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  1. Lady Pilks

    I went when the gardens were opened to the public to raise money for charity probably early 1970's
  2. Lady Pilks

    I never met Lord Pilkington but he was in regular contact with my grandad who was chairman of Pilkingtons pensioners for years and sometimes they would arrange bowling matches between retired pensioners and retired directors.He wrote many times, the last two congratulating my grandparents on their diamond wedding, and then a month later offering condolences when my nana died. Lady Mavis used to visit my grandad's plot sometimes. Another time I met her was at a Christmas party at the Blind School and from what I remember she was helping with the washing up. They both were very down to earth people and not at all stuck up. I was told he would not have a swimming pool at Windle Hall as his daughter with his first wife, Lady Margaret drowned. added 1 minute later Wasn't Joh Stride married to Lady Mavis's daughter April?
  3. St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    I am still trying to track down my Nan's brother James Kelly who I was told died in the First World War. Since I last tried the maiden names have been added to GRO searches so I can now definitely say he was born Q3 1892 registered at Prescot with mother's maiden name Chorley. Ther is a possibilty of him being the JA Kelly on the Rolls of Honour listing but so far I have not been able to find out anymore. I was browsing the CWWG site and found a James Kelly Pvt 203826 South Lancs Regiment died 29th May 1918 and is on the Soissons Memorial. Is it possible to work backwards from the reg number to find out where this James came from to rule him in or out?
  4. Mayers of Hall Street

    A lot of my own family belonged to Holy Cross
  5. Mayers of Hall Street

    The marriage details were from the cd but unfortunately it does not list parents etc simply 1 3 1881 Joannem MAHER Mariam CLARKE Holy Cross RC added 1 minute later and sec 31 is RC I have some rellies there
  6. Mayers of Hall Street

    !891 census says Maher and there is a John Maher marrying Mary Clarke 1st March 1881 at Holy Cross which is around Hall St. Could this be them?
  7. Prior to the granting of the charter making St Helens a borough in 1868 records used Parr Windle Sutton and Eccleston and Parr came right the way to the town centre. There was no catholic church between Blackbrook and Lowe House, so Lowe House was probably nearest to where the family lived at the time.
  8. Ancestry DNA

    hi nat, I will try my heritage when i get round to it, I start doing more as the nights draw in!
  9. Ancestry DNA

    I have done Gedcom too Nat. Ancestry is a bit restrictive about shared matches and I like the function with Gedcom to test who matches both kits
  10. can anyone help me please ?

    I don't think they are directly connected to my Kellys as my gt grandfather Timothy Kelly was born in St Helens in 1869, it was the generation before that were irish born.
  11. can anyone help me please ?

    Who were Annie Kelly's parents?
  12. can anyone help me please ?

    It just seems a big coincidence that John Duffy was married from Spurgeon/Fenny St where William Woosey lived especially as there were only ten houses there, unless he was lodging with the Wooseys and met their niece. The other thing I noticed in 1901 was Jane, the daughter of Peter Woosey living in Grafton St was a glass carrier and 1911 John Duffy was a glass worker so perhaps they met at work.
  13. can anyone help me please ?

    That is about right to an 1883/4 birth. I seem to remember looking for Nat before on another thread and wondered if the dates and or years of birth in the 1939 register were mixed up as John is 25 Nov 1883 and Jane 25 Mar 1884
  14. can anyone help me please ?

    Hi Nat, I meant John's address on the wedding cert, but you have said it was Spurgeon St which I just googled and found it was Fenny St and was renamed presumably between 1901 and 1906 so if John and Jane were married from Spurgeon St my guess is you were correct with William Woosey being the father and you have the wrong marriage cert William Woosey and family in Jane E were at Fenny St in 1901 and Peter Woosey and family inc the other Jane E were at Grafton St, Still doesn't help with birth of John Duffy though.
  15. can anyone help me please ?

    Nat, does it give his address on the marriage cert?