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  1. The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Pure luck went for a walk in park,sat on seat opposit fountain.
  2. Around St.Helens

    Tom Collins shop,TT week years ago,I came across 6 bikers stranded on the east lancs stopped to help,problem was broken chain I directed them to Tom Collins.The next week i called in Tom said they spent a fourtune on parts,Tom was smiling all week.
  3. Cowley Hill Maternity Hospital 1931-1970

    My son was born there,dads had to look through a window to see your baby for the first few days.that was around 1970.
  4. Billy's Weekly Liar !

    I also remember the Daily Mirror man giving away money if you saw him.
  5. 1st time buyer?

    Original picture on Pinterest in old St Helens lock cottages. added 36 minutes later This looks like the cottage.
  6. 1st time buyer?

    The building is quite old,it may be a listed site.
  7. Around St.Helens

    The Carr Mill had some telivised bowling matches some years ago,my wife worked in the restaurant doing weddings.
  8. Around St.Helens

    The Carr Mill I knew had a posh real restaurant with proper silver service,also head waiter named Bill.
  9. Another bunch of photos

    The transport office,did it have a gents toilet down stairs with fish tanks?
  10. The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Looks right 10/10.
  11. The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Well done,any ideas on the letters JHP ?
  12. Around St.Helens

    Phyll,try google maps you will see a large lake near St Marks church.