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  1. Look who dropped in...

    It's more the on-kerb parking that annoys me because that is selfish and dangerous to pedestrians
  2. Look who dropped in...

    Nice bit of on-the-kerb and double yellow line parking!
  3. List Of Photography Sites

    Dave Does that last line cover PROH as well?
  4. trips to ypres belgium

  5. trips to ypres belgium

    Glad you enjoyed it Dennis. You can of course do it cheaper if you don't fly. Last time I went to Ypres, I drove, leaving home at 0900 and arriving in my Ypres hotel at 1745. Cost me about £80 return for the Ferry (got a good deal) and about £200 in petrol with all the battlefield driving, including a trip down to the Somme
  6. Ever owned one of these?

    Not quite, but my first car was a Midnight Blue Cortina Mk IV, registration MMB 114T
  7. Our friend Le200 has died

    Absolutely. I don't know enough about the way things are in St Helens to get his name up somewhere. Do you think a note might be possible in the St Helens Star? Also..... http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/249232-passing-of-le200-an-occasional-forum-pal/
  8. Our friend Le200 has died

    I won't be able to talk at the technical level that he did, Dave
  9. Oh buoy...and they're off.

    Looks more like a dolphin than a plane !
  10. Our friend Le200 has died

    i couldn't immediately think of anything to write when I first read this very sad news yesterday. I now think of three levels in which I would like to mention Chris. Firstly, from a St Helens perspective. The town owes him a debt of gratitude for the countless hours he has put into the research for St Helens Rolls of Honour. As Dave mentions earlier, both he and Chris helped to reconstruct my Prescot Roll of Honour into a decent technical website back in 2011. The site was 3 years old and not very tecnhically robust, but they picked it up and moved it to a new level, then they started work on the St Helens version. Chris, Dave and I had countless email conversations about researching military history, which they then put into practice to produce SHROH. I wouldn't like to guess how many times we conversed about things like whether "J Bloggs" on the civic memorial was the same person as "Joe Bloggs". They could be tortuous discussion. :-) But after the site was launched, Chris continued to spend endless hours on the research, constantly revisiting each and every site entry as more data became available. Those of us who knew he was unwell could see it by the absence of site updates. From a Connect perspective, he was quite simply our good friend Le200. Always there to help and advise, to research some obscure genealogical or historical fact or to comment without controversy. he never rattled anybody's cages, as many of us manage to do quite easily. It's quite a skill to walk that line in an online world where people can quickly and easily take umbrage at the slightest word, but Chris possessed that skill and put it into practice every day. On a personal level, I am absolutely choked to hear that he has gone. 3 years ago, Chris communicated regularly with me when my eldest son passed away. They were dark, difficult days and both Chris and Dave helped me immensely in what they said, and in many cases, in what they didn't say. You become aware of your own mortality at times like that, and words can bring great comfort. Chris had those words. Rest In Peace, Chris. You are missed already but your legacy remains, both in our memories and in the work you have done. I'm sure that as you ascended to a better place, an honour guard of St Helens servicemen were waiting to greet and salute you. You are now with them forever
  11. St Mary Church Graveyard

    Thomas Lyon (23 Dec 1838 - 13 May 1869) There is a burial record for 2nd April 1869, aged 32, lived in Eccleston. Jane Lyon (1835 - 1910) Unable to locate a record of her burial at St Mary's William Lyon (19 Feb 1808 - 29 Mar 1867) Burial record dated 2nd April 1867. Aged 59, residence Whiston Sarah Lyon (12 June 1808 - June 1867) Burial dated 10th June 1867. Also aged 59 and resident of Whiston John Jones (1775? - 1777? - Apr 1842) Burial 18th May 1842, aged 65 and resident in Prescot Ellen Jones (7 Oct 1775 - Aug 1853) Burial record 20th August 1853, aged 78, Prescot
  12. Jeff, I bet a posting on the Great War Forum would turn up a picture !
  13. http://www.merseyside-at-war.org/memorabilia/tribunal-of-ernest-everett/
  14. First World War conscientious objector.

    The leaflet only ran to two pages and there are various extracts from it online, but apparently no complete eversion