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  1. Hurricane Sun

    Hurricane sun... didn't know that but I had noticed how odd it was this morning. Strangely warm too for October, I was gardening all weekend!
  2. Well that's one way to get the police to respond quickly - take the problem to them
  3. Robbob to provide cardboard cutouts of buildings?

    Just posted in another thread about the library not re-opening as reported I heard it from an employee...guess we'll have to wait and see?
  4. Yeah that would be even better Ollie, good idea! One tends to forget things after the age of 35
  5. Shame about the poor attendance, but as you said Southport Air show is a big draw to compete with. My daughter took her girls to Southport yesterday. Alexis had fun though, she's lovely Rob
  6. Teachers's Rest

    How could I have forgotten the sacking! Mam and the other pickers used to tie theres' round their waist but we kids weren't considered 'proper pickers' so didn't need them. I was given directions to the farm in Rainhill a while ago by one of our members (Vinty) and I had a drive up there last year. I recognised immediately where the tractor used to turn into the field to drop us off over 50 years later. It's still a working farm.
  7. Teachers's Rest

    I went spud-picking at Sammy Strettle's farm in Rainhill in the 50's. Great memories of hot sunny days running free through the fields and lanes and a severe case of belly-ache at the end of each day. We'd get picked up on a flatbed pulled by a tractor down the narrow lanes and most days went home penniless because we just played instead of working. Happy days though
  8. Priest Robbed in Tellins.

    The case interested me for years and so I read everything I could find finally deciding that he was guilty as charged. However I did read the report by Bob Woffinden and wondered why he'd decided there was a case to study. I also wondered why Simms refused to admit his guilt (and get his parole date as early as possible). Both things intrigued me... Then there was the appeal organised by Marie McCourt, where she asked that people sign to keep offenders in prison if they refused to give details of where their victims bodies were concealed. I didn't sign because it worried me that if a person didn't reveal and chose to stay in prison as a form of protesting innocence then maybe (just maybe..) there was a shred of doubt. So I still feel he's guilty on the evidence that was presented but I agree there are unanswered questions.
  9. Priest Robbed in Tellins.

    Thanks for the response. Do you have any connections to anyone involved in the case or are you just an impartial observer? added 4 minutes later This should have had a separate thread - we've transgressed somewhat
  10. St.Thomas Eccleston Church

    Never seen the church like that before despite living quite close and some great shots of the surrounding area from a new angle.
  11. Priest Robbed in Tellins.

    Seems you're angling to give us your insight on this topic - go ahead I'm listening....
  12. SHROH goes mobile

    I noticed the names of 5 civilians who were killed in a bombing raid in St Helens on 6/9/1940. They're in 'On this day we remember page'. It's in the 'Local and Family History in St Helens' thread. Shocked to see that one of them was a 14 year old schoolgirl named Vera Cassidy. Rarely think about those sort of victims yet there must have been a lot of innocents kids who died in a similar way. RIP Vera
  13. Postcode Lottery from above

    Wow that's a tidy sum! Heard on the radio that the amount wouldn't be announced until 11 00 clock today Lucky people added 6 minutes later Just read the report there were two people won over £400,000..wonder if I know any of them
  14. Postcode Lottery from above

    How much did they win?