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  1. Whittles sausages!

    Sadly the member Leschip is no longer with us, he died last year. He'd have enjoyed chatting about the history of Prescot with you though, he was quite knowledgeable about the place
  2. Vigil for Danny Fox

    Shame you felt the need to post that on this thread, Hort, there is another thread which might have been better Marie Rimmer is serving her constituents by standing with the family and friends of a man who died in tragic circumstances. She is also campaigning against knife crime so she is doing her duty as leader of the council. The facts behind the incident or the outcome of the trial has nothing to do with showing respect for the dead - they are two entirely separate things.
  3. TONKS

    Certainly is Phyll until next Summer at the earliest too..
  4. I've often wondered about vegans and others who follow a strict eating regime. I'm sure I'm too lazy to do anything like that though I do understand their motives. Do we have any members who eat Vegan or keep to any other strict diet?
  5. TONKS

    A family named Tonks lived in Upland Rd. Portico during the 50's.I think the daughters name was Angela; there was a son too named (possibly Alec/Alex. They would both have been born around the early 1940's
  6. Lady Pilks

    Windle Hall looks quite tatty from the outside (or did last time I saw it some years ago) the paint was peeling and it looked tired and shabby but the inside looks amazing in those pics. Hard to believe the house in Gosmore is a similar price
  7. Lady Pilks

    Sorry Hort, looks like you got the story first
  8. Lady Pilks

    Mavis' former house is up for sale http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/look-inside-merseyside-mansion-sale-13844538
  9. Caffrey.Caffery families.

    Hi Colin, I've got Caffreys in my tree too, a dNA test I did recently shows I'm more Irish than I thought and I blame those Caffreys! Seriously though it was good to see your links. Welcome to the group
  10. Suttons from Above

    Yes, it is Alan
  11. Chinese restaurant

    Yes of course they are - slip of the street names I meant Church St. was where the Peace incident took place.
  12. House in Havannah Lane

    It was supposed to be re-opening in December, but I've heard some gossip that it might not happen...
  13. Chinese restaurant

    The building (the original Silver Star virtually opposite the theatre) is currently being refurbished and going to be a shop and restaurant. There was some pics on facebook the other day. I saw the photo and can confirm it was one of the very first Chinese restaurants in town in the 60's. It was not the one involved in the murder of Brian Peace, that was in Corporation St.
  14. Hurricane Sun

    Hurricane sun... didn't know that but I had noticed how odd it was this morning. Strangely warm too for October, I was gardening all weekend!
  15. Well that's one way to get the police to respond quickly - take the problem to them