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  1. grant street

    A split was and still is chips and peas. The strange people of Wigan call it a mixture ? Steve
  2. Paper sellers around St Helens

    Thanks for the photo
  3. Paper sellers around St Helens

    Thanks for that i guess/hope the one legged man was Harry or Dicky.
  4. Moss Bank Nail Makers

    Billinge was a village with nailmaking as a profession, my 3X great grandfather was a nailor by trade. He moved to St Helens in 1850 and continued the trade into the 1880's from Bridge Street. it is therefore very likely that Moss Bank had the same trade, but it pretty much died out when the industrial revolution took place due to machines that could cut bar into nails quickly and cheaply. There is a reference to that, and my 3X great grandfather in the Barker & Harris book - St Helens A Merseyside Town in the Industrial Revolution.
  5. Paper sellers around St Helens

    My mother always spoke about Harry Ockley & Dicky Kelly (not sure of the spellings), paper sellers around the town square and the Sefton Pub in the 1960's/70's ? Doeas anyone have any knowledge of these characters.