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  1. wakefield v st.helens

    It was a good result for Wigan by Saints beating them.
  2. saints v wigan

    You forgot to mention when Amor went in on Tomkins with a swinging arm right in his back,i have been on Redvee and they are calling the coach for picking the wrong team.
  3. saints v wigan

    Do you think Barba try should have been given,like Wigans at Wembley last week not given.
  4. Women's Rugby Union World Cup

    I watched the last twenty minutes,New Zealand where to good for them but the English team put up a good performance.
  5. Hull just about deserved the win but the disallowed try by Wigan cost them the game,the Hull coach said it was a try,Wilkin said it was a try,the panel said it was a try,all my mates in the pub said it was a try and they are Saints fans but the ref said no,he was the same the other week when he was ref ref against Wigan disallowing good tries,all the forward passes in the game and the ref only gave one and that was against Wigan,it was a forward pass but you see them in every game going,the ref did nothing when the Hull player elbowed O,Loughlin in the face.
  6. Rangi Chase

    Hock who used to play for Wigan got banned i think it was for two years.
  7. Rangi Chase

    Adam Walker who used to play for Saints and now plays for Wakefield as failed a drugs test.
  8. Leeds v Wigan

    I watched the game and at half time with the score at 10 all i thought that Wigan where going to come out and beat Leeds with a few points to spare how wrong i was,they are not good enough to get into the top four,all they can do now is try to win at Wembley.
  9. Tonight's game at Wheldon Road

    Saints played well deserved to win.
  10. Today's game at Belle Vue

    I will have to get a Lawyer to try and under stand what you mean some times.
  11. Today's game at Belle Vue

    No i watched it on the telly. added 22 minutes later The ref and the video were a waste of time,he gave Salford a try and no one could tell if he grounded the ball,Wigan got one and he did not give it,no one could tell if he grounded the ball,so why did he not give them both a try,there was at least ten forward passes in the game and the only one he gave was when Wigan scored a try,Sam Tomkins got sin binned and he just brushed his arm against the Salford player who had no chance of scoring a try,Gelling sin binned for heading the ball,Salford player complaining that the Wigan player ran into him when he passed the ball,he could not help himself running into him you see it every game,put on report, then the ref told Wigan to play the ball,Wigan player tackled Salford player below the Knees put on report,Salford player high tackle on Wigan player put on report,Wigan played with 12 men for sixty minutes and still won,Non Sibi Sed Omnibus i wait your reply.
  12. Today's game at Belle Vue

    What do you mean,i have said nothing wrong.
  13. Today's game at Belle Vue

    Dont you talk a load of TRIPE.
  14. Today's game at Belle Vue

    I did not think that Saints would win there so a good result,now the real games are starting.