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  1. St. Helens Revisited

    Well I left 22 yrs ago, but I get back lots of times throughout the year.....I'm just on one of my yester year moods and anyone who knows me knows how homesick I am for St.Helens. Ive got my dads old St Helens videos, so I may aswell buy this one for the collection, my brother in law offered to lend me his copy last week, but I want my own....damn you sentimental mood, I knew my day off work would lead me to pc, to busy doing nothing,to a tearful day. Thank you anyway !
  2. St. Helens Revisited

    Does he recite poetry all the way through? And the music....does that play all the way through aswell?
  3. Church in Ormskirk St

    I'm having one of my ''I want to jump into that picture'' moods, fantastic pic !
  4. Jedder and Faz

    I'm in touch with both Jedder and Faz, Jeff lives in Hong Kong and Sean (Faz ) lives in Spain, hoping to meet up with Sean if he makes it for a mutual friends home coming in September
  5. Doulton Street

    Yes it was called the Maida, I can remember it like it was yesterday, and then it changed to the Court school of dancing, and on the nights when weren't in there, we used to stand outside the small backdoor listening to soul music and tamla motown, as there was a disco night but we were not old enough for that one. I grew up in Eldon Street, so this area is very familiar to me.
  6. St.Mary's Lowe House.

    The beautiful Lowe House church is one of my favourite places in St Helens, a lot of my family were christened and married there, and Lowe House was my school too. I always remember the marble around the altar, its on a picture on my mum and dads wedding album. Thats not been there for years. Where did it go? Why did they get rid of it? I always felt something was missing from the church went that went.
  7. Sounds of old St Helens

    It was lovely hearing both those clips, thanks for putting them on. For me it will always be Beechams clock and Lowe House bells that sum up St Helens and childhood memories. I was in church recently with my 2 neices, we all took Holy Communion, it tasted the same, and during the service I had a a lot of thoughts and memories running through my head, as Lowe House church has always been a mystical place to me. Anyway its a lot more free and easy now and people stood around chatting, so after the service I wandered down the corridor in awe, and I went into the toilets....and nicked a tiny piece of soap, you know the tiny cream ones that you have in infants schools? The girls saw me do it and were horrified LOL
  8. Why did they demolish Helena House?

    How nostalgic! Lovely memories to read about, so here's mine..... My Mum used to work in Oxleys cafe, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to know it was a Little Chef? I dont associate that with back streets in a town centre ? My auntie used to take me down to meet her on a Saturday morning, she would buy me a Kuzel Cake, and orange juice, the old fashioned orange juice, in a glass tank with oranges being mixed around in it and it was always freezing cold. When we grew up it was the only place that you could buy a brief case which we had to have for school, our uniforms were bought from Tyrers. Helena House used to have a wonderful large hall that was used for weddings or parties etc, as kids it was better to play in the lifts. Can you believe we actually ran through the store in complete darkness on 2 occasions because we could stop the lifts at any floor! No security or CCTV back then in the 70's. It was scary but too exciting not to join in, (suppose thats why as teenagers we used to jump off the boat in the River Caves at Blackpool knowing that your mates were in the next boat coming around LOL) I can still smell Helena House and feel that warm air, I used to love that store, and yes the rides at Christmas time were magical. They went on for ages, and you really did feel as if you were in another place, the one I recall the most is Noah's Ark, it had a rainbow and actual rain coming down infront of you.....but thinking back, what did that have to do with Christmas ? Bloody shame they knocked it down. They used to have fab shoes displayed in the window, no other shop stocked what they used to have. I pined for an electric blue pair of platform boots, bit like the girl in Abba wore, and I managed to get them for my birthday. I was 14. Of course I had to go to school in them just to show off, but I felt embarassed to death, as I could hardly walk properly, and then when me and a mate got caught out in the assembly singing ''Puppy Love'' and not the Lords prayer, I got made to walk out infront of the whole assembly and go up on to the stage at Central Modern, to get a bollocking....and yeah I fell over, I wanted to cry or die with the sheer embarassement of it all LOL So yeah Helena House holds very fond memories for me !
  9. Who remembers Rainhill Hospital?

    It was a standing joke that the Number 7 bus ran to Rainhill Hospital, and that if you were daft you should get on it etc etc It was what we grew up with as kids, living in St. Helens. A friend of mine at school, in the 70's, her Mum ended up in there, it was normal when you knew someone who couldn't cope and was on anti depressants, to live there for a short time. We used to go and visit her, it wasn't nice looking back. Now looking at it as a woman in my 40's, which is what her mums age must have been....its shocking to think that it was ''the norm'' back then. Later in the 80's we had a friend who we worked with at Beechams, and she ended up in there, due to bullying and stress at work, tut tut shoud not have happened but it did, and once again we visited, it was unpleasant and stresssful. Poor girl was never the same. The building itself was awesome (I love these kinds of buildings you understand) but it did have a strange depressing atmosphere about it. I will never forget it. Sorry Ive gone off topic here.....was it a scary place? Yes. Should they have knocked it down? Maybe not. As there is no Care In The Community anymore, Rainhill Hospital was the place you turned to in times of need and care..... Griffin, you made some really good points, because it wasnt all good, was it ?
  10. Who has got back the furthest?

    Seems like hard work to me but worth it, Ive had some info thanks to a distant relative, but I'm longing to do my Mums side myself, or try to. So if some of you are paying, what do you think is the best website, or did you just start on the 1901 Census and buy Birth Certificates etc ?
  11. Workhouse

    Would there be any records of the people who stayed there I wonder? It would be very interesting
  12. Old Photos or Paintings of St. Helens

    I say this every day of my life........I would love to jump into those pics and go back in time, we had such a lovely shopping centre. Jenny you can find some interesting pics on here, you will most certainly have a trip down memory lane, you look around the photos section. Enjoy !!
  13. Moor Flat / Moorflat / Moreflat

    A workhouse, in St Helens ? I'm amazed. I never knew that. How do you get info on that then please? Cant believe where the old pics keep coming from. They are so interesting !!
  14. Christmas Past

    A crib outside of nearly every church, especially Lowe House, it was lovely. And the fact that churches used to be open at all times. sadly no more
  15. First Telephone

    We got our first phone in 1977 and as it was the Queens Jubilee Year, my Mum ordered it in red, white and blue, oh how we laughed !!! It was still in a cupboard when we cleared the house out in 2003, I wish I had kept it now