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  1. old maps

    What a find brilliant maps keep me busy looking for all the old places. Thanks Margie
  2. Our friend Le200 has died

    R.I.P Lee200 condolences to his family he will be missed very much on this site. Margie
  3. Thanks Hort, These are new to me, as my Bonney's came from St,Helens we must have a connection to them will have to try and get more information about them as to the names of the Bonney's who owned them any help would be appreciated. Margie.
  4. Bonney's crisps and Bonney's Engineering what timescale are we looking at ? Thanks Margie
  5. Would anyone be able to look for a Baptism for the following please. Mary Bonney born 1830/1832. ( This is not the Mary who was born 1828) Parents: William Bonney & Jane ? Thanks Margie
  6. 1939 Register

    I have 2 pages from the 1939 Register: Joseph Street Sutton numbers 10 to 34. Chapel Street numbers 63 to 77, If anyone would like a copy please pm with your email address. Thanks Margie
  7. FindMyPast 1939 Registers.

    As far as I know members will only get 25% discount off the price, it will not be part of the subscription any one already has. Wonder how many will decline to renew their membership once this known. Margie
  8. FindMyPast 1939 Registers.

    Perhaps you are right Stephen, could not work it out my self. Margie
  9. FindMyPast 1939 Registers.

    Not only the cost but to view those who have died in the last 100 years you have to send them the Death Cert, they will then unlock the person you wish to view. Margie
  10. Lowe House missing records

    Hi Phyll, Thank you for the link, Didn't realise that you would do searches for people I for one will be emailing with requests it mentions donation, how can we send it to you, Thanks Margie
  11. 600 years old

    Ned. The link doesn't appear to be working, for the photos, all I get is the www.com but no photos. Margie
  12. 1861 Census

    Ratty, Thanks for the help, will have to try and get down to St.Helens. Margie
  13. 1861 Census

    Hi, No not specific to this site, they are nowhere to be seen on Ancestry or Find My Past, making me think the relevant pages must be missing. Margie
  14. 1861 Census

    Hi, Does anybody know if there are missing folios for the 1861 Census for the Sutton area, I can find my family on all other Census apart from the 61. Thanks Margie
  15. William Welding 1850-1897

    Hi Will send pm. Margie