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  1. Phythian

    Is this any help? Mick Moses Phythian, occupation 1814 Farmer. He married Betty Culcheth, married 19 June 1798 in Billinge. I. Samuel Phythian, b. 1800 in Pemberton, occupation 1861 Blacksmith. He married Mary Smith, married 27 November 1822 in St Nicholas, Liverpool, b. 1801 in Liverpool. A. John Moses Phythian, baptized 24 April 1823 in St Nicholas, Liverpool. B. Elizabeth Phythian, b. 6 June 1826 in Wigan, baptized 20 June 1826 in Wigan. C. Martha Phythian, b. 16 May 1832 in Wigan, baptized 1 June 1832 in Wigan. D. Catherine Phythian, b. 28 January 1834 in Wigan, baptized 15 February 1834 in Wigan. E. Ellen Phythian, b. 1836, baptized 27 March 1836 in St Katherines, Blackrod. F. Samuel Phythian, b. 1838, baptized 9 April 1838 in St Katherines, Blackrod. G. Samuel Phythian, b. 1839, baptized 20 October 1839 in St Katherines, Blackrod, occupation 1861 Boilermaker. He married Mary Ann Riley, married 7 September 1863 in Manchester Cathedral, b. 1846. 5] 1. Thomas Phythian, b. 1864 in Droylesden. He married Maria X, b. 1869 in Hyde, Cheshire. a. Percy Phythian, b. 1890 in Gorton, Lancashire. b. Walter Phythian, b. 1893 in Gorton, Lancashire. c. Albert Victor Phythian, b. 1898 in Gorton, Lancashire. d. Minnie Phythian, b. 1900 in Gorton, Lancashire. 5] 2. Sarah Rebecca Phythian, b. 1866 in Droylesden. II. Betty Phythian, b. 1803, buried 15 April 1815 in Upholland. III. Ellen Phythian, b. 10 May 1805 in Wigan, baptized 9 June 1805 in Wigan. IV. Mary Phythian, b. 1807. She married John Wadsworth, married 1831. V. Catharine Phythian, b. 28 Dec 1810 in Wigan, baptized 27 Jan 1811 in Wigan. VI. Nathan Phythian, b. 1813, buried 5 May 1814 in Upholland. VII. Moses Phythian, b. 1815, occupation 1881 Farmer. He married Jane Wadsworth, married 14 February 1839 in Wigan. A. Thomas Phythian, b. 1839. He married Mary X, b. 1841 in Pemberton. 5] 1. Phoebe Phythian, b. 1863 in Pemberton. 5] 2. Moses Phythian, b. 1865 in Pemberton. B. Mary Phythian, b. 1841 in Pemberton. C. William Phythian, b. 1843 in Pemberton, occupation 1881 Farmer. He married Alice x, b. 1854 in Ashton-in-Makerfield. 5] 1. Moses Phythian, b. 1875 in Ashton-in-Makerfield, occupation 1901 Farmer. He married Jane X, b. 1869 in Billinge. 5] 2. William Phythian, b. 1877 in Ashton-in-Makerfield. 5] 3. Robert Phythian, b. 1878 in Ashton-in-Makerfield. 5] 4. Mary Jane Phythian, b. 1880 in Ashton-in-Makerfield. 5] 5. George Phythian, b. 1881 in Pemberton. D. Elizabeth Phythian, b. 1845 in Billinge. She married William Abbott, married 27 April 1869 in Billinge. E. John Phythian, b. 1848 in Wigan, occupation 1881 Marine, occupation 1901 Coal Hewer. He married Emma M Old, b. 1854 in Portsmouth. 5] 1. Charles W Phythian, b. 1879 in Queenstown, Ireland. 5] 2. Phoebe E Phythian, b. 1880 in Gosport, Hants. 5] 3. Elizabeth H Phythian, b. 1881 in Portsea. 5] 4. Adelaide Phythian, b. 1886 in Gosport, Hants. 5] 5. Louisa Phythian, b. 1891 in Wigan. 5] 6. Florence Phythian, b. 1894 in Billinge. 5] 7. Eva Phythian, b. 1896 in Ashton-in- Makerfield. 5] 8. Grace Phythian, b. 1889. F. Moses Phythian, b. 1851 in Billinge, d. in 1922, occupation 1881 Clogger. He married Mary X, b. 1848 in Billinge, d. 12 February 1922 in Clipsley Lane, Haydock. 5] 1. Jane Phythian, b. 1879 in Billinge. 5] 2. Mary Alice Phythian, b. 1880 in Billinge. 5] 3. Moses Phythian, b. 1883 in Billinge, occupation 1901 Clogger. 5] 4. Ellen Phythian, b. 1885 in Haydock. 5] 5. John Phythian, b. 1887 in Haydock, occupation 1901 Clogger. 5] 6. Catherine Phythian, b. 1889 in Haydock. 5] 7. Charles Phythian, b. 1876. G. George Phythian, b. 1855 in Billinge, occupation 1901 Farmer. He married (1) Hannah X, b. 1856 in Roby Mill. He married (2) Elizabeth X, b. 1871 in Peasley Cross. 5] 1. Elizabeth Phythian, b. 1884 in Bolton. 5] 2. Edith Phythian, b. 1887 in Bolton. 5] 3. George Phythian, b. 1900 in Bolton. H. Jane Ann Phythian, b. 1858 in Billinge. I. Alice Ellen Phythian, b. 1864. J. Catherine Phythian, b. 1866.
  2. The new Pubs list.

