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  1. Anyone remember CID Sid ?

    In the beginning of the 1970's I went to Allanson Street infants, it was all terraced houses around there back then, and quite a few characters as well. I remember one bloke they called CID SID, I asked my grandma, (who took me to school) why this man had such a strange name, well it was strange to a 5-year-old, anyway, she told me that he was a local petty crook. Apparently, every time there was a crime in the area, the local CID made his home their first port of call, hence the nickname, anyone else remember him?
  2. Tough guy

    Whatever happened to a good old fist fight, the type that ended there and then? Back in the day, if me and you had a problem we'd go outside, belt seven bells out of each other, and the winner would buy the loser a drink, end of problem. If we saw each other in the pub the week after, we'd probably nod to each other and say hello. Now it's all knives and guns and fights go on forever, why can't modern youths just do what we did!
  3. Coca cola truck

    Alan, you have made a bloody good point there my friend! Personally, I dislike Christmas now, it is far too commercialized, back when I was a kid you did well if you got £20 spent on you for Christmas, nowadays kids get hundreds spent on them. I had a blazing row last week with my wife, over of all things a roll of wrapping paper! She's spent about a hundred quid on each of our 2 grandkids, then the other day needed some more wrapping paper, despite there being rolls for 99p, she had to pick one for £2, when I pointed out that it was just a waste, she went into a rant and accused me of being a Scrooge! The kids get the presents, rip the paper off them without a second glance and then after opening the present simply put it aside while they open another, so why waste money on expensive wrapping paper? Last year she insisted we put a £20 note in the granddaughters birthday card, as well as getting her a present. Later that week the daughter in law asked why we'd not given the granddaughter, money in her card like we did for the grandson on his birthday. I told her we had, but she was adamant we hadn't, a quick search through the recycling bag located the missing £20 note, she had opened the envelope and not even bothered to look inside it.
  4. Coca cola truck

    Stopping kids stuffing their faces with fast food would be a better idea, an even better one would be teaching some of these stupid parents how to cook a meal. It really pee's me off to hear them moaning about being skint, then ordering a pizza and a load of other shite from Domino's for about 20 quid, and that's just for one meal! My mam insisted I learned to cook and believe me for 20 quid I could feed a family of four for a week, the trouble is a lot of the younger generation are bone idle if it doesn't come ready cooked or out of a microwave they don't know what to do. They are constantly whinging about Coca-Cola, and it's all BS, if people were drinking enough Coke to pile a load of weight on then they'd have no teeth, also they'd be a lot more active. I worked for them for a spell, so naturally got the product for free. I used to drink about 6 litres a day at one point, I'm 5' 10 tall and weigh just under 12 stone, hardly obese! It's loaded with caffeine as well as sugar, so if you drink loads it keeps you awake, it's a bit like amphetamines in a way, and as you'll be aware, in small doses, these are used in slimming pills. So before we all start screaming about Coke causing obesity, it doesn't. It has ingredients in it which are not exactly healthy, Phosphoric acid, for one, which actually causes a loss of calcium from the bones, so yes it's bad for you but not in the way it's being made out to be. Why not complain about pie shops, or chippy's or kebab shops, or pizza shops? We have too many of these already, let's close a few of them, and a few of the numerous clubs that seem to proliferate in our town.
  5. Transcription Help Please.

    Probably not, its always been the same, the haves start the trouble and the have-nots get to finish it.Actually, I have a way that would cut a lot of conflicts, how about any politician who votes for getting involved in a conflict, has to put their kids on the front line? If you vote for war and you have sons, or daughters old enough to fight then off they go! It's all too easy to start shouting the odds when it isn't you that has to face the bullets. I think that after the last 2 wars people had realized the sacrifices made and certifying a death, even some years later as being attributable to injuries received in the war was in some small way acknowledging what that person had done for his country. I believe one of the main problems these days is that some people still live in the past, go back a hundred years or so, we were a major player on the world stage, trouble anywhere and we'd be off to sort it "tally ho chaps" and all that. The problem is there are still people in authority with that same mentality, who still think we should "send our chaps over and give them a damned good thrashing, what". the problem is we are no longer a major player, there are countries in the "third world" wealthier than us, it's time we stopped pretending and refrained from sticking our nose in where we have no business, you only have to look at Iraq, we went steaming in, overthrew Saddam Hussein, walked out and the place went to crap. it wasn't our fight, there were no weapons of mass destruction, it was just one stupid PM trying to make a name for himself. That's the trouble these days, they all want to be remembered in history, but now they don't care if it's for good things or bad. One wonders how much more trouble we'll be dragged into, just so some idiot politician can have their 5 minutes of fame.
  6. Things you don't see anymore

