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  1. Oh NO.The Vision of St.Helens Town Centre.

    Don't worry Rob it'll take forever to get the town looking like that
  2. Ancestry DNA

    I took up that 25% off, offer from Ancestry, Dave and have done a new test. Just got a message saying the results will be ready in 2-4 weeks, that's quicker than I expected. Did you bother with it..?
  3. Up the Monastery

    Some great pics there Rob. I know that area from when I lived at Bold; one of my children was christened in St Anne's.
  4. Factory in Parr

    Yes vaguely, I think it was in Jackson St; did it have something to do with the sewing factory?
  5. what does this say ?

    Subscription - you have to pay to view. I just tried it and got the same result
  6. House in the entry

    An old thread... http://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/topic/27797-stmarys-hospital/?tab=comments#comment-248097
  7. Ancestry DNA

    Some info about DNA testing http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39963366
  8. Ancestry DNA

    I should think so too
  9. Ancestry DNA

    It's a subject which fascinates me having done a couple of tests myself because I was a WW2 GI baby who never knew my Dad. He was a black GI stationed here during the war. I did make contact with his family in 2002 but Dad had died in 1994. I took the DNA tests as part of a TV programme who were looking for family members to reunite them with relatives. The other party involved was a woman who thought she might be related to me. She wasn't as it turned out and the programme didn't get released, but the results proved that the man in question was my biological father so I was happy. You can do all sorts of various testing, it depends on what you're looking for. I think DNA is a godsend. It has made so much difference to people I know who are in their later years and had no hope of finding family. I've been involved with finding GI fathers for other people for a number of years. But there's been nothing like DNA before, it really has made a difference to people who had no hope left. I knew my background roughly so I didn't get any surprises, but it was nice to get proof. Ancestry DNA is the main testing company that people use but there are others around. My test was with Anglia DNA in Norwich.
  10. The Glassblower

    I remember the Glassblower being built. It's weird how many places I've seen built that have already been knocked down. St Thomas Square was another one and Blessed Edmund Campion school. It's a bit worrying
  11. St Thomas's Well

    Love that last photo Rob. I've tried hard to see over that hedge and even on tip-toe it's not easy. Great pic
  12. St Thomas's Well

    Was filled in a long time ago Alan, it's still there though as this link shows but the hedge is much taller https://www.friendsofsthelenscemetery.co.uk/history-of-st-helens-cemetery
  13. Imagination required

    Not really sure what I'm doing in here I saw the word 'testing' and clicked to have a nosy, hopefully Dave will sort it out..
  14. Imagination required

    Ahh right, got a bit muddled there but my vote is ok then