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  1. William Livesey Death

    I wouldn't be so sure about it being registered, I've been looking for one for ages who's birth doesn't seem to have been registered, I know the exact birth date too. (One of those 1858s above should be 1859 sorry)
  2. William Livesey Death

    The GRO has a death registered for William LIVELY 1850 Prescot Vol20 Page 588 giving the age at death as 4 but in my experience the age can't be trusted on that site added 25 minutes later I checked the MI's for St Peters and you're right there are no burials listed for 1858 or 1860 and just one in 1858 Of course just because he's not on there doesn't mean he isn't buried there just that his name is not on a stone, you would need to check the grave books perhaps, if there are any
  3. birth cert

    Hmm I have one of these brick walls in my tree One day something will come to light to help you over though, just keep picking at it every now and then. I doubt he was born in Ireland as they had already been here one generation, it was the grandparents that came from Roscommon. They probably all kept to their own community so would have kept the accent I suppose. Some Irish are really swarthy too,it's supposed to be their Spanish ancestry Sorry I can't help more, it doesn't make it easy when there are no Catholic records on line either. Try the parish records though if you can, it will be time-consuming but I bet your answer lies there. Now you have his real date of birth it should make it easier, once you find the records to search
  4. birth cert

    Hi, I replied on the facebook feed to this, didn't realise you had posted on here, am a bit confused by this new fangled site will get back soon, I'm looking up a possible link on ancestry and one on here added 44 minutes later Right, disregard my earlier post about the death date as I was only searching under Prescot registration and yours is under St Helens, his age was 66 as backed up by death census and military records and I found his grave with his wife so you are correct. 1883/1884 I can not find a suitable record entry for your Johns birth anywhere, you could check the two given by Hiss asking for help from the local registrar giving all information you know to be true, they may suggest the likely record if any of them match but what I would do is search the church records. By the looks of it they used Parr Mount, Holy Trinity? Those records are at St Helens History and Archives library RANGE FROM 1863-1963 but I'm not sure what exactly they contain, births marriages or deaths That's wrong apparently they are at Lancs Record Office 1869-1888 Baptisms only It has been known that a birth is registered in the wrong year in error, in fact, I found one such possible record as I was researching this, a ten year difference going by the mother maiden name to cross check. It is also not unknown for a birth not to be registered at all What I can offer is the 1939 census index entry for a John Duffy gives a birth date of 25/11/1883 and wife Jane Duffy born 25/3/1884 who live at 114 Holly Bank Street, which matches the military records for the same name and birth year.. The only other thing I found which is a rank outsider in the next district was DUFFEY, JOHN CHARLES MATTHEWS GRO Reference: 1883 M Quarter in WEST DERBY Volume 08B Page 354 I just thought of another thing, they may not have been married at time of Johns birth so he may only be registered under maiden name If only we had siblings for John then I could search them and you would have a mother's maiden name at least I also found a couple of marriages that may be interesting 1874 Eccleston St Thomas Michael Duffy and Mary Dolan (brother of Peter 2) 1882 24 Jan Holy Cross Peter Duffy and Sarah Ann Riley (for your Peter 2 born 1855?) a bit long in age but possible
  5. Childhood rhyme

    I have a book somewhere in my loft on children's rhymes and skipping songs. I bought it for my kids when they were quite young. Must dig it out added 1 minute later Some of those old two balls songs were fantastic but I can't remember much :( One two three alairy....
    1. ellie ellins

      ellie ellins

      This is what happens when people are desperate and does not shock me because Yvette Cooper and her assembled group are not socialists.Where are they? Where is Owen Smith? They are only interested in their own careers. 

    2. RATTY


      Yes I agree, truly shameful the way they have behaved in this campaign. No sign of Angela Eagle either when Corbyn was inWirral getting huge enthusiastic crowds yesterday and she expects to be re-elected. Jess Phillips MP  got grief for backstabbing Corbyn again on Peston today. in the middle of a damn election. Dirty, dirty dealings but they won't get away with it much longer.

      There was a good independent poll published this weekend that should pull them up short.........




  6. Website birthday


    Happy Birthday Connect. What would we do without you?
  7. Hey Ratty, I bought this food processor thing as seen on TV, it dices and slices toms onions cucumbs  and lots more, Its called a "Genius Nicer Dicer Plus". I used it for about 20 mins and knew it wasn't for me....If you want it its yours luvvy, just send someone around to mine to collect, its as new as the day I bought it in box. Watch the vid.... If you want it I'll send you my address.


    1. RATTY


      Thanks for thinking of me Pete but no thanks, I'm a crap cook and do the quickest things I can get away with, this just looks like more washing up for me ;)


  8. Today Kim Jong May made glorious visit to workers of North Derby factory. All praise our strong and stable leader!!!

  9. What a great idea, there is finally a cafe at Henley Park too although I've never seen it open. Why do things like this take so long up here?
  10. Stabbing

    Or an enema
  11. Stabbing

    Bloody wild west
  12. Our friend Le200 has died

    I nearly turned up but chickened out at last minute. I really didn't know him as much as you lot did. Anyway, he knew exactly what I thought of him so that's okay. Bye Le200 X
  13. Non-Conformist Baptism Information

    Hmm this is a hard one as Methodist records are few and far between The only records I can look at are New Chapel Independent, Baldwin Street and they only go up to 1837. There are no Hancocks at all in Baps or Burials up to that date. Lancashire rec office don't have any older records than this. other possible places : Ormskirk St Independent from 1688 Bethel Congregational, Pigot Street (no dates) Tontine Street Wesleyan? 1802-1893, These are at Lancs record office if not at St Helens library( I can only access up to 1837 with nothing turning up either) Sutton Oak Chapel founded 1845 was Wesleyan Methodist up until 1893 when it was handed to the Welsh community although there were other Welsh chapels in the area, unknown to me except for Welsh Presbyterian Church's old chapel in Peckers Hill Road, Still exists but is not a church. Haven't a clue where records are held for these Try the History and Archives library records at the main library You could try these for info where to search after that https://www.genguide.co.uk/source/methodist-registers-and-records-nonconformists/92/ http://www.methodistheritage.org.uk/archives-libraries-methodist.htm I'm sure there's another website that you can get an address to write to for records but it's not coming to mind at present, something to do with Dr things library There's this on the Welsh Chapels http://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/suttonhistory/religion4/ Don't have any info on schools in the area either Sorry, not much help really, good luck in your search
  14. Good grief that was quick!

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