    What a load of crap, when I was a lad, you'd even get a clip round the ear off the village bobby, most of us turned out fine and none of mine have ever been in trouble with the law. I'm talking a timely slap, not a severe beating, or are you one of these people who advocates a "no boundaries" approach to rearing children? There was some right stupid cow on tv a while back, her kid peed on the floor because it didn't want to go to the toilet, it was about 5 years old, another one scratched a neighbours car, "it's fine, he's just expressing his creative side" replied the woman, when asked what she thought about what he'd done. Creative side my arse, if he'd done several hundred pounds worth of damage to my car then there'd have been hell to pay. There are too many parents these days who abdicate responsibility, there was an old lady killed at the weekend by a 14-year-old on an illegal motorbike. Perhaps if his parents had taken a bit more interest in his upbringing then there wouldn't be an old lady lying in the mortuary.
  7. A "new" St Helens

    Recently there was an article about how our council plans to erect a giant glass dome over the middle of town and give it a revamp, it also mentioned that it's going to cost one hell of a lot of our money! I was born and bred in St Helens, and a couple of weeks ago I went into town after an absence of about a year, and I have to say what an absolute dump it was! Shops closed down, litter all over the place, and shop workers who were either sat around doing nothing or as miserable as sin. It was so bad in Poundland that I gave up and walked out, staff doing nothing, and a load of customers struggling to use those stupid self-checkouts, while the staff who could have been running tills stood around watching nobody pinched anything at the self-serve! I remember a while back, there was an outcry because someone wanted to open an adult store on the East Lancs rd, "it will corrupt the innocent children" cried the horrified public! On Saturday, I visited Warrington, they are building a new market and have a temporary one until the new one is built. I walked around it, stallholders smiled and said "hello", it was far busier than my hometown, yet everyone was friendly, there was no pushing and shoving, I was served by people who actually smiled! At one point I met the mayor, he was doing a walkabout and asked what I thought of his town, I had to be honest and tell him how much of a pleasure it was to find clean streets, polite, smiling staff, and streets lined with shops that were actually open. He advised me to visit Golden Square, there was a Christmas event on, stalls selling various food and drink items, a large covered area where you could sit and relax, again it was spotlessly clean, in the background played cheerful music, loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to be annoying. I then ambled into the main shopping centre, again all the stores were open, it was like a mini Trafford centre. I was looking for a particular store, so I asked one of the cleaners, she smiled and not only gave me directions but also pointed out one of a number of map boards that they have to help you find your way around. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience, I only intended on popping in for one item, I actually spent several hours there, oh and they have 2 adult shops, yet the kids are not corrupted, or wandering about causing mayhem or hanging around in large groups. I'm sorry to say this but for shopping in future I shall be visiting Warrington, they have loads of good shops, staff that are pleasant, and streets that don't resemble some Eastern European rat hole. The members of our beloved council would do well to visit Warrington and ask how they do it, because from what I can see their council tax bills are not massive, so it can't be more money, it has to be a question of how it is spent.
  8. C A and D Heaton ( Removals)

    My Lord, Fred Davies, that brought back some memories, years ago when I was a struggling young spark (still struggling just older now) I did a job for one of the bosses, I won't name him, it was at his house. While I was there one of the bigger bosses turned up, they'd bought some premises out of town and the lighting was all wrong, apparently, the racking had ran left to right, but the new racking was running front to back, meaning all the lights were over the racks instead of the aisles. This was causing issues as they hadn't envisaged this, and hadn't budgeted the £20 grand or so that the contractors had quoted. I asked if I could take a look at it, and they agreed, I went to site and realized that all that was needed was to replace the short flex on each fitting with a longer one and re-hang it over the aisle, there were a few damaged fittings but they were not dear, it could be a nice easy job. I went back and said I could do the job, no problem, however, they'd have to supply an access platform, and as it was night work it would be a little more expensive! I then told them I'd be wanting £2500, to carry out the works. The main boss was a bit of a sly character, he asked me to wait outside while they discussed it, I overheard him saying that it was a stupidly cheap quote, obviously I didn't know how to price a job, but he thought they should give me the work, then insist I finished it for my quoted price. Basically, he saw it as his way out of a tricky situation, someone was going to take a hit, and so long as it wasn't them then it was fine. I ordered some rolls of cable, and some new fittings then rang a cousin of mine and asked if he'd like to earn an easy £400. All he had to do was go up in this scissor lift, remove the fittings, and rehang the new ones, while he was replacing them, I'd be sat at the bench putting longer cables on the other fittings ready to go back up. He jumped at it, and over 4 nights, doing about 4 hours a night we had the job done. My cousin was happy with his £400, I myself had made about £1600 pound,s, and they were happy because they'd got the job done. Although to be honest I always suspected that the big boss was a bit put out that I hadn't fallen flat on my face with it.
  9. C A and D Heaton ( Removals)

