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  1. Fire at St.Helens Central Station

    motor might need a new set of brushes !
  2. Blind School

    == Blind School / Workshops. The actual year the workshops opened I cannot say but until the early 70s it was run by the Blind Society and from what I can gather it was down to financial difficulties and in doing so they approached the council who decided to continue their employment and by this time the employees had reduced in number, afterwards they came under Social Services dept but at the start of a new contract so previous year of employment under the Blind Society didn’t count. Prior to financial difficulties, Sharrocks my first employer, in Haydock where the main purchaser to spud hampers which were made from scratch, first by boiling the willow to make it easier to re shape, brush making which used bass pitched into a stock, a very messy job as pitch could get all over oneself. Coconut matting, mats of all sizes and all made on a loom then after platting it was trimmed down to a specific depth, it was like sending it through a 4’ wide cylindrical mower, and very lethal. There was the knitting shop which took orders from all over, Cowley and Tower College was their main customers. The workshops closed officially in March 78 the year after the opening of the Sensory Gardens in Queen's Park during Silver Jubilee year in the presence of Joe Hatton. Being transferred to Stevenson Crescent is correct right until Aug 1989 after that the Blind workshop became a thing of the past, in all that time a fully sighted person was employed someone who did the paperwork and made tea.. The Blind premises in Dentons Green are the Deaf society which was attended regular by Joe Hatton. (Who happened to be an excellent basket maker) Whenever the premises where braught into conversation it was always referred to as the Blind school which is incorrect not realising the men/women in the workshops where employed by the Blind Society. The term Blind School referred to a social room upstairs which in the mid 60s my dad losing his sight attended every Tuesday afternoon during which he had a go of learning Braille and he did very well but sadly in 1970 he passed away before he had the full benefit, he did take part in the entertainment as he took along his concertina. During the time of the Blind Society the social room was rented out.
  3. Stop!

    the Gent with the guide dog he catches the 0715 each morning to Wigan and occasionally I board the same train and have a chat.
  4. Stop!

    I called in Friday morning purposely for a Metro and to see what reactions where made as they are normally on the platform, so do I enter and exit with my pass Chap said they are for rail customers I said you can pick them on public transport when they are available; he must have expected someone to ask as he reached over and just behind him were several copies. Mrs & I passed through early this Saturday morning and the gates where fully open and no one in sight, on our return journey apx 1630 three staff where in duty with a long queue leading back to the platform, maybe due to teething problems as they checked tickets and passes by hand.
  5. Ancestry DNA

    Myself personally, I’m not drawn into my family tree ( that’s why I took up Bonsai ) I just about remember G Dad on my Dads side who passed away in the early 60s, my sister and hubby have spent hours plus lots of £s This Ancestry DNA, how long has it been going on for and how can they be as certain as they make out to be and where else will ones DNA end up, Police records!! Some are not keen on giving their DNA but it can be taken without ones knowledge during surgery even by a dentist.
  6. Stop!

    Mrs has suggested going to Southport coming Saturday so it gives an excuse to try them out - it saves those two staff standing there all day checking tickets.
  7. Lucem House

    Lucem House Community Cinema Plus+ Ive come across an article where Lucem House are looking to raise £25.000 in crowd funding to make the building wheel chair accessible for the benefit to disabled film lovers to enjoy the experience of the community cinema which is a voluntary run enterprise. Lucem House have benefited from a revamp which saw the installation of 50 theatre seats from the world of glass. £10.000 grant from awards for a recycled kitchen and cafe bar and updated film projector donated by the British film institute, and I say good luck to them. In allowing the building to be used for the community the ymca provide much appreciated support for the project!! So the ymca are still the owners of the premises who are benefiting from what has already been carried out but they don’t seem to be contributing towards the premises wheel chair access. www.lucemhouse.co.uk
  8. accessible air raid shelters,

    Going back to Oct 15 thereabouts it was mentioned in the Star the air raid shelter beside the water works in Prescot and the possibility of demolition, I passed this morning and sometime within the past 2 weeks it has, all the ground has been cleared, the old tower is to remain standing I believe, the property on the end looks far more presentable.
  9. Lucem House

    Aprox 15 years ago possibly a bit longer the church became empty then the YMCA took it over and modernised it and used more as a leisure hall including internet, later it became empty and it was rented to CVS, (Council Voluntary Services) as for some reason they moved from corporate building side on to the theatre and it was during that time I called in to see Barbara who I had known for many years as she was the person in charge. I remember seeing the stage piled up with boxes and a door in the far right possibly leading to a vestry. I do know it was rented by them as a woman from the ymca called in each morning checking the loos where Ok. I’ve a feeling CVS later moved into the college. Sometime after I believe it was occupied as a temp by staff in Lincoln house, how long for I can’t say and what it became of it after I’ve no idea. Its certainly a change from last time I was inside, just for curiosity with being lottery funded I wander if the premises are still owned by the ymca?. Robbob - good photos
  10. Disappeared word and phrases

    When I was a kid and doing what I shouldn’t my Dad threatened me saying he would send me to Siberia and being as old as I was I had no idea of where it was.
  11. Wagon Lane, Haydock - - - what came first Wagon Lane or the Wagon and Horses pub? (which is now demolished)
  12. When you took items to be repaired etc!

    In my case I’m going back to the mid 50s, not forgetting in those days items where British made so they were made to last. Sending a duff radio for repair didn’t enter into it as I stripped it down beforehand. The old Morphy Richards smoothing irons, which in those days plugged into a light socket. Occasionally the element would burn out and replacing it was straight forward so it could be done at home and when it was finally scrapped the top cover I kept as turning it over it was shape of a boat. About that time Mother bought a Dean gas boiler and an Hotpoint Empress, the large square washer with a mangle which could be removed and placed in a lower compartment and it was put into action every Monday and it lasted until 1984 and then it was only disposed of because of having to clear her council house.- The early Hoover upright carpet cleaners with a large bag even they were made to last, it was the rubber drive belt that needed replacing and in those days there were no liners, and it was only because updated models the older ones where scrapped even though they were still in good working order, if anything it was a case of not getting hold of spare parts. I knew cookers could be exchanged but in those days didn’t realise then they where immersed in acid and the one I had lasted many years. When it was decorating time I remember rolls of wallpaper had a border along one edge which had to be cut off and entertainment in those days came from Redifusion. As far as doors being striped I only learned of it in later years and in the 50s/60s it was council property so nothing was done. Speaking of personal items, as well as having shoes soled and healed you could even take dentures back for repair.
  13. A dog is a mans best friend !!

  14. of all the fishes in the sea  the mermaid is the one for me

  15. where does glushkov enter into it ?