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  1. Ancestry DNA

    From what iv read about dna you dont get passed on equal parts from mum and dad , maybe your mums cousins could show up relatives that you cant even though you would also be related , I'm in a ancestor circle and most are related to my grandad but not all related to me . I know its a pain , its hard with the irish iv got back to roscommon with my grandads side so I'm leaving them there now because its pointless , iv joined ireland reaching out so il just have to wait and see if anyone contacts me . Nat
  2. Ancestry DNA

    @Tony J the way i narrowed my search was by testing my maternal grandad as well with him being further up the generation chain he got matches that i didn't even though they are obviously related to me and i was able to find his maternal grandfathers mothers family as i had no birth record for him at all .Do you have surnames and someone older you could test ? I'm saying this but i cant find my nans dad and she wont give me her DNA so I'm going to get my mum tested see if that helps , fingers crossed we find them
  3. Ancestry DNA

    @Tony JGedmatch is good and you can use the forums and there are some experts floating about that will explain what your results mean , my heritage gave me these results Europe 97.0% North and West Europe 95.8% English 67.8% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 20.6% Scandinavian 7.4% Ashkenazi Jewish 1.2% Ashkenazi Jewish 1.2% Asia 2.2% West Asia 2.2% West Asian 2.2% America 0.8% Native American 0.8% Native American 0.8% added 12 minutes later And ancestry gave me 55% irish 31% scandanavian 5% great britian 5% europe west 2% caucasus 1 % europe south Minus 1 % iberian peninsula I dont think my heritage has a database as big as ancestry but gedmatch is run by scientists and is collecting data from all over the world my gedmatch puts me firmly in the shetlands and above x
  4. St helens archives

    I'm sure they do , but its been closed a while now Nat
  5. St helens archives

    Wish it would hurry up , iv got lots of digging to do
  6. St helens archives

    Does anyone know when or if the library will be open again ? Nat
  7. Update on john duffy

    At holy cross , this is a copy cert from 1939 , it says he had a god mother but no godfather xx
  8. Update on john duffy

    After a long search and plenty of mithering i managed to track down a cousin of my grandfathers and she turned up unexpectedly with a baptism cert confirming that my john duffys mother was sarah ann riley ,which means i can carry on with my research although they are both irish and i will prob hit another block soon enough haha thanks to everyone for trying to help . Nat
  9. Duffy family holly bank street

    I have no idea , my grandad only remembers his grandad he doesnt remember any relatives from that side x
  10. census

    Finally confirmed the suspected family of john duffy today with my grandfathers dna results and a 2nd cousin match and a quick nosey on their tree revealed that they have the suspected family on their tree ! No paper work but at least i can put it to bed till library opens .
  11. census

    that is awful , i was only born in 87 so although i know about IRA and the bombings i never knew that the prejudice would be as recent as the 60s
  12. census

    Hi thanks everyone for the replies i will start to look in the wider area . Kizzy was the irish still looked down on when you was young because my grandad said people used to call his grandad an irish b****** but from what i can gather on documents i do have he was from st helens . Nat
  13. census

    Is there a reason why people wouldn't be found on an 1891 and 1901 census ? Its still pecking my head over this john duffy fella
  14. Ancestry DNA

    Hi tony , Iv uploaded mine to my heritage and FTDNA i think they both have smaller data bases than ancestry but its nice to see the different variations on your ethnicity
  15. can anyone help me please ?

    I think esther foster and thomas j kelly