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  1. Mighty oaks at Greenacres woodland burial site, Blindfoot lane
  2. Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    your welcome . wonder if Julie still lives in St Helens ..
  3. Vicoria park heads
  4. Greenacres woodland burial site. Autumn.17
  5. Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    we worked with Julie fillingham, duaghter of the haulage transport company in st thelens...
  6. Thatto Heath Fair.

    didn't realise it was there in the 50s ...wow
  7. must have been murder for a coach driver back then!.. on my 21st to a club called " pips " in Manchester , on the journey back all lashed up and all my entire wardrobe i was wearing that night was kindly removed from and chucked out of the skylight on the coach.. was a cold journey that November walking up the old road. . brass monkeys.
  8. when the fair came to town..., November time in the 70s.....
  9. was around 1976 onwards that they used to leave from the Cotham, we came straight out of work around the corner at Tony Sampsons then jumped on any coach to anywhere wothout prior invites
  10. Snow steps.

    Friths Farm too..
  11. Snow steps.

    winter pics.Taylor park
  12. Snow steps.

    winter pics.Taylor park
  13. feed the birds.

    Winter pics @ Taylor park
  14. Crank road

    Winter pics