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  1. Secrets of Silicon Valley - BBC2 now. Sunday 20.00 - Creepy!

  2. Sutton arms pub land

    It had planning permission for a load of houses at one time but it got cancelled for some reason. Some of the land belongs to St Helens council it turns out
  3. Barton and Wallace Genalogy

    Hmm, this is a hard one You are tracking William Wallace and Ann Neary I take it? I've just done some initial searching at the GRO and can tell you there is no Elizebeth Ann Wallace born between 1890-1900 anywhere near this area, they are all far North and far South. Only one in Liverpool 1882 mother Tomeno and one West Derby 1904 mother Newton. Also no William Wallace born around 1900 in St Helens/Prescot either although there are a few dotted around Liverpool and one in Warrington. The name does appear in the marriage lists but not a William for that era and I don't have enough info yet to choose others Nothing on the marriage cert for William? There is no Brigid or Barbara Wallace in the 1939 census for St Helens although she could be in nearby townships such as Prescot. Same goes for William or Ann The Brigid Pearse Wallace sounds like a naming tradition, Scottish maybe, her father's mothers maiden name could have been Pearse, just a thought Although she was born here in 1920 and married here in 1947 it does not look likely her parents were from here or even lived here for long sorry
  4. can anyone help me please ?

    Ok there has been a mix up here. Believe it or not there were actually two Jane Elizabeth Wooseys in St Helens One was born in 1880 to WILLIAM and Mary A Woosey, Father was a miner... She had siblings Robert Mary A John T, James, Edith.Lily, Ivy and Peter they lived at the following addresses 1881 -136 Merton Bank Lane 1891 - Knowsley Road 1901 - Fenney Street Parr In 1903 Prescot registered, Jane Elizabeth no 1 married Peter Bate a miner ......and in 1911 they lived 27 Fry Street Parr with 2 children John 6 and William 1 ~~~~ Jane Elizabeth no2 was born 17 April 1884 to PETER and Margaret Woosey of Merton Bank Lane, he was a Miner also but on census it states Miner HEWER (loosens the rock) Peter and Margaret (nee Thomas) were married 24th February 1884 (phew, just in time) At Parish Church St Helens (Peters father was Peter and Margarets father was Peter also and they were miners) There is a note of residence at time of marriage but it is unreadable sorry In 1911 Peter and Margaret were at 106 Holly Bank Street with children Margaret Alice 19 and Robert 12 and Ernest 10 I can't seem to locate this family anywhere else in census for some reason, unless I'm not seeing wood for trees. Their daughter Jane Elizabeth had married John Duffy in 1906 and in 1911 they lived at 114 Holly Bank Street John 27 glass tube maker Jane E 28 Lillian 5 Doris 3 months all born St Helens Now I suspect these two families were related closely as the first family in the 1881 census in Merton Bank Lane (where the second Janes parents lived at the birth of their daughter in 84) have lodgers called Margaret and John Thomas aged 19 and 17, Pit brow girl and Miner. I may be wrong of course but keep it in mind and look for other clues. Very confusing but I hope I made it clear to you. The family trees on Ancestry seem to be incorrect so I've ignored them.
  5. Locked people on 1939 census

    If they are dead, they will be opened soon as they get around to updating the file won't they? That's what I understood added 9 minutes later As long as it's been a hundred years though, is that it?
  6. Ancestry DNA

    Great stories I'm afraid it is almost impossible to protect yourself from DNA crime now Read Phishing for DNA and Identity theft in this fascinating article http://www.wired.co.uk/article/the-bio-crime-prophecy
  7. what does this say ?

