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  1. Imagination required

    Not really sure what I'm doing in here I saw the word 'testing' and clicked to have a nosy, hopefully Dave will sort it out..
  2. Imagination required

    Ahh right, got a bit muddled there but my vote is ok then
  3. Imagination required

    Wouldn't the Rants thread be better off as a private club. Members could post as much hate-filled venom as they like against minorites, races. religions etc; and have free reign to wallow as much as they want without the rest of us having to see it on the open forum. Members would also be more easily identifiable if/when they break any laws and be therefore be easier to trace should the police become involved. Just realised I voted earlier for any clubs to be open but now I realise that if this one takes off it would be better as a closed group.
  4. Rag and Bone men

    Last week my daughter had to pay someone to take away an old trampoline (aluminium struts and frame) whereas years ago when we got rid of an old caravan we were paid a few hundred quid in scrap value because it was aluminium. How times change!
  5. One Spring

    Stunning shots Rob, so easy to forget the natural beauty of Wales and right on our doorstep!
  6. Website birthday


    Happy Birthday Connect, long may you continue
  7. George St Suites closing

    That is so true about the parking. I used to go to a hairdressers, a florist, the fabric shop, a carpet place and a graphic designer shop in that area.. but not since parking became so difficult.
  8. Find My Past (freebie)

    Well I tried... but I'm rubbish at those sort of things, my mind freaks out when I see date/tick boxes or arrows. Not taking responsibility if I've messed it up
  9. Free Access to FMP from 27 April - 1st May 2017 Le200 used to notify us about these freebies
  10. Stabbing

  11. Rivington Rd

    I put a couple of mine on (St Austins from the 50's). I'm surprised that they did them really my school was so old fashioned and conservative in most things.
  12. Stabbing

    Latest news from Liverpool Echo http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/st-helens-town-centre-streets-12935368
  13. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    Beautiful Rob, many thanks to you for the photos and respect to Ned and his helpers for caring and all the work they do.
  14. Queen in St Helens.

    Just found this old thread complete with photos..
  15. Looking good, already!