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  1. If a Saints fan had put that on if they had won would you have said the same.
  2. Saints had a try disallowed and it was a try,Castleford had a try disallowed and it was a try,besides that Saints where Battered like Wigan was the other week but Wigan had a load of players missing that day,I think Saints only had one missing yesterday.
  3. Wigan beat them AWAY 26-16 with half a team missing.
  4. Super league newcomers Salford have beat Saints this season.
  5. I missed another player out Leuluai.
  6. I have never seen a tree like that before,good photos.
  7. Wigan beat again 31-16 i thought Wigan were rubbish in the first half but played better in the second half,Wigan scored more points than Salford in the second half but its a game of two halves,Wigan where missing Eleven first team players,Sam Tomkins,Gelling,Manfredi,Williams,Mcllorum,Flower,Clubb,Bateman,Gildart,Escare,and O Loughlin,and they had another injury during the game Powell who is out now for a few weeks,why they keep getting these injuries is any ones guess but as one or two come back one or two more get injured
  8. Keep the coaches you have got now,they are doing a good job,at 14-0 i thought Saints where going to hammer them but then Warrington scored 40 points to Saints 4.
  9. If they win i am happy but if they lose i am down a bit but not down as much as Saints fans this season.
  10. I see you are back from your holidays,i have already said it was a hammering,you never commented on the Widnes v Saints game i wonder why.
  11. Players will always get injured because its the hardest game in the world to play,some players go through there entire career without getting a serious injury but some seem to get injured all the time,it could be there tackling going in wrong,they could catch a stray knee or banging heads,there is all different ways to get injured.
  12. I have listened to the game and i would not pay the Wigan players,they got battered 54-4,Castleford never missed a tackle and scored some good tries plus some easy ones,another three Wigan players injured in the game Gelling,Flower and Williams who is called flying out tomorrow with the England team,i am flying out now to get a few pints down me.
  13. All the Saints rugby fans who come on here must all be on there holidays,unless they can not think of any words to say about there team.
  14. No boxing fans on this forum.
  15. What went wrong again,who is to blame now.