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  1. Duffy family holly bank street

    I have no idea , my grandad only remembers his grandad he doesnt remember any relatives from that side x
  2. census

    Finally confirmed the suspected family of john duffy today with my grandfathers dna results and a 2nd cousin match and a quick nosey on their tree revealed that they have the suspected family on their tree ! No paper work but at least i can put it to bed till library opens .
  3. census

    that is awful , i was only born in 87 so although i know about IRA and the bombings i never knew that the prejudice would be as recent as the 60s
  4. census

    Hi thanks everyone for the replies i will start to look in the wider area . Kizzy was the irish still looked down on when you was young because my grandad said people used to call his grandad an irish b****** but from what i can gather on documents i do have he was from st helens . Nat
  5. census

    Is there a reason why people wouldn't be found on an 1891 and 1901 census ? Its still pecking my head over this john duffy fella
  6. Ancestry DNA

    Hi tony , Iv uploaded mine to my heritage and FTDNA i think they both have smaller data bases than ancestry but its nice to see the different variations on your ethnicity
  7. can anyone help me please ?

    I think esther foster and thomas j kelly
  8. can anyone help me please ?

    I never thought of looking for jack , my granddad was john but known as jack ! thank you
  9. can anyone help me please ?

    They married in 1906 , maybe they was living over brush before they got married ? added 9 minutes later going back to this peter duffy , sarah annie riley family he is a labourer and john duffy father on his marriage cert says peter duffy labourer but I cant find anything on GRO or BDM for a riley having a john duffy but they was married in 1882 and on the census their oldest child is born in 1892 which is a long time to go without conceiving but then again not entirely impossible .
  10. can anyone help me please ?

    William wooseys daughter jane was born in 1880 i dont think its the wrong cert it would be a massive conicedence for 2 jane e wooseys to have married a john duffy , i think they are related the 2 jane wooseys , prob named after their nan jane townsend almond x added 5 minutes later I have found a family , a peter duffy and a sarah ann / annie riley married in 1882 in prescot from st helens they have 2 kids one called james and one called mary ann , john duffy himself had a daughter called mary ann .. i just cant connect him to that family . Nat
  11. can anyone help me please ?

    Hi ratty , last night whilst checking the marriage cert i realised that jane e wooseys dad was actually called peter i dont know how i missed it , i originally had william woosey and mary ann thomas they have a daughter called jane like you said , i had done my tree on ancestry according to that and last night i had to try and re do it but i ended up back at the same woman jane townsend almond so i think mary ann and margaret thomas are sisters and maybe peter and william woosey are brothers or at least related .
  12. can anyone help me please ?

    would it be possible that john duffy wasn't registered ?
  13. can anyone help me please ?

    Whos address his dads or johns ? John live , john and jane live on the same street but i cant read what it says it begins with an S looks like spinson street ? They got married at parish church holy trinity . just checked the 1901 census for jane woosey and it says shes living on fenney street and it says shes 21 although on her marriage cert it says shes 21 and that's 1906 ? I don't get this . added 21 minutes later seems jane e woosey lied about her age as she is listed on the 1881 census and wouldn't be if she was born I 1884 as she says on her census' after marriage and she would have been 26 not 21 when she wed john duffy haha oh dear but also john duffy would have been born in 1885 if he was 21 when he got married ... jeez spurgeon street it is
  14. can anyone help me please ?

    I'm trying to see find proof of his birth so i can add his parents to my tree , iv found a john duffy born 1883 as a boarder on newton road in 1901 but it says he was irish ? Was it common for people to say they was from st helens if they was irish ? Iv checked the births from 83 to 85 in the lancashire area on bdm then put the ref into gro got the surnames and checked for a marriage with a peter duffy and none of them match , i cant find a peter duffy on a census that would fit either .
  15. hi I am stuck trying to find my great grandfather john duffy on the 1891 or 1901 census , his dob is 25 nov 1883/1884 and he says on the 1911 census that he is from st helens , I know his dads name is peter from his marriage cert but that's it , in 1911 he is living with his wife jane duffy nee woosey and his 2 daughters lilian and doris .