    My uncle drove for Taberns for years, Ronnie Harrison, I was at a show a few years ago and a bloke had one of Taberns old wagons. I went to look at it, and it was the one my uncle used to drive. The guy who had bought it had found some old collection notes from Pilks, and a drivers jacket in it. He was so happy that I was able to fill in some of the missing history for him, that he took me in it when they did the drive around the parade ring. He was driving around the ring, and struggling to get the gears and I started to laugh, "you need to do it properly" I laughed, he looked at me "what!" he replied, "try it like this" I told him, "drop the clutch, knock it out of gear and swear, let the clutch up, drop it again, swear, then select gear and release clutch". He tried it and to his amazement, it went straight into gear. I laughed as he looked at me, "it's double-declutching, but in this wagon, it only works if you swear between changes, or at least that's what my uncle always said" added 16 minutes later Just looked at Google maps, Dentons Green Lane starts at the lights where the Lingholme pub used to be and runs all the way up to Kiln lane, where the Gerrard pub is. there is a Lingholme rd and that is the one that runs alongside the park, coming from the Lingholme pub, towards boundary rd, turn right at the junction with Kirkland st, and you're on Lingholme rd. The funny thing is that local people know things by funny names, or what they were called years ago, take Windle Island, for example, it's been Windle Island for as long as I can remember, but I've never seen an island there. I remember when I was a service engineer, travelling all over the country, quite often you'd be trying to find somewhere and end up asking some old bloke. You'd ask an old fella because you thought he'd know the area, it usually went like this. "excuse me mate, can you tell me where Wilson rd is please", old guy looks puzzled, scratches his head and thinks, then "aye, I've no idea lad, and I've lived here all me life, sorry". Me, thinks, then, "there's a pub on the corner, the Dog and Duck". Old guy, smiles, "well why didn't you say", he then proceeds to give perfect directions. Eventually, I learned to always ask the customer for the name of their nearest pub, people may not know street names, but they always know the pubs.lol
  10. Transcription Help Please.

    an interesting one when looking at documents from years ago is how they recorded a death on the certificate. It's interesting to note how the recording of deaths changed over the years, it was not uncommon to see, the cause of death given as an injury received in battle, even though they died a number of years afterwards, can't see them doing that these days. Perhaps it was a way of paying tribute to someone who while not dying on the battlefield did still die in the defence of his country. I seem to remember one where a chap had died a good few years after he'd come home from the war, he'd been gassed and many years later died of a lung condition. However, instead of recording it as what actually killed him, eg, emphysema, or some other disease, it was recorded as "died as a result of gas exposure during the war". That was a bygone age, when people actually cared, nowadays governments send people to war without the proper equipment, and don't seem to bother about them, look at how many come back suffering PTSD and are just cast aside, with no care for how they will carry on.
  11. Things you don't see anymore

    The first time you ever got a clout off the local bobby, you went home and complained to your mam, she gave you a good hiding, then you got another when your old man came home. I remember last year, I'd gone round to my sons house for a barbeque, the grandkids are pretty good, but the granddaughter(7) was getting a bit cheeky. She kept climbing on my knee, with her feet, and after she did it the 3rd time I told her if she carried on she'd get her backside tanned. She laughed and did it again, over my knee she went, and 3 slaps later was a very different child! The daughter in law was about to say something, when my son interrupted her, "it never did me any harm, and she was warned, not to climb on granddads knee like that". Never had a problem since, I'm not saying kids should be beaten senseless, but a timely smack never did any of us older ones any harm. It's a bit like growing up, remember things your mam said to you, some of them made no sense at the time, but in later years you find yourself saying the same things to your own kids. "do you want a good hiding?" "if you fall off there and break your legs, don't come running to me" Then of course there was getting a slap. usually in syllables, you only hoped that the lecture was a short one, because there were less slaps in it, e.g "How ma ny times ha ve you been told not to go out on to the road" properly done there were 17 slaps in that one. eeh kids of today, they don't know how lucky they are.
  12. Clitheroes Van

    Oh well at least it's sorted then lol. the funny thing was that Id not given Ivy Clitheroe any thought in over 30 years, then early last week she popped into my head, then the other day I found this site and there you were, asking about her, weird or what.
  13. Bates ciggie shop opp wilkies

    I remember when I was about 30 and decided to try a pipe instead of cigarettes, I went there and bought a pipe and some tobacco, they sold all kinds in jars and would make up a particular blend for you.
  14. sthelens reporter today-allanson st photo

    Thanks for putting up that Video, Phyll, I went there in 1970, I can only remember a couple of teachers, Mrs. Grice, and Mrs. Burrows, the caretaker was a Mr. Marsden. I remember running after a tennis ball and standing on it, I went flying and bust my nose! They had races one day and first, second, and third, won a prize. I came fourth so didn't get anything! Not like today, at my grandson's sports day this year they didn't give the winners prizes, apparently, everyone's a winner. They don't want kids feeling that they aren't as good as the others, what a load of tosh! Out in the real world you have to be competitive to get anywhere, it may have only been a bag of crisps that I didn't win, but it taught me that I'd have to try harder in future. I remember there was a moon landing or something similar while I was there and Sir Bernard Lovell came over from Jodrell Bank to tell us about it, we all sat in the hall and watched it on a tv, while he explained it all. I had some very happy times at that school, once again thanks for the video. Phil D
  15. Potato cakes

    The best spudcakes came from Mercers bakery, it was on a corner a little way up from Helena house, but on the opposite side.