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  1. Ancestry DNA

    hi nat, I will try my heritage when i get round to it, I start doing more as the nights draw in!
  2. Ancestry DNA

    I have done Gedcom too Nat. Ancestry is a bit restrictive about shared matches and I like the function with Gedcom to test who matches both kits
  3. can anyone help me please ?

    I don't think they are directly connected to my Kellys as my gt grandfather Timothy Kelly was born in St Helens in 1869, it was the generation before that were irish born.
  4. can anyone help me please ?

    Who were Annie Kelly's parents?
  5. can anyone help me please ?

    It just seems a big coincidence that John Duffy was married from Spurgeon/Fenny St where William Woosey lived especially as there were only ten houses there, unless he was lodging with the Wooseys and met their niece. The other thing I noticed in 1901 was Jane, the daughter of Peter Woosey living in Grafton St was a glass carrier and 1911 John Duffy was a glass worker so perhaps they met at work.
  6. can anyone help me please ?

    That is about right to an 1883/4 birth. I seem to remember looking for Nat before on another thread and wondered if the dates and or years of birth in the 1939 register were mixed up as John is 25 Nov 1883 and Jane 25 Mar 1884
  7. can anyone help me please ?

    Hi Nat, I meant John's address on the wedding cert, but you have said it was Spurgeon St which I just googled and found it was Fenny St and was renamed presumably between 1901 and 1906 so if John and Jane were married from Spurgeon St my guess is you were correct with William Woosey being the father and you have the wrong marriage cert William Woosey and family in Jane E were at Fenny St in 1901 and Peter Woosey and family inc the other Jane E were at Grafton St, Still doesn't help with birth of John Duffy though.
  8. can anyone help me please ?

    Nat, does it give his address on the marriage cert?
  9. Horse Racing in Rainford?

    From the Liverpool Mail 9th Aug 1851 The course is situate about half a mile from the village of Rainford and is on a pasture field in the occupation of Mr Sharples another ref The Era 9 Aug 1846 refers to the new racecourse and one of the stewards was Thomas Sharples of Rainford, the other steward was William Burchall of St Helens, Clerk of the course was Mr Ball of Rainford, the races had been in decline but a few spirited individuals have attempted to revive them to what they once were. added 7 minutes later 1851 Thomas Sharples was a farmer living at Reeds Farm with 95 acres and 3 labourers
  10. Ancestry DNA

    I did my DNA test with Ancestry late last year one of the reasons being my gt gt grandfather came from Ireland and after being in the UK from some time in the 1860's just disappeared in the 1890's never to be heard of again and we know nothing about his family. In the process of my family history research i also discovered another gt grandfather was adopted so again not easy to track down ancestors without the DNA route. I had no major surprises as a lot of my ancestors came from Ireland so the 44% Irish fitted in, the biggest surprise was before the DNA test when I discovered that my gt gran's family was from Sutton, not as I had always been told, from Blackburn, i still need to find out why this story was made up and repeated for the best part of 100 years. i was talking to my aunt and she was the one who eventually told me the truth, I don't know whether she realised i would find out, but i spoke to her sister, my other aunt in Australia and she had always been told the same story.
  11. The Glassblower

    Didn't that used to be the PDSA?
  12. Littler's Field

    Sorry Hort, I thought you were talking about Cockleshell Cottage. I was wondering about tithe maps, Cheshire are online and searchable free but not Lancashire, also Mrs Littler would probably only have become so in 1840's so not likely to appear under that name, has anyone got a subscription to any old maps sites?
  13. Littler's Field

    @PRV There seem to be almost annual accounts in the Liverpool Mercury of field days in the 1880's and 90's of both the parish church and Lowe House/Holy Cross. One article you will find interesting is in the Liverpool Mercury 8 Sep 1884 when inspection of the 21st LRV should have taken place there but due to heavy rain it took place at the Volunteer hall instead added 32 minutes later Its there on both maps to the left of BM 128.2 in 1908 map and below it in the other one.
  14. Littler's Field

    Well spotted Plonker, i had it in my head that the one opposite the Abbey was called Windleshaw House.
  15. Littler's Field

    @Dave Catherine Littler is there in 1871 too and this time listed as farmer and publican and in 1861 Mary Speakman was the next listing at Windle House which i think is probably Windle Grange by 1871 Mary Speakman is living with her nephew John Hammill, farmer of 60 acres., big Dentons Green names just noticed the Websters are next door to the Hammills added 19 minutes later Catherine Littler is buried with the Websters at Windleshaw Chantry