    Great list but my ancestor John Phythian had a couple that don't appear to be on there - British Lion, Raven Street and Railway inn, Raven Street. He also had the Royal Alfred when it first opened, his son John was the landlord. They were also joiners, builders, funeral & Coach proprietors amongst other things... Mick Phythian

    I have a William Glover, brother of Phebe, Ann, John, Thomas and Mary - he was born 25 Jan 1792 in St helens, bapt 2 May 1792 same. Phebe married my ancestor John Phythian in 1808 Mick http://www.phythian.org.uk
  4. William Cunlife

    I have John Cunliffe/Ann Glover with seven children - ann, john, thomas, sarah, charlotte, peter, hannah -Anne Glover was the sister of my ancestor Phebe Glover who married John Phythian Mick Phythian http://www.phythian.org.uk
  5. John Dennett Born 1846 (BVRI look up)

    Thanks R - I suspect that was John Phythian's son John (b.1809 d. 1875) who was variously a joiner, builder, postmaster, innkeeper and undertaker! He seems to have had links via family with other people in the building trade including Rothwells. I imagine the John Phythian Dennett was named after his grandad, as was a brief fashion in Victorian times - but haven't come across him in the Census, so maybe died early. Cheers Mick Phythian
  6. Phythian

    I have the Tyrer tree as once diplayed in the shop - not sure of its veracity but it goes back a long way!Mick I've got this one in the collection of Phythian trees I created trying to join us all up but they're up in the roof at the moment - give me a few days and I'll look up.Mick
  7. John Dennett Born 1846 (BVRI look up)

    I have this in my tree - Isaac Dennett, occupation Joiner. He married Margaret Phythian, married 06-02-1837 in Rainford Chapel, b. 29-11-1816 in Hardshaigh, (daughter of John Phythian and Phebe Glover) baptized 22-12-1816 in St Helens Church, St Helens, Lancs. Margaret: 1851 Census - Widow of 17 Westfield St. with Phoebe Phythian, Mother, 63, Infirm and in receipt of parish relief. Small ware shop. I. Elizabeth Dennet, b. 1841 in Eccleston. II. Phoebe Dennet, b. 1844. III. John Dennet, b. 1846, occupation 1881 Glassmaker. 1881 Census - RG11/3733/23/23/39 - 39 York Street, Windle. He married Catherine x, b. 1852 in St Helens. A. Isaac Dennett, b. 1869 in St Helens. B. Henry Dennett, b. 1870 in St Helens. C. Margaret Dennett, b. 1871 in St Helens. D. John Dennett, b. 1872 in St Helens. E. Thomas Dennett, b. 1873 in St Helens. F. Catherine Dennett, b. 1876 in St Helens. G. Phoeby Dennett, b. 1879 in St Helens. H. Elizabeth Dennett, b. 1880 in St Helens. John Phythian is my ancestor Regards mick
  8. Phythian

    I've been looking for some years now but still need to find the origins of John Phythian born circa 1784 who was a wheelwright in St Helens and his son John and grandson John ran several pubs. Mick
  9. Tythe Maps

    Since nobody apeared to know much about workhouse records. Has anybody had any luck with the local tythe maps as a source of information, assuming they exist? In fact has anybody found any out-of-the-ordinary useful sources of information pre-1837. I've raided parish registers, tythe books etc, militia lists for 1808 & 1812 but need some solid data to sort out the Phythians. Ta Mick
  10. Poor Law

    Has anybody had any look get hold of info from the Poor Law Records? My great grand-dad died in ST Helens Workhouse but more importantly his great grandmother was in receipt if poor relief in the 1840's. I had a good dig in the Lancs RO but found little. It would appear that with the church burning down so many times the parish chest went with it! Mick Phythian
  11. Thanks for the Phythian's - not really sure why I asked all mine were joiners or wheelwrights, probably couldn't handle anything small... But one never knows there might have been a freak of nature with good eyesight amongst us! Mick
  12. Val Any Phythian's? Ta Mick P