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  1. An interesting place to visit next year!

    Sulfereted hydrogen and methane
  2. Bulls Head in Parr:New Build

    What's happened to the pub then? Had my first legal pint in there in 1968. 27 bus from Ravenhead used to stop next to the pub (nothing to do with my pint incidentally), 2/6d (25p) from Royal Grove, what a memory! That was a stack of money in those days.

    Thanks for that John, I'll do a bit more research.

    Anybody come across this name in St Helens or wider North West?
  5. Fowley Common Culcheth

    Thanks everyone for your input, my ancestor was an agricultural labourer, his address in the 1841 census was Fowley Common, bit vague that, I looked on Google and found Fowley Lane, next time we're over in St H I'll take a trip up to Culcheth and see what I can find. Thanks for the pub link HenryJ (always a good start) and the photo's Phyill. Cheers
  6. Fowley Common Culcheth

    Anybody know anything about Fowley Common Culcheth? I'm researching my family tree, 2x great grand parents address in the 1841 census at this address, I can only find Fowley Common Lane. Cheers all
  7. Street games during the War years.

    Lampo in Elephant Lane somewhere between Vincents shop and the off license, cars, what cars? The odd 24 bus now and then!!
  8. Can anybody tell me what's happening to Pilks HQ building ?
  9. Marrying a brother-in-law

    Didn't Henry V111 marry his dead brother's wife Catherine of Aragon in the1500's? Mind he married most things with a pulse!! But was he happy?