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  1. OMG! I can't believe I've only just seen this, I haven't done anything with my tree for a couple of years due to one thing or another but this info has inspired me again.....and I'm related to Mishka!! who'd have thunk it!
  2. Hi Rebecca! as I said in my other posts I am stuck with this one, all I know is Thomas Daverin b.1872 was married to my gr grandmother Rebecca Montgomery b.1883, Thomas' parents came from Ireland but I don't know where. Thomas and Rebecca's daughter (my grandmother) was Ann b.1908 and she married John William Woodward b.1899 they had eight children before he died in 1946, one of which is my mum Mildred Anne b.1936 If it helps Rebecca's parents were Richard Montgomery b.1849 and Emma Mann b.1867 (big age difference!) Richard was also from Ireland.
  3. I remember the old Toy & Hobby, when I was about 7 or 8 my dad took me there about a week before my birthday to choose my present, but made it clear I was only looking and had to wait until my birthday the following week.....I chose my present, a keyboard type thing (god knows why I've never been musical) and came home with a Barbie type doll in a wedding dress, complete with bouquet 'just to put me on til my birthday' much of a dadies girl was I
  4. I get double yolkers on a regular basis from my hens and the white ones lay white eggs and my mum still cooks her spuds in dripping......thats the one thing I miss now i'm a veggie, me mams spuds!
  5. The one I remember when asking what was for tea was; a dipped butty in't kettle and when asking my dad where he was going he would say; there and back to see how far it if it's too far I'm comin home an I'll do tuther half tomorrow.
  6. That looks great Dave
  7. Thanks for that Dave, I don't know how but I had completley missed that topic.
  8. In an earlier topic (a while ago now) I read theat cyril street had had its name changed to Silkstone street, going of records I have discovered it was between 1901 and 1908. Does anyone know where I can find out why the name was changed?
  9. Its back on now!
  10. Thanks for the help guys, I'll give it a go and see what I can find.
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to search prison records from 1871? I have discovered that a couple (brothers) of very distant ancestors were in prison in the 1871 census (Surrey County Gaol) and it has got me intrigued as to why they were in there.
  12. You can add Mort to that list as well Martha Jane b. 1898 d. 1958 I don't think I will ever find her though, my mum seems to think she was buried in the wrong family grave, also possibly her husband will be in St.Nicks Richard b. 1884 d. 1935.
  13. My relatives who lived in Cyril Street were all Woodwards, does this ring any bells?
  14. Dave! I like your idea of naming and shaming, I think that could work
  15. I believe that the only reason a woman should have an abortion is if the child has something very serious wrong with it and it will have no quality of life. I dont mean a disability like Downs syndrome and the like, I mean (for want of a better phrase) is a cabbage, and even then I am not sure I would go through with it. Those figures are disgusting, abortion should be like IVF, only offered to those who really need it.