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  1. Hurricane Sun

    today's Metro front page its refared to as the Red October !!
  2. Hurricane Sun

    and keep a check on your spelling !!!!!!!!!
  3. Hurricane Sun

    I happened to be in Rainhill at the time and it has been caused by Ophelia only snag I didn't have my camera. The ex-hurricane brought with it Saharan dust and debris from wildfires in Portugal and Spain and the appearance of sunset at midday is caused by the particles scattering the light and giving the appearance of a red sun It's certainly spectacular at the moment, there has been times when sand has been braught over to the Uk from the Sahara the trails of warm air flow can be traced from Portugal and Spain on Sat 24 https://en.sat24.com/en/eu/?type=visual5HDComplete
  4. Robbob to provide cardboard cutouts of buildings?

    it isn’t a roofing problem, its structural and it’s in the library If the problem was down to roofing both upper floors of Social Services would have been effected. If it was roofing and as big as you make out scaffolding would be required. added 25 minutes later Robbob to find out for certain try and get permission to gain access onto the top floor of Century Hse and take photos of the Gamble roof !!!!!
  5. Robbob to provide cardboard cutouts of buildings?

    The work in the Library is more severe than first predicted and once complete the doors will re open to the public, you mention - - - ‘Should be demolished’ what - The Library or the Gamble? You can’t demolish a Library with two floors above. There will be too much of a public outcry if they decide to close all Libraries but continue to remain open on certain days added 6 minutes later and which roof are you referring to
  6. House for Sale

    Its a pity the premises can’t be made a touch more impressive, imagine the expressions made by viewers/buyers if Len ‘banana’ Saunders opened the front door dressed as a Butler! added 38 minutes later for a guided tour https://youtu.be/f8wUuNL0QOM
  7. House for Sale

    cant we all put to and go Time Share !!!
  8. Around St.Helens

    Town Hall car park
  9. All boarded up

    could have got shut of those sleepers a long time ago without boarding up, just empty a bottle of Jeyes fluid inside the foyer.
  10. Fire at St.Helens Central Station

    motor might need a new set of brushes !
  11. Blind School

    == Blind School / Workshops. The actual year the workshops opened I cannot say but until the early 70s it was run by the Blind Society and from what I can gather it was down to financial difficulties and in doing so they approached the council who decided to continue their employment and by this time the employees had reduced in number, afterwards they came under Social Services dept but at the start of a new contract so previous year of employment under the Blind Society didn’t count. Coconut matting, mats of all sizes and all made on a loom then after platting it was trimmed down to a specific depth, it was like sending it through a 4’ wide cylindrical mower, and very lethal. There was the knitting shop which took orders from all over, Cowley and Tower College was their main customers. The workshops closed officially in March 78 the year after the opening of the Sensory Gardens in Queen's Park during Silver Jubilee year in the presence of Joe Hatton. Being transferred to Stevenson Crescent is correct right until Aug 1989 after that the Blind workshop became a thing of the past, in all that time a fully sighted person was employed someone who did the paperwork and made tea.. The Blind premises in Dentons Green are the Deaf society which was attended regular by Joe Hatton. (Who happened to be an excellent basket maker) Whenever the premises where braught into conversation it was always referred to as the Blind school which is incorrect not realising the men/women in the workshops where employed by the Blind Society. The term Blind School referred to a social room upstairs which in the mid 60s my dad losing his sight attended every Tuesday afternoon during which he had a go of learning Braille and he did very well but sadly in 1970 he passed away before he had the full benefit, he did take part in the entertainment as he took along his concertina. During the time of the Blind Society the social room was rented out.
  12. Stop!

    the Gent with the guide dog he catches the 0715 each morning to Wigan and occasionally I board the same train and have a chat.
  13. Stop!

    I called in Friday morning purposely for a Metro and to see what reactions where made as they are normally on the platform, so do I enter and exit with my pass Chap said they are for rail customers I said you can pick them on public transport when they are available; he must have expected someone to ask as he reached over and just behind him were several copies. Mrs & I passed through early this Saturday morning and the gates where fully open and no one in sight, on our return journey apx 1630 three staff where in duty with a long queue leading back to the platform, maybe due to teething problems as they checked tickets and passes by hand.
  14. Ancestry DNA

    Myself personally, I’m not drawn into my family tree ( that’s why I took up Bonsai ) I just about remember G Dad on my Dads side who passed away in the early 60s, my sister and hubby have spent hours plus lots of £s This Ancestry DNA, how long has it been going on for and how can they be as certain as they make out to be and where else will ones DNA end up, Police records!! Some are not keen on giving their DNA but it can be taken without ones knowledge during surgery even by a dentist.
  15. Stop!

    Mrs has suggested going to Southport coming Saturday so it gives an excuse to try them out - it saves those two staff standing there all day checking tickets.