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  1. No living Ashcroft relatives found for Sidney, after a lot of research and the story in the newspapers. to many Ashcroft with the same names, we followed up every clue we had.
  2. St Helens Townships Family History Society did a lot of research on this man trying to find his St Helens Family, his father came from St Helens, Sydney was born in St Helens. The story was in the Reporter and the Star to try and find a local living relative. Dr Gilly Carr contacted the society for help. His mothers relative where found by Tunbridge Wells Family History society Dr Gilly Carr, Tunbridge Wells F H S and St Helens Townships F H S worked together on this research. nice to see he has now got a monument on his grave.
  3. The Friends of the Cemetery have a service where they will put flowers on a grave for you, if you contact them they will give you all the information. email web site
  4. Yes the St Helens Townships Family History Society still meet on a Monday night 5.00pm 7.00pm.
  5. St Helens Hospital had a Materinty Ward in the 1940s the name of the Hospital should be on the birth certificate.
  6. There is a book called Prescot Union Workhouse Whiston by Pauline Hurst.
  7. Pauline Hurst gave a very good talk on Thursday for the St Helens Townships F H S on the Beechams Family. her talk was about the Family and how Thomas started the Factory.
  8. Thank you all for your help.
  9. Thanks Phyll I am looking around 1875.
  10. Can anyone tell me where this Street was and is it still standing.
  11. Remembrance Service at St Helens Crematorium on Saturday 10th Dec was a great success around 130 people attended the service which was led by Reverend Phillip Collard Gareth Owen and the Citadel Choir sang Carols The Remembrance Christmas tree was almost filled with leaves with messages remembering loved ones. you can still buy Leaves from St Helens Cemetery Office and place them on the tree. well done Friends of St Helens Cemetery
  12. You could first try for an Obit in the paper check film in the library.It could tell you where the burial was. she could have been cremated at Anifield . good luck in your search
  13. Thanks for the Picture my Aunty lived in the house on the end many a happy day spent there.
  14. I think they may have been done and are on the C D of Prescot Union Workhouse
  15. Elizabeth Lythgo married Walter Slater 1942.? Elizabeth Slater married Albert Bowes 1960 ? Joseph and Ann Lythgo are my aunt and Uncle.