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  1. Parr Mill

    Thanks Ste for all your help Kind Regards, Tom added 6 minutes later Thanks Dave added 50 minutes later Thanks Dave
  2. Hi I have a Catherine Hewitt who married a Martin Gorman and was just wondering are any of these are linked to you? Best Regards, Tom
  3. Parr Mill

    Hi, I have been tracing my family tree for a number of years, a few weeks ago I found out information regarding my 3rd Great grand parents Martin Gorman & Catherine Hewitt, They got married in 1850 Prescot and where living in prescot. They had 4 children I know of Catherine - John - Richard & Ann. I sent of for 3 of the children's birth certificates Catherine was born in Prescot and after this the family moved to Parr the other 2 John & Richard it says they where born in Parr near Parr Mill St Helen's would any of you know where this was. Here is a Blog I created about this family maybe it will help? http://pottertea.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/the-link-for-catherine-gorman-hughes.html Any help would be of great use. Kind Regards, Tom.