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  1. Marvellous that families who've experienced so much tragedy have banded together to try do something about crime in the town. Hard to believe what happened to both families and yet they're out there trying to make a difference. They are very brave and humbling...well done to everyone who supported them too
  2. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    I see a couple of our members have downloaded their Ancestry results to other places. I managed to download mine to GEDmatch the other day and have got another whole list of matches along with email address which surprised me! But I'm struggling to interpret the charts - they're complicated. If any of our members who've done this can offer any advice I'd be happy to listen..
  3. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    That is pretty standard in my experience on Ancestry and something we all need to be aware of. While there are some serious tree builders a lot are doing it just as a bit of fun and not checking details before entering them as fact. It depends on how serious you take the whole thing I suppose - my tree could be a bit dodgy in parts because half my family is in other country's and I'm finding it difficult to verify some details. I need to upgrade to world access but I've been advised to wait until my current sub expires to get the best options. Still the best thing I've spent my money on though for a long time...I'm getting between 10 and 30 new matches most days. I can hardly keep up with checking new names out so definitely value for money despite the glitches.
  4. Remember getting on coaches in Birchley St. sometimes to the Tower Gardens, Blackpool I think that might have been with PIlks but remember going to other night clubs from there too. We would often miss the coach home and spend the night wherever we ended up, someone's sofa, all night cafe's in coastal resorts or get a lift back home in someone's car. Hope my grandchildren never come one this site and recognise me
  5. Thatto Heath Fair.

    Loved that fair, it was the highlight of my young life during the 50's. Dark, cold November nights and the fairground lights and music waking up the whole area for a few weeks was magic!
  6. Parkgate

    Beautiful scenery round there, thanks Rob makes me believe winter will be over one day soon
  7. Thatto Heath Events

    I suggest it's the photo that's bad - the place looked quite normal in reality but that pic makes it look all wrong. The brickwork is feint and stretched giving it a weird appearance. It looked nothing like that in reality
  8. Thatto Heath Events

    It's probably true that there's been a scourge of photographs of the old Empire cinema. I used to go there from the 50's but hadn't come across a single one until the photo above appeared on the net a few years ago. I think it's on our site photos now but I'm glad you posted the link with the added info - certainly takes me back to my childhood.
  9. Our high streets

    Click on 'website' at the top of the page and go into 'local history' you'll find some information about local shopping areas, there's photographs too in the photo section. Local shopping areas were a vital part of the community in years gone by I remember my Mum who was born on Greenbank going back there after moving to a new area because she missed the shops and community. I grew up in the 50s and used the local shops of Thatto Heath, Nutgrove, etc; there's plenty of info about Cambridge Rd. and Fingerpost and other areas on site, try the search box at the top of the page.
  10. British legion, Scholes lane

    Sadly not - I'd like to see some myself
  11. British legion, Scholes lane

    We local kids played round the Legion in the 50's or used the ground as a short cut from Scholes Lane to Upland Rd. there was also a pumping station beyond the Legion known locally as Hanky's well, another playground for us kids. All gone now of course only the memories left
  12. British legion, Scholes lane

    I used to live in Scholes Lane and remember the Legion used to walk past it each day going to school
  13. Ancestry DNA

    Yes that's something I intend to do, apparently you can upload the raw data for a nominal fee to various sites, Gedmatch has been recommended so that you can compare your results to a wider genepool. It's really complicated (for me) so I'm treading carefully and slowly Just seen your post Tony telling us you'd already uploaded to Gedmatch
  14. Taylor Park gates

    The entrance in the photo at Toll Bar never had any gates, Jeff it was only built relatively recently
  15. Ancestry DNA

    Be prepared..........for anything