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  1. VOLL dies today aged 82

    Well its more of a shock to me as I never knew he was a saints player, we are on about the Voll on here?
  2. Ever owned one of these?

    Parr is mostly chilled out these days cus 70% of the population are pot heads,10% are piss heads ,10% are coke heads 5% are crack heads and the rest are normal. Just a rough estimate, it could be the reverse also. @Robbob Iv'e seen that car many times, in fact there are quite a number of classic cars knocking about, its nice to see some one has put in the effort to restore them. Some are proper yedturners.
  3. Bet that copper was thinking just a few more years and a few more fake government sponsored terrorist attacks and we'll be kitted out like you only with real guns a live ammo to kill anyone who stands in our way because we are gods and you useless eaters need our boots stamping on you forever. great pics btw rob, wish i'd have known it was on. When's the Chilli Festival on.
  4. Fire on Duke St

    insurance job i bet.
  5. Website birthday


    2018 again now
  6. Website birthday


    so it was only born at 12:00 today. added 1 minute later And when i first came to this page it said 2018 until i refreshed now its 2017.
  7. Our friend Le200 has died

    RIP Chris never met you even though we were only about a quarter of a mile apart as the crow flies. Will be sadly missed by many on here especially in the computery section. My sincere condolences to his family.
  8. Priest Robbed in Tellins.

    We should bring back the stocks on parr stocks road, stick the c***s in them and pelt them with anything from dog shit to big fkn duck stones, i'd use a catapult with glass stonies and iron bobbers aimed right at their fkn crack heads, make em suffer big time, and if they die dont waste any gas or tax payers money on cremating them, send em to a pig farm for recycling, fk em useless fkn eaters.
  9. lion in the clegg

    I once got told a spitfire crashed in the Parr Flashes, and also there was a small vilage in the middle of carmill dam.
  10. Portraits

  11. When time stands still

    My old chap used to mend,restore these old clocks and watches.
  12. WoW

    didn't know where to put this but feel free to move it