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  1. Today Kim Jong May made glorious visit to workers of North Derby factory. All praise our strong and stable leader!!!

  2. What a great idea, there is finally a cafe at Henley Park too although I've never seen it open. Why do things like this take so long up here?
  3. Or an enema
  4. Bloody wild west
  5. I nearly turned up but chickened out at last minute. I really didn't know him as much as you lot did. Anyway, he knew exactly what I thought of him so that's okay. Bye Le200 X
  6. Hmm this is a hard one as Methodist records are few and far between The only records I can look at are New Chapel Independent, Baldwin Street and they only go up to 1837. There are no Hancocks at all in Baps or Burials up to that date. Lancashire rec office don't have any older records than this. other possible places : Ormskirk St Independent from 1688 Bethel Congregational, Pigot Street (no dates) Tontine Street Wesleyan? 1802-1893, These are at Lancs record office if not at St Helens library( I can only access up to 1837 with nothing turning up either) Sutton Oak Chapel founded 1845 was Wesleyan Methodist up until 1893 when it was handed to the Welsh community although there were other Welsh chapels in the area, unknown to me except for Welsh Presbyterian Church's old chapel in Peckers Hill Road, Still exists but is not a church. Haven't a clue where records are held for these Try the History and Archives library records at the main library You could try these for info where to search after that https://www.genguide.co.uk/source/methodist-registers-and-records-nonconformists/92/ http://www.methodistheritage.org.uk/archives-libraries-methodist.htm I'm sure there's another website that you can get an address to write to for records but it's not coming to mind at present, something to do with Dr things library There's this on the Welsh Chapels http://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/suttonhistory/religion4/ Don't have any info on schools in the area either Sorry, not much help really, good luck in your search
  7. Good grief that was quick!

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  8. Great words there Phyll, that may come in handy in the fight against the mass building on green space that people are facing just now
  9. Poor man
  10. I heard he was sacked
  11. Oh nooo! Awful news, why is it always the good ones? Lovely person, worked so hard for this site and SROH, always kind and patient. I miss him already.
  12. I just threw that in there for the sake of being thorough, who knows Yes, but who wrote that? I have learned from Ancestry never to take someone's word for fact. Until I saw the proof, this may be the truth.
  13. Too sad
  14. 1911 Census Grantham's Cottages, North Common, Chailey, Sussex. Ernest Cecil Everett 26 single, born St Mary Islington, teacher heritage at arts and crafts school, he is a boarder with a Mrs Selah Farley a widow He must have worked at the following institution: http://www.childrenshomes.org.uk/ChaileyHeritage/ This one has images of the woodworking classes there: http://www.eastsussexww1.org.uk/educative-convalescence-chailey-heritage/ Its possible he returned after prison but he may not have been allowed to work as a teacher again Also 1945 -1954 on the Electoral register for Islington there is an Ernest C Everett ? Could it be your man?
  15. Well I never. Anyone wanna be a fish rescuer?