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  1. The Ashes

    There is nothing worth commenting about,they went over there thinking that they would bring back the Ashes but it was not to be,there are some good players in the England team and there are some ordinary players who should not have gone,if Australia take pity on them and it could be 3-2 but i think it will be 5-0.
  2. australia 6 England 0

    Dont you talk a load of ?
  3. australia 6 England 0

    Do you mean when Hall through it it back,there is no player in the world could have done any thing with that,what about when Roby lost the ball on the last tackle near there line and Lomax thought he had scored,and its not because he plays for St.Helens other players made mistakes also.
  4. australia 6 England 0

    Australia where just the best team,only for a few errors England could have won the game,its a pity O,Loughlin and Hodgson where out injured or it could have been a different game.
  5. england v tonga

    I think you support Wigan because every time some thing is mentioned on here you bring Wigan into it,have you got your free pass for next season,you had to go yesterday to get it.
  6. england v tonga

    You get them in every game now even if they are not forward passes.
  7. england v tonga

    Good game to watch but England nearly threw it away in the last ten minutes,the ref was right when he did not give the try in the last few seconds because i dont think he reeked the ball out,he might have just touched the ball but the player should keep hold of the ball when he is tackled.
  8. Rangi Chase

    What a stupid IDIOT,he was one good player and now he has ruined his Rugby career,two year ban he will never play Rugby League ever again.
  9. New Zealand rugby league

    Plenty of penalties in the game but England will have to improve a lot more if they are to beat Australia,i thought the bloke who went in with the elbow on Kevin Brown when he was on the floor should have been sent off,not even a sin bin.
  10. St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    I was there yesterday with my wife,there are more people attending each time i go,i will be there next year and it will be 100 years since my dads brother got killed in WW1 1918.
  11. England v Lebanon

    I see Mc gillvary got off with the charge,Farar should be charged now because he told a pack of lies,he never sent a letter to the committee and he never appeared to give his version of what happened.
  12. England v Lebanon

    I watched the game this morning England v Lebanon,England won but they are not good good enough to win the World cup on this showing,they will have to improve another 200%if they are going to win it.the incident where Mcgillvary called bit Farar should not have been put on report because he never touched him,you could see on replays that he never opened his mouth,
  13. Lewis Hamilton

    Well done Lewis another good year for you keep at it.
  14. Convicts 18 England 4

    England played better in the second half,they was only 10-4 down and they got a penalty to make it 12-4,the last try the ball bounced perfect for the Australian player,its a pity Burgess got injured or it could have been a different game.
  15. House in Havannah Lane

    There was two cottages going down Havannah Lane towards the flash but they was only about 150 yards down on the left hand side,i think the name of one family was called Brown,i am sure that one of the relatives is a member of this forum,the cottages where across from where Havannah pit used to be.