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  1. Tough Runners

    Hello freinds of connect, Earlier this year, I met some people who changed my life, I was just an ordinary guy working on my fitness level, and improving my health, When some friends suggested to me a sport, called OCR, (obstacle course racing) and we'll, all year I've clocked up some decent miles and raised alot of money for a number of charities through OCR's to a point where I've created my own team, of wich stands currently at 39 members from around the UK, We tackled every UK Tough mudder in 2017, either working with them as marshals, or racing through them, No fitness level is needed for this sport, as its not actually a race, but a challenge, to complete the courses with no injury, We train cross country, around Carr mill damn, and some other local parks, Aswell as hit the gym, I've totaled now 3 Tough Mudder headbands, and finisher tee shirts, Aswell as 9 vollunteer marshal shifts, This sport is amazing, It's hard, it's muddy, it's great fun!! So, I'm Currently looking for St helens based runners, to join my team, named Nfbf (Not Fast But Furious) as we take on more Tough Mudders. We are to beat this year's charity total of £540 and overcome more fears, (hieghts-water-electrocution) This year we are not just taking on ToughMudder- not even the race series Tougher mudder, No! We're going the whole way, as myself and so far, 4 other team members, are going to take on Europe's Toughest Mudder, wich is an 8 Hours over night endurance race, my chosen charity for this event is "Make A Wish", so,..all that said,.... Do you run? Do you race? Do you want to escape the ordinary? I mean,...when was the last time you did something for the first time? Hope to hear from you soon, H.darby
  2. crank caverns where do they go

    that collie, is more than welcome!
  3. crank caverns where do they go

    I think another trip to crank, may be in order soon =)
  4. crank caverns where do they go

    Its Been a while,...
  5. Its been a while, but i think, I'm back!

  6. Another CRANK CAVERNS explore on saturday 5th november 10am - 2pm :) all welcome

  7. crank caverns where do they go

    Fantastic gucci, i too know these caverns very well, so if any help is wanted, id be happy to arramge something Ive actually juat got back from the deep, s a little haunted horror explore, =)
  8. Crank caverns (again) sunday 23rd october @ 10am - 2pm

  9. crank caverns where do they go

    Returning tomorrow, sunday 23td october :10am - 2pm, ...inbox if interested, =)
  10. saint Helens urban exploration

    Returning : crank caverns tomorrow : sunday 23rd october 10am - 2pm =)
  11. we're going to crank caverns ,

    Returning again to crank caverns: tomorrow - sunday 23rd october,10am - 2pm =)
  12. crank caverns where do they go

    Already on it gucci, a team of not so expert people have already been doing some digging in an attemp to get down to the next level, some i know, and some i dont, =)
  13. we're going to crank caverns ,

    Hello folks, 10 months later another trip to crank caverns, ive been them ways hundreds of times between this thread and now, and given literally hundreds of tours of the caves, now for another set of tours, for anybody interested, THE RETURN is on sunday 16/10/16 @ 10am untill around 1pm(ish) id like to see many people there, invites like this have gone out on multiple forums, (as usual) and a few people have replied, i know these caverns a little too well, as most our connect members know, safety boots,torches,and lunch are a must, parking available for those who drive, and the report will be up on monday, hope to ysee you all there, H.Darby NWE @UKURBEX (North West Explorers)
  14. Crank caverns sunday 16th/10/16 @ 10AM -1PM