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  1. Well I tried... but I'm rubbish at those sort of things, my mind freaks out when I see date/tick boxes or arrows. Not taking responsibility if I've messed it up
  2. until

    Really useful freebie to check those family records you need
  3. until
    Free Access to Find My Past on above dates
  4. Free Access to FMP from 27 April - 1st May 2017 Le200 used to notify us about these freebies
  6. I put a couple of mine on (St Austins from the 50's). I'm surprised that they did them really my school was so old fashioned and conservative in most things.
  7. Latest news from Liverpool Echo
  8. Beautiful Rob, many thanks to you for the photos and respect to Ned and his helpers for caring and all the work they do.
  9. Just found this old thread complete with photos..
  10. Looking good, already!

  11. Yes I remember that visit. We kids were taken from school (St Austins) to stand somewhere near to Toll Bar. We waited for what seemed like hours and most of us were so bored we'd lost interest by the time the car turned up.
  12. It would be good if we could do something to show how he was thought of at Connect' not just as admin but more as a 'friend' to some of us. He went over and above admin duties when he helped me with some research last year and he offered a great deal more than was normally expected. I'm gutted after yesterdays news, things don't feel right today now that I know Chris has left us - can't believe there'll be no further posts from him.
  13. Lost for words really, lovely Chris always so helpful I miss him already. RIP Chris x
  15. Yeah, it's a dull, dated song and despite it's use in a few commercials it was never a massive hit, wasted opportunity for Kiera - she needed much better material. Might have a word next time I see her in Tesco