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  1. Littler's Field

    Well spotted Plonker, i had it in my head that the one opposite the Abbey was called Windleshaw House.
  2. Littler's Field

    @Dave Catherine Littler is there in 1871 too and this time listed as farmer and publican and in 1861 Mary Speakman was the next listing at Windle House which i think is probably Windle Grange by 1871 Mary Speakman is living with her nephew John Hammill, farmer of 60 acres., big Dentons Green names just noticed the Websters are next door to the Hammills added 19 minutes later Catherine Littler is buried with the Websters at Windleshaw Chantry
  3. William Livesey Death

    Thats what I said earlier Ratty, Lancs OPC has burial records from 1861 so the MI you have from 1858 might be the only type of information available Non, Parr St Peters is C of E and Ratty, I dont think the church records and GRO would have both been wrong so think this is another person Burial: 17 May 1850 St Mary (now St Helen), St Helens, Lancashire, EnglandWilliam Lively - Age: 4 years Abode: Windle Buried by: George Bagot Register: Burials 1846 - 1850 from the Bishop's Transcripts, Entry 537 Source: LDS Film 1469036 added 5 minutes later Another thought re William's death, my gt grandparents wedding cert in 1900 says his father was dead, but he was not, had just run off so in 1901 census my gt gt grandmother was still down as married, in fact the old man had more resurrections than Lazarus alternating between alive an dead on wedding certs and censuses and we still don't know exactly where and when he died.
  4. William Livesey Death

    Hi Chris, If there are any records they will probably be at the St Helens Library but it is closed due to major structural problems https://www.sthelens.gov.uk/libraries/local-history-and-archives/ There may be other copies at Preston Records office. There were a few Wesleyan Churches but the only one that had a graveyard and built at the time you are looking for is the Tontine St one, see Genuki http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/LAN/StHelens There is a pic of the Tontine St church here taken about 1900 but the mid 1800's was when the town centre churchyards tended to stop being used. http://calmview.sthelens.gov.uk/CalmView/Record.aspx?src=CalmView.Catalog&id=PH%2f17%2f7%2f22&pos=1 One thing that puzzles me is why a marriage in Ashton but then by 1861 census Jane and William are in Parr with two children, both born in Parr and Jane's 15 year old sister Margaret. Is it possible that William and Ellen are both buried at Parr St Peter's too and the transcriptions missing? Another thing is the youngest daughter was born Sutton not Parr so Ellen could have died in Sutton. Sorry can't be of much help!
  5. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    Their family graves have Vernazza on too.
  6. Tontine Street, Windle

    Hi Veronica, The cemetery records are online and accessed from the links, just put your family surname in and if you do not specify years it will tell you everyone buried in the cemetery with that surname. Sometimes you will find different surnames in the same grave and it gives you a clue as to daughters marriages, grandchildren etc.Also if you are related the cemetery office will tell you the address people were buried from. The polling books in the library take quite a lot of ploughing through especially as people moved around a bit and the addresses are listed in polling wards I think, its a while since I looked as was trying to trace my gt gt grandafther who disappeared about 1896 and as women could not vote it was difficult proving I had the right person going from a single name.
  7. Tontine Street, Windle

    Veronica, have a look at the cemetery records, they give clues as to who married whom, I got back a few generations like that. One of my sets of grandparents was married at Holy Cross also, it was a jesuit parish in those days. http://crem.oltps.sthelens.gov.uk/
  8. Around St.Helens

    I remember them building it.
  9. Victoria Park in full bloom

    Gone with the wind? added 3 minutes later What road is the block of flats on? Nice view to look out over.
  10. When you took items to be repaired etc!

    I started training as an apprentice electrician in 1973 and as well as working on cookers washers etc we were taught how to re calibrate the thermostat on an iron, replace an element in a kettle or toaster toaster, we didn't even have a toaster ourselves then, only posh people had them. When your mother was talking about, gas and electric cookers were mostly just rented. With regard to the dipping I remember in the 80's working at a power station and folks brought their frying pans in to dip them in the acid bath.
  11. Our friend Le200 has died

    Sorry I have only just logged on and seen this sad but expected news. I never met Chris either but he was a great help to me with researching family history and getting my gt gt uncles added to SHROH, I also supplied a few photos of other casualties whose memory cards were amongst my gt grandmother's possessions. Rest in Peace Chris
  12. Has the hall been sold yet? http://bulkloader.prd.pl.artirix.com.s3.amazonaws.com/7cd428d1-1ef1-4115-99ad-a0d151800c8b_Details.pdf I found this link to the agent selling and the plan has a perimeter marked in red like the usual land registry ones which makes it look like the land outside the gates is publicly owned so I would assume the statue is now the same.
  13. Cowley Vale

    Cowley Vale was an area not a road and it was the area at the bottom of Cowley Hill. in those days Dentons Green was what we now consider to be the top of the Green only. A fingerpost was just a road sign at a junction so you will see this annotation at many major road junctions.
  14. non conformist records lost

    Other information in the record of Ann Kinder from England, Cheshire Parish Registers Name Ann Kinder Event Type Burial Event Date 27 Mar 1788 Event Place , Mottram-in-Longdendale, Cheshire, England Gender Female Spouse's Name Daniel Kinder Ann died and Daniel remarried? Faith Hutloff was a widow.
  15. Thomas albert ratcliffe (albert)

    Another Christmas connection, Annie's parents Joseph Dennett married Mary E Taylor Christmas Day 1885 at Sacred Heart St Helens, she died in 1896 aged 30 and is buried with the Taylor family in Sec 14 grave 535. that is why the children Annie Polly(Mary) and Albert are with grandparents Taylor in 1901 plus another widowed daughter and her children. I suspect Thomas Albert was called after his father and Annie's brother Annie's sister Mary Josephine married Ernest F Mather on 3rd April 1913 also at Sacred Heart and Annie Dennett must have lived with them after her husband left as is there in 1939 and she is buried with them in Sec 49 grave 387 The Thomas Albert Ratcliffe with mothers maiden name Dennett on GRO Prescot was registered in the march quarter so could have been born Christmas Day 1915