    It says St Helens LANCS. Short for Lancashire in case you're not from ere

    You are right that age is not always correct on census, sometimes it's because the person didn't actually know it for sure, only approx and sometimes it is because they rounded down ages of children over 15 (1841). As a rule, the younger the child the more accurate the age will be. I always take the age with +/- one year to compensate for the birth month being before or after the census month (it is not enough to just subtract age from census) It is difficult to decide the most accurate census to go by for ages as a result, 1851 was the first to ask for exact age of a person though The age at death is also sometimes wrong, it depends who was with the deceased when the information was being recorded, family or friends may not know the true year of birth. Need to gather as much info around the person as possible, wife's family also and eventually it will become clear if you have the correct person. added 13 minutes later I would go by the age of male at marriage as accurate enough, although females may not always give true age males would have no reason to alter added 49 minutes later Have a look at this info Going by that age at marriage and your census info I found a Henry Swift born Dec 19 1839 in Huyton to John and Ellen Swift, also siblings Jane and Elizabeth born 1842 and 1845 respectively, father john was a labourer, the baps done by Rev Ellis Ashton. . There is a marriage for these parents at Huyton by Roby on 7 July 1839 John Swift to Ellen RIMMER, fathers are Edward Swift and Henry RIMMER The 1841 census has a John Swift and Ellen with son Henry Swift aged 11 months ...although mistakenly translated as eleven years.. Mother Ellen is 20 though and father is 25 a labourer. They live at the Potteries Huyton which is Whiston really hence birthplace Whiston In 1851 Henry Swift and his sister Jane are at the home of Henry RIMMER, a farmer of 14 acres born in Ditton, Henry is Henry and Jane Swifts grandfather, also there are his wife Elizabeth, 4 daughters and 2 sons all born in Roby. Their address is Whiston, no street name just between Lane Ends and The Cross. As for later years you can track Henry quite well given his occupation Engine Driver, Engineer and Engine Winder, in 1891 he is stated as born Wheston(whiston) and 1871 Whiston Not found him in 1861
  9. Spent all afternoon in the pub with Phil Jones of Afraid of Mice. The folks you meet  at a funeral....

  10. Fanastic! They don't advertise these things very well do they, first I heard of this was the motorway sign as we were heading to Bolton. I know a few young kids who would have loved it....and an older one (no, not me)
  11. Church records

    Not sure about that. probably need to be a member longer. I'll ask admin but I have access to the marriage cd compiled by the St Helens family history society, who would you like to find?
  12. Prescot Cemetery burial register

    Not noticed this until now, new layout be damned, hope I've not missed you. Try this, only a few listed yet though https://billiongraves.com/cemetery/Prescot-Cemetery--St-Marys-Churchyard/189264 If not Knowsley Bereavement Services retains records of all burials, graves and memorials currently within the borough’s cemeteries. If you are carrying out a genealogy study or require information covering a large period of time a charge may be made. Not sure if this is correct but try emailing to knowsley.bereavement.services@knowsley.gov.uk Or phone 0151 443 5321
  13. William Livesey Death

    I wouldn't be so sure about it being registered, I've been looking for one for ages who's birth doesn't seem to have been registered, I know the exact birth date too. (One of those 1858s above should be 1859 sorry)
  14. William Livesey Death

    The GRO has a death registered for William LIVELY 1850 Prescot Vol20 Page 588 giving the age at death as 4 but in my experience the age can't be trusted on that site added 25 minutes later I checked the MI's for St Peters and you're right there are no burials listed for 1858 or 1860 and just one in 1858 Of course just because he's not on there doesn't mean he isn't buried there just that his name is not on a stone, you would need to check the grave books perhaps, if there are any
  15. birth cert

    Hmm I have one of these brick walls in my tree One day something will come to light to help you over though, just keep picking at it every now and then. I doubt he was born in Ireland as they had already been here one generation, it was the grandparents that came from Roscommon. They probably all kept to their own community so would have kept the accent I suppose. Some Irish are really swarthy too,it's supposed to be their Spanish ancestry Sorry I can't help more, it doesn't make it easy when there are no Catholic records on line either. Try the parish records though if you can, it will be time-consuming but I bet your answer lies there. Now you have his real date of birth it should make it easier, once you find the records to search