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  1. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    We have finished all the soldiers graves I have posted photo's you can see them on Face Book. St Helens Connect or Chantry St Helens
  2. I have found these they may be related 12/9/1899 Henry age 10 Mth. 20/7/1912 Ann age 18 Mth. H 28/9/1914. 4/7/1919 James age 81. 11/10/1920 Alfred age 48. and 25/8/1999 Vera age 70. as yet I have not found there burial plots but I am still working on them
  3. He his buried in the New Sect I think I have a photo in my files I will have a look for it and post there is also a John Richard buried in the same grave. age 12 mth date 5/9/1912
  4. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    Well all went well about 50 turned up and all enjoyed it, more would have but for the weather a few said they would come back and do a bit to help us others will be coming back to see more of what we are doing
  5. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    That last photo has the WOW factor
  6. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    Thanks Alan I will pass it on to them all
  7. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    You should have seen the hole we dug to get all that soil out mine you he was a big lad
  8. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    More great photos Rob. As you say there as been a lot of work done since you where last there we have lifted and cleaned over 100 grave stones In the last two week we have done seven soldiers graves lifted cleaned and stoned with white pebbles See S.H.R.oH. we have fourteen more to do before November. On the 9/10th Sept at 10.00 12.00 and 14.00 hrs I will be doing tours around the Chantry everyone is welcome.
  9. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    Do's anyone have access to St Helens new papers from 1912 iam looking for an obichory for a James Unsworth he died on the 12/3/1912 we have just uncovered his grave
  10. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    Thanks Dave we put some work in to this one Digging out the curbs out levelling them we put 6 borrows of soil in and a good scrub down
  11. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    This grave has two inscription on, one for Joseph Chisnall killed WW 1 and Leslie Chisnall killed WW 11 We have now lifted and cleaned over 100 graves This weekend we will be strimming the grass if anyone wants to come and help us to rake up the grass cutting you will be welcome
  12. St Thomas's Well

    I think the second well that you are talking about was the fountain which was near the hard lane enterance there was goldfish in it at one time