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  1. Rivington Rd

    Miss Staveley's sister was a missionary in China .
  2. Lady Pilks

    I only ever met her on one occasion - in the Chemist Shop on Greenfield Road, when she was chatting in a very friendly with the Assistants in there. Seemed like a really lovely lady, but I couldn't help a little giggle ..................... the image of Dick Emery's 'Mandy' remained with me ever afterwards .
  3. Fed Up Never Hearing About Events Going On?

    Is it possible to sign up for updates directly to your Inbox on this website, please?
  4. Teachers's Rest

    'Teacher's Rest, Mother's Pest and Father's Aggravation' was what we always knew it as, HORT !
  5. dont we have school hols anymore?

    My grandkids have been off school - like all the other kids - since the end of July, but how things have changed since our generation were children! 1 - Parents are not allowed to take kids out of school during Term Time, therefore most of them get taken on holiday during the school holidays. Where families are split by divorce, very often this can mean TWO holidays during the summer holidays. My grandkids were away with their dad for a week - next weekend (Bank Holiday) they're going away for a 'long weekend' with my daughter (of course this was even MORE expensive due to the BH!) 2 - Farms etc can no longer employ kids who want to earn a bit of extra pocket money during the holidays, due to things like H&S regulations / automatic harvesting of some crops / age restrictions / cheap foreign labour prepared to work for less than minimum wages 3 - Many parents are too scared to allow kids to 'wander off all day in search of adventures'. Increased traffic on roads like the East Lancs, make it quite dangerous for older kids to be in charge of youger ones without an adult present. We thought nothing of crossing it to get to Moss Bank, Crank, Rainford, Carr Mill, Billinge. Plus the daily stories of kids being abducted/abused/mugged/bullied are scary for today's parents. 4 - Kids have all the entertainment that they can possibly want within the walls of their bedrooms. PC Gaming means that they can sit in their own rooms and compete with other kids in their own rooms .................... once they have the 'where-with-all' it doesn't cost any further financial layout. I daily 'Give Thanks' that I had my own childhood when I did !
  6. Oh NO.The Vision of St.Helens Town Centre.

    Robbob - Looking at what needs to be demolished, is there anything worth your while documenting among those buildings !
  7. Quarry Pond near Sherdley Park

    Thank you, Dane - I do remember seeing groups of mostly teenage boys jumping/diving into the water in very hot weather. My grandad always told me it was extremely deep and that they were taking a big risk by swimming there, let alone diving in it.
  8. Around St.Helens

    I think that could be the building where I used to go to Brownies - around 1960
  9. kids board games

    Don't remember that particular one, nsso - but I did enjoy all the usual suspects like Ludo / Snakes & Ladders / Monopoly / Chinese Chekkers / Draughts .
  10. Disappeared word and phrases

    I still use my 'oven mitt' - sick to death of burning my hands/wrists on oven shelves . My nan always used a 'copper' for boiling the whites; 'dolly-tub', 'posser' and 'scrubbing board' for washing with; and finished off with the 'mangle' before putting it all on the 'outside pulley-line' with a 'prop' to hold it up. Then it would be 'aired off' later on the 'indoor pulley' over the 'kitchen range'. I was taught to do the ironing with a 'flat iron' heated up on the 'range' - spit on it to see if it was hot enough . After the flat-irons, we got an electric one that plugged into a 'double adaptor' fitted into the 'big light' - made the light swing like a pendulum with your movements. Like Hort, I still use a 'maiden' - tumble dryer broke down and no intention of buying a new one just for using in the winter. Guess I'm still a product of the 50's/60's . I have a Food Processor that NEVER sees the light of day - because it's too much hassle to clean, and takes up too much space on the worktop to leave out all the time. I'd rather make a cake using a bowl, wooden spoon and 'a bit of elbow power'. Still using a Pressure Cooker (old style - one not a modern electric one). I also have one of those electric steamers that came free with something I bought, but I've NEVER used it - prefer to use either the 'steamer pans' or a colander over a pan of potatoes. I just don't like to use electric to do something that I'm physically capable to doing by hand. I'm sure the time will come, when I don't have the strength in my hands/wrists/elbows, and THEN I'll use whatever is to hand, but until then ...................... I'll carry on doing things how I've always done them!
  11. Co/Op Divi number

    In the early 60's ours was 15130 !
  12. Baseball boots

    ............ made their way into Lingholme Road as well, Alan. My Nan bought me the black/white ones with the white rubber circle to protect the ankle bone from being kicked when playing footie/rugby.
  13. Pilkingtons Personnel Department

    The only person that I can remember from Pilks Personnel, was Harry Howard (Manager, Cowley Hill Works) who interviewed me in March 67 - lovely man who could really put you at ease while interviewing. I did have two interviews at Head Office but, for the life of me, I can't remember any of the names. I only remember Harry Howard because his daughter was in the same year as me at Cowley. I DO remember that as 16yr olds, we were entitled to 'subsidised lunch tickets' that we had to get from Personnel on a Monday morning.
  14. WARNING:Japanese Knotweed

    Hi Robbob - good timely warning from you! Once this stuff gets into your garden, it's absolutely vile and spreads like nobody's business. Even a fragment of a rhizome can self-propogate. It's very easy to think that it's been eradicated as it 'dies back' each year above ground, but the root system/rhizomes go dormant in the winter months and re-start as soon as spring comes. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/prevent-japanese-knotweed-from-spreading
  15. Rivington Rd

    Hello stilly I was at Rivington Infants/Juniors from 56-62, so it looks as though I was probably in the class below yours. I posted a class-photo on here quite a few years ago - taken when we were in 4th Year Juniors (Mr Owen as class teacher) - you may very well recognise some of us from that photo. I'm centre of back row wearing pinafore dress/white blouse - maiden name Lilian Thompson.