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  1. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    Volunteers have begun again on Sundays 10am,everybody welcome
  2. Things you don't see anymore

    Top deck of buses full of ciggy smoke .
  3. Victoria Park

    Passing Vicky Park last night I noticed 3 Caravans and cars in the middle of the park . Anyone know why
  4. Radio Programmes in the 50s

    Life with the Lyons Dan Dare
  5. Dunhelm retail park

    Anyone know whats getting built here
  6. Has the Range stopped issuing parking tickets ?.Yesterday 14 March My wife was shopping at the Range and I stayed sat in my car. At least 10 cars parked up and the owners left the car park and went into town, not one received a ticket. Also people coming back from shopping elsewhere had not received a ticket.
  7. Radio Programmes in the 50s

    Take from Here. Round the Horn Educating Archie
  8. T Js coming back

    One of the shops that I will gladly visit. welcome back
  9. Pub closures

    Do you think the Hope and Anchor may be saved because ther is now a huge new housing estate being built on the old Pilks Recs ground next door to the Pub
  10. What we used to eat

    Bubble and Squeak from Sundays leftovers
  11. Recycling.

    I have already sent e-mail to Council
  12. Recycling.

    Why bother sorting cans ,plastics,bottles,papers when to-day a day later than mine where supposed to be emptied everything was put into the same bin and loaded onto one of the older wagons
  13. Recycling.

    As it says on the leaflets given out