcripts to see if you can spot it, it may be too unclear but at least you may see some clue. If definitely clear he isn't there you can start a new search. It is strange he wasn't mentioned in that will though, being between the two children who are He does mention "other young children" but not by name. Anyway this is the tree as it looks with the above info - John Hewit B? Prescot Labourer married Mary ? C1729 | son Joshua Hewitt Watchmaker B 1731 marries Jane Brookfield 1757 Prescot St Mary then Lydia Ashcroft 1783 at St Luke Farnworth, he dies 1802 | their possible child Joshua Hewitt Watchmaker B C1769 marries Ann Rimmer 1788 at St Luke Farnworth He died 1839 buried at Prescot St Mary
  15. Mayers of Hall Street

    That looks like them If he was Irish In 1901 John MAHER is a patient at Providence Hospital in Hardshaw Fields. Age 46 a labourer at the lead works he was born in Ireland. In 1911 There is a John Maher at 21 Railway Street born 1853 age 58 he is a chemical Labourer born at Birr County Offaly (Kings County) His wife is Mary age 50, born St Helens They have been married 30 years and have 7 children all survived. Children are Annie born in 1882 William in 84 Margaret (Maggie Ellen) born 87 Mary Agnes, Jenny, Ellen and John. Tracked down the first few of these births and the mothers name was nee CLARKE. Some of the girls are domestic servants and Son William is also chemical labourer There is a death for John Maher age 66 in 1923 added 10 minutes later He seems to be buried at the St Helens Crematorium (buried 23/4/1923) with Mary Maher (buried 22/10/36) age 74 and George Clark (buried 8/8/1925) age 53 The grave number is 31/124 Perhaps George Clark Clarke? is a relative of Mary. There is a birth for a George Clark in 1874 a Prescot reg with mothers name nee Price