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  1. Whist Drives?

    Hi Hort, at the whist drive I went to, you played continually with your partner (you were a team) but changed opposition after each game.
  2. Whist Drives?

    Whist was a very popular card game during the 60's and whist drives used to give people something to do if they weren't going to bingo. We used to play whist during our lunch break at St Helens telephone exchange. One day, my playing partner and myself decided to go to the Blackbrook whist drive, which I think was held on a Wednesday evening. After the game, when the winning points was announced, we were not mentioned, even though we had a better score. We challenged the result and were eventually awarded the evening's prize, which I cannot remember how good or bad it was. We never did return or go to another whist drive although we continued to play at work.
  3. VOLL dies today aged 82

    Very sad news especially having seen his 1957 Springbok shirt at a South African winery some 3 weeks ago. I am booked in the same restaurant tomorrow (22nd Oct) - the sight of that shirt will be very poignant. RIP Voll.
  4. For Brianza - SS = Stan Gibbons as you surmise. Would be happy to swop stories of West Park

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    2. Brianza


      Hi Stan,

      When Barney died I was told he had cancer but I'm not sure to which part of his body and it was a long time ago. I do remember him being very good at art and also at entertaining the ladies. I'm surprised the hairdressers is still going, it's not an area of St Helens I go to when I return although my brother still lives in Windle about a mile away. When I do visit St H I always make for Burchalls to have my "fix" of their pies - the shop front hasn't changed since Eric North's days; come to think of it neither has the flavour of the food.

      I remember David Calderbank but never bumped into him whilst living in Billinge between 1975-89. I did see Joey Taylor once and he had lost an eye due to a pellet gun accident but never saw him again.

      I bumped into Joe Coan at Grange Park GC many years ago and had a good chat with him, he turned out to be a real gent. He almost remembered me asking If I was Forber? He had the right year and this was in 1990 almost 30 years after leaving school - I was impressed.

      I recently went to a local winery in Stellenbosch and was amazed to see Tom van Vollenhoven's South African international shirt, from 1957, framed and hanging on the on the wall. I put a blog on the St H Connect site and then 3 weeks later he dies. It seemed scary that I had these memories of him rekindled just before his death and other blog members had done the same.

      Your opening sentence had me worried for a few seconds = pleased to see you were kidding.

      Cheers Brian

    3. stanley stamp

      stanley stamp

      Hi Brian,

                        Quick note as I remember. I shared a desk with Chris Hesketh ( another wigan connect ) and many many years later looked up the name & found he had been a prominent rugby league player . Salford comes to mind. I remembered a game on the West Park field where he scored a try flying over the line in spectacular fashion. Shades of things to come. Me & Barney were invited to leave West Park at Xmas 1960 .    cheers Stan

    4. Brianza


      HI Stan,

      We are over in Cheshire for the festive season, visiting family & friends around the NW & N Ireland. Hopefully I'll get time  to buy some Burchalls' pies before we return to SA.

      Have a Happy Christmas & a Healthy New Year.

      Cheers Brian

  5. Remembering Voll

    A tribute from SA rugby and GB rugby to Voll. Unusual respect from the Union fraternity for a player turning from RU to RL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpbJr9Mztkw
  6. Remembering Voll

    Hi Hort/Alan, I was also there, having travelled by charabang to the Smoke. The inter-passing between Large and Voll, running towards us in the crowd and Eric Ashton catching Large with every stride. All of us screaming "pass it to Voll'. Thankfully he heard us and the rest is history. It seems only like yesterday. A think a better video of the try is this link on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSJlppjrdxw
  7. Remembering Voll

    I went to a winery/restaurant in the Western Cape, South Africa yesterday - and very enjoyable it was. The very wealthy owner has various rooms dedicated to his many interests, one of which is sports memorabilia. In a glass case, in that room, was the Number 3 shirt worn by Tom van Vollenhoven for the Springbok RU team in 1957 - 60 years ago. I had always thought that South Africans had forgotten Tom and never forgiven him for turning to RL to earn a living because he had a gift. Obviously I am wrong. The memories of the ability of this unique sportsman came flooding back, especially Wembley 1961, so I sat down, relaxed and had another glass of wine.
  8. Do you remember these faces?

    Thanks Ratty. I remember The Cullett very well, the majority of my family worked at Pilks and there was always a copy knocking around. The next time I return to St Helens I'll make a point of visiting the History and Archives Library to rekindle the memories.
  9. My favourite sounding thoroughfare is in Ashton in Makerfield and I am not sure whether it is allowed to be named on this site covering St Helens. It is a narrow passageway in the town centre, joining Gerrard St and Heath Rd and is affectionately called "Squeeze Belly Entry". Unfortunately, it is not shown on Google Map.
  10. Do you remember these faces?

    The lady being presented with flowers is Rhoda Puncheon, my great aunt. The family believe she was the first forewoman at Fibreglass and it is on the occasion of her retirement
  11. Things you don't see anymore

    Maybe it was a word just local to Clinkham Wood. It's like the words "tuttut", "stonies" and "slansing" - very common words in St Helens but people look at you as if you were a foreigner when you use them outside the town.
  12. Things you don't see anymore

    A trungle is a bicycle wheel without any spokes or tyre - a metal hoop. Kids would run along side it whipping it with their hand or a stick. Parents would often send the child on an errand telling them to go on their trungle.
  13. Things you don't see anymore

    1) The kid in the class that had a plaster over one lens of his spectacles. 2) Kids running errands on their trungle. 3) The front door knocker wrapped with a sock because your dad was on night turn.
  14. Things you don't see anymore

    Empty milk bottles, with notes in them, on the doorstep.
  15. lowe house class photo 1945 onward

    I also have a Lowe House communion photo taken in 1951 so the children would be born in 1943/44. I would post it onto the site if I knew how. Maybe someone could help. This is my first comment onto the St Helens site and will hopefully contribute positively to future topics.