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  1. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    I have now downloaded my Ancestry DNA to Myheritage and Familytreedna both for free to try and sort out more matches in the hoping of tracking down two missing gt gt grandfathers but am finding some interesting connections, my dad's Hunts from Ditton had a brother who moved to Gateshead who has descendants connected to me through both the Hunts and Donlans from Galway on my mother's side.
  2. Ancestry DNA

    @natkinder I am in email contact with two of my late mum's cousins but the problem on that side is all we know about my gt gt grandfather is he was called John Donlan or Donellan, appeared from Ireland in 1878 when he married my gt gt grandmother, then disappeared a lot of children later, there is a lot of mystery around him as on various marriage certs and censuses he was alternately dead and alive, and on my dad's side his gt grandfather Hignett also seemed to disappear when my gt grandad was less than one. There is no one older close enough to ask that I can think off.
  3. Ancestry DNA

    @natkinder from Ancestry Ethnicity Estimate Ireland/Scotland/Wales 44% Connacht, Ireland Great Britain 40% Northern England & the Midlands Scandinavia 10% Low Confidence Regions Iberian Peninsula 3% Europe West 3% and from Myheritage 98.2% North and West Europe 98.2% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 72.7% Scandinavian 25.5% Africa 0.9% West Africa 0.9% Nigerian 0.9% Middle East 0.9% Middle East 0.9% Middle Eastern 0.9% Tony 100.0% View full screen I am on Gedmatch too but hadn't realise that there were forums so will have to have a further look. The biggest problem I have found with Ancestry is shared matches only go as far as 4th cousins and because I cannot track down two gt gt grandfathers and looking for connections possibly more distant.
  4. Ancestry DNA

    @natkinder I only got to downloading my Ancestry raw data to Myheritage last week, on Ancestry it says 10% Scandinavian but on Myheritage 25% from the same raw data, but I have found a few matches which are not on ancestry so hoping to track down my missing gt gt grandfathers eventually.
  5. Old cobblers

    And those round heels for mens shoes with a screw in the middle so you could keep turning them round a bit to last longer.
  6. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    Kizzy, i am a member on Ancestry so can see the unlinked trees but an awful lot seem to have nothing at all and the only relatives that have taken tests are two of my mum's second cousins so can only identify relatives from one set of gt gt grandparents easily.
  7. Update on john duffy

    Where was he baptised Nat?
  8. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    I saw a Sharples birth earlier for a Jane but GRO started playing up earlier and i gave up and did some jobs. So the grandparents must just have been looking after some of the kids in 1881 as there were so many of them, the rest were with parents at 86 Corporation St
  9. Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Have you looked at the Jane Anders, servant at 9 Doulton St born 1867, perhaps they would say she was a bit older and here are two from GRO look like same mother and the first one fits with the Doultion st one. Results: Name: Mother's Maiden Surname: Order: ANDERS, JANE SHARPLES GRO Reference: 1867 J Quarter in PRESCOT Volume 08B Page 685 ANDERS, JANE SHARPLES GRO Reference: 1871 M Quarter in PRESCOT Volume 08B Page 681
  10. Hi Margie, I wonder if the only connection is that they were both catholic families going to the same church.. In 1871 Patrick and Mary Mannion were at Watery Lane Court and there was a Rachael Highcock with her son William at Parr Moss which wouldn't be far away. this Rachael (Finney) had married Henry Highcock on 1/6/1833 at Lowe House then the day after at Rainford Parish church as was required by law. I know 59 is a bit old for a godmother but stranger things have happened!
  11. Alphabetical Residential listings

    Its a bit of a narrow time frame, have you tried the 1881 census? From my experience which was mostly with the Slaters 1895 directory a lot of ordinary residents just did not seem to be listed.
  12. Barrow Family

    I looked and same as Ratty found 1891 only. FMP suggest two wife possibilities but having just seen your last post its marriage finder is obviously wrong as it suggests Mary Ann Coulton married William Capstick and J.ames Barrow married May Caine. What was address listed when he signed up to narrow field down a bit, and have you found Mary in 1901, if so is worth just looking at the census pages close bye to see if he was living close by. As adoptions were not formal in those days you will probably not be able to pinpoint a date, I had the same with my gt grandfather, his name was just changed between one census and the next.
  13. Clitheroes Van

    Clitheroes have been talked about quite a lot over the years, but it was the mention of the first name Ivy that rang a bell with me from what my Nana said and that was over 40 years ago.
  14. Clitheroes Van

    @Phyll @PeteI remember my Nan talking about Ivy Clitheroe living a few doors away and think I might have worked it out. Ivy Clitheroe was born in 1910 and was the daughter of William and Mary Clitheroe of 47 Boundary Rd. William was a Hawker of drapery and smallware. Ivy married Edward Yates in 1938 and lived In Coleridge Ave a few doors away from my grandparents. She must have taken over her parents business and run it under her maiden name. She had two brothers, Charles b 1902 and Harold James b 1907 . Their parents William Frederick Clitheroe married Mary Metcalf(e) in 1901
  15. Sacred Heart - History

    There is a pic of him on the council site, is this the one you remember? http://calmview.sthelens.gov.uk/CalmView/Record.aspx?src=CalmView.Catalog&id=PH%2f1%2f300&pos=1