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  1. Youth Centre been shut for a few years.
  2. Robbob, our man on the spot.
  3. Or this ...
  4. Caught some great reflections on that Cineworld one there Robbob
  5. Nothing in the news about this yet?
  6. Although significantly down on 2014 RUGBY LEAGUE FUNDING REDUCED: Sport England funding has been reduced by 38% they have offered £10.75M for the next 4 years which is a fraction of the previous amount of 17.5M Rugby union has also had their funding cut! They have had £20M reduced to £12.6M Nigel Wood, said: “The Rugby Football League appreciates all of the public funding that has come into the sport. The investment from Sport England will assist us in supporting and growing areas that have a strong Rugby League player base and will enable the Rugby Football League to focus on enabling more people to keep playing the sport they love. “We understand the need to create new funding streams into all levels of the game if we are to truly maximise the opportunity of hosting the Rugby League World Cup in 2021 and like all sports organisations, the Rugby Football League is working hard to reduce reliance on public investment. We have already embarked on a sport-wide transformation with new digital systems and processes which build on strong league and competition management and improvements in player retention. “We are in a good position to continue to move the sport forward, particularly having also secured significant external investment through our Sky Try campaign, which has committed £2m per year until 2021 and which will enable more than 100,000 children to play the sport in the first 18 months of the programme.” According to a statement, the Rugby Football League says it was advised by Sport England that it would initially be able to bid for an award of between £9m and £11m and was informed today it would receive 97% of the maximum available to it, £10.75m. In addition to this, the Rugby Football League is able to bid into other Sport England funding streams including volunteering, and work is underway to do this.
  7. I doubt any of these pubs would have welcomed me 40 years ago. Many pubs had a notice on the door - No Bikers.
  8. Very sad. Surely to get that stuff there you must need a vehicle. and if you need a vehicle then you could drive to the tip.
  9. Brilliant rant Mally. I like it.
  10. Ssssshhh I was hoping to keep this place secret. ;-)
  11. I was just joking that the kids in the picture look a little spooky
  12. The ghost children have gone.
  13. What are we going to do if the Spanish Armada attacks?
  14. Not quite fully true. He never had enough votes to rule without the acquiescence of other right wing parties.
  15. Was there still a pound coin in the trolley?