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  1. Wagon Lane, Haydock - - - what came first Wagon Lane or the Wagon and Horses pub? (which is now demolished)
  2. When you took items to be repaired etc!

    In my case I’m going back to the mid 50s, not forgetting in those days items where British made so they were made to last. Sending a duff radio for repair didn’t enter into it as I stripped it down beforehand. The old Morphy Richards smoothing irons, which in those days plugged into a light socket. Occasionally the element would burn out and replacing it was straight forward so it could be done at home and when it was finally scrapped the top cover I kept as turning it over it was shape of a boat. About that time Mother bought a Dean gas boiler and an Hotpoint Empress, the large square washer with a mangle which could be removed and placed in a lower compartment and it was put into action every Monday and it lasted until 1984 and then it was only disposed of because of having to clear her council house.- The early Hoover upright carpet cleaners with a large bag even they were made to last, it was the rubber drive belt that needed replacing and in those days there were no liners, and it was only because updated models the older ones where scrapped even though they were still in good working order, if anything it was a case of not getting hold of spare parts. I knew cookers could be exchanged but in those days didn’t realise then they where immersed in acid and the one I had lasted many years. When it was decorating time I remember rolls of wallpaper had a border along one edge which had to be cut off and entertainment in those days came from Redifusion. As far as doors being striped I only learned of it in later years and in the 50s/60s it was council property so nothing was done. Speaking of personal items, as well as having shoes soled and healed you could even take dentures back for repair.
  3. A dog is a mans best friend !!

  4. of all the fishes in the sea  the mermaid is the one for me

  5. where does glushkov enter into it ?
  6. On Boundary Road.

    its surprising Ive got that same copy on single/3 phase motor same here I never tried it out - the red haired chap I didn't know he was related.
  7. On Boundary Road.

    you will have to remind me a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then Vinty - I fully agree!, not certain who but was it Joe had 1 maybe 2 fingers severed. Ive just searched some old photos and the AVO, an ex air ministry, I baught from him was sometime in 1968/69 for a tenner and he had much custom from radio minded people. he dealt quite a lot in ex government surplus equipment.
  8. On Boundary Road.

    I can only remember those 2 premises, I know the shop top end of Westfield was only small, army surplus equipment was my main interest and stocking up on radio spares from his boundary rd premises.
  9. On Boundary Road.

    Casey Brothers, takes me back to early 70s, Ive spent a few £ in that shop, the youngest of brothers let me have a few items a bit cheaper, in the mid to late 60s he had a smaller shop top end of Westfield st. what did annoy everyone was, each item was priced + VAT
  10. Things you don't see anymore

    when you do just let me know as Ive just stocked up, stockings included!!
  11. there was once a signal box part way down Boardmans lane does anyone remember its Id
  12. a 127 page book complied by Bob Pixton Widnes and St Helens Railways and is excellent and not only gives the answers to many of your questions it includes many archives photographs. To Widnes from Sankey & Ditton To Widnes central from Sankey & Hough Green Widnes to St Helens via Clock face and Sutton Ormskirk and Rainford to St Helens Huyton to St helens Garswood to St helens Glazebrook to St helens
  13. give us a kiss

    1. RATTY


      OO! you are awful, but I like it

    2. glushkov


      Hi RATTY -  I thought you would - its Latin name is IMPATIENS  BEQUAERTII

      RATTY - if you like it - try this site



    3. RATTY


      My comment was actually remembering the Dick Emery sketch "you are awful but I like it, give us a kiss" but maybe you are too young to remember lol

      added 2 minutes later

      Interesting site, like the White Egret Orchid

  14. Bottle & Glass. Whats behind?

    if it was a 132kv line wouldn't it be carried on pylons, 11kv lines are normally much lower - I meant to mention with it being a cultivated field wouldn't they have to take into account the height of a combine harvester