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  1. Our friend Le200 has died

    Sorry to hear about this. RIP.
  2. st helens steam engine shed

    Does anyone have any photos of the shunters at Hall street? The ones I remember were 47452, 47453 and 47298. I used to get sick of seeing 76076 and 76077. I've got one photo but keep looking on Ebay for more.
  3. There was a railway carriage behind one of the houses to the right of the field.
  4. Archive film

    Edward Bellis's lorry is in town and on the Rainford bypass - just a coincidence. Some of the buses were C reg so they were 1965.
  5. 'Sad News' for Sutton Junction

    Thats sad. I used to call for a paper and have have chat with Tony, what a nice bloke. Sorry to hear they've had to close
  6. Junction of Duke Street and College Street

    You don't drive a Renault do you? that could be the answer!
  7. You can take asbestos to the council tip at Huyton, but you have to arrange it with St.Helens council first.
  8. Oddfellows hall, broad oak road

    Two semi's now.
  9. Pocketnook in the 50s and 60s.

    Shes still around and had her 70th at the Primrose last year with Bob who was 80.
  10. Polar Ford

    I agree with the previous posts the Horseshoe garage are the best for MOT's and servicing totally honest and trustworthy. If you're buying a car from Polar Ford make sure you see the service history for it before you buy it. They were very cagey about my daughters cars as it had stamps missing.
  11. New photos on Britain from above

    Thanks for that.
  12. Tye

    I've just noticed this. George Lally was my great granddad and theres still a headstone on his grave in the cemetery. I have looked for Margaret Tyes grave but the section has no headstones on it. Theres some connection with College street and a picture of the back of the house is on the heritage site.
  13. That's an old trick, you use the white of the egg.
  14. My daughter parked at John Lennon airport without buying a ticket. She later received a letter through the post, will she have to pay this? She said it was my fault because I'm always doing it!
  15. The picture isn't the El Toreador- it looks like a bike shop.