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  1. Ashurst drive

    Sorry no idea
  2. Haresfinch / Island Brow

    Was it the lodge to Haresfinch House once the home of the Bromilow family of Merton Bank coal owners
  3. Destruction of our Heritage

    Inform your MP via e-mail about the changes,and your objections. Regards Nimrod
  4. Mount Pleasant in Billinge

    The Billingers by Richard Donald is a very good reference book about the history of Billinge. It is in most of the St Helens Libraries. Nimrod
  5. Munitions factories?

    HI nsso Not that i remember.Only that they got on the train at the Central station (Which was on the site of what is now the St Helens courts. Regards Nimrod
  6. aerial photos

    Excellent web site and photos. Nimrod
  7. Carr Mill Dam

    Thanks Nimrod
  8. Carr Mill Dam

    What is the distance round the dam from the Waterside pub and back.
  9. Find my past free credits

    Many thanks Ratty Nimrod
  10. Pianos in Pubs

    I remember one in The Duke of Cambridge in the late 60s. Nimrod
  11. Top of Church St

    I seem to recall that the St Helens Reporter office was between the White Hart and Woolworths Nimrod
  12. Once read it was called The Tan house and was owned by Tom Moncrieff of Laffack farm and it was a knackers yard where old horses were put down.
  13. F G C Forsters Glass Company?

    Was It Charlie Morley, who was in charge of security when it closed down. Nimrod