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  1. One person starves to death in England every, single, day.

  2. Cross

    Looks like this person has not returned, only posted once, perhaps they lost their password and couldn't get back. Try leaving a PM for them.
  3. Does everyone know that another GRO PDF trial is underway? This one will last 3 months, same deal as before £6 a shot, Beware the ages of people at death though notoriously incorrect as those under 2 years are written as months in the year column so you think your ordering someone aged 20 and it turns out to be an infant of 20 months.
  4. *Does everyone know that another GRO PDF trial is underway?  This one will last 3 months, same deal as before. Remenber to watch the ages on deaths, notoriously wrong.



  5. Debt is a claim on future labour Don't foreclose on your future.

  6. St Anne's Baptism Records

    Searching GRO for births threw up a Bridget Kerrigan born 1874 M quarter WARRINGTON with mothers maiden name Mealor. I'd take that as possibly Melia, the transcriptions are bad. I had H.ggarth the other day for hogarth Also in Warrington William Kerrigan 1872 M quarter, mother nee Mealia 1869 D quarter Warrington Mary Kerrigan mother nee Mailyer and John in 1867 M Quarter Warrington mother nee MAYCH.....? not so sure about that Didn't come across any Tooheys/Tooeys in any district for any of these names within the time limit added 14 minutes later There is also, at St Joseph Sutton an Edward and Mary Kerrigan baptisms of two children Margaret 1882 and Edward 1884
  7. Come hither, lads, and hearken, for a tale there is to tell, 
    Of the wonderful days a-coming, when all shall be better than well. 
    Ah! come, cast off all fooling, for this, at least, we know: 
    That the Dawn and the Day is coming, and forth the Banners go. 

  8. Bestiality has just become illegal in Nevada

    1. non sibi sed omnibus

      non sibi sed omnibus

      doggone this happening.

  9. Ancestry DNA

    Ooops! Haha that's amazing Kizzy
  10. Brown Family prescot C 1897

    Yep, a well used favourite with us family history buffs, we have someone on here who does some work for them too
  11. Ancestry DNA

    Wow that's a big chunk, did you have suspicions or has it come as a shock?
  12. Duke's Clough

    Sounds a lot like my childhood. We used to go to Dukes Clough (or Keeleys Pond) sometimes in the summer, catching frogs and newts and my best friend lived in Walpole Avenue although I lived near Scotchbarn Lane in Prescot. We went to St Luke's School in Shaw Lane
  13. It's in WEBSITE under Genealogy on the top menu but here's the link: http://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/irishcensus.php make sure you take note of the download file
  14. Painting as usual, It's like the Forth bridge this house

  15. census

    Just corrected a few text mistakes