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  1. Saints v Catalans

    I listened to the game,Saints had plenty of possesion but that was with Catalans giving penalties away,i am not sure if i heard it right, the commentator Ray French say about ten minutes from time that the penalty count was 16-3,then he said some thing like he as give Catalans one now.Saints scored three late tries.
  2. Wigan v Warrington

    Wigan will have to improve if they are going to win any thing this season,they had plenty of chances to score but they was playing one man rugby trying to barge there way down the field,the ref did not help them with a few things he got wrong,also the video ref got one wrong.
  3. Catalans v Wigan

    The first half Wigan looked out on there feet,but they was a different team for the last twenty minutes,the second try Catalans scored and the ref let Wigan play on and Wigan went the length of the field to score a try any one could see that the Catalans player had grounded the ball and the Ref was only about a yard away from him,If he had given the try for Wigan could he have not gone back and looked at the video and could he have changed his mind and given the try to Catalans considering that he had given the try to Wigan
  4. Catalans 40 Leigh 36

    I watched the Wigan v Widnes game the other day,Wigan the best team in the first half but Widnes the best team for the first twenty minutes in the second half,Wigan should have scored more points but the Widnes defence was very good,Wigan scored the last try on 77 minutes and Williams kicked it off the touch line,Williams kicking as improved 100% in the last three games.
  5. Catalans 40 Leigh 36

    I was in Liverpool so i did not watch the game.
  6. Owling Around

    Cracking photos but the last one where it is winking is very good.
  7. Last night's 24 - 22 defeat at Headingley

    I enjoyed the game but Leeds deserved the win just,i thought Wilkin deserved to be sin binned,it could have been Red,there are to many of them tackles lately,Leeds had six good players missing.
  8. It was unbelieveable!

    I was listening to the Wigan game and they gave the Saints score out 8-24 to Salford,the Wigan game finished about a minute before Saints game and they went straight to Saints game and Saints hit the drop goal when the Hooter was sounding,Wigan where again rubbish came back from 13-0 down to lead 18-13 only to draw a game they could have won.
  9. Warrington v Wigan

    It happened in the third minute.
  10. Warrington v Wigan

    He was not sent off that is my arguement.
  11. Warrington v Wigan

    I see Ratchford got a one match ban and a £300 fine,he will serve his ban against another team which is wrong,he should have been sent off against Wigan.
  12. Warrington v Wigan

    Wigan have got a Football team also so that could have some thing to do with them not getting bigger crowds.
  13. Warrington v Wigan

    They have always had bigger crowds than Saints.
  14. Warrington v Wigan

    The semi is at Warrington.
  15. Warrington v Wigan

    And you call Wiganers Pie Eaters.