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  1. quite right so,when i was a kid in haydock we used to get guard van rides from the coal sidings in old whint haydock down to boardmans lane with instructions from the guard to jump off the train when it went round the left curve on the climb to cross broad oak road imagine hse now they would have a fit kids jumping from moving trains,happy days what fun we had growing up in the real world.
  2. valves i believe are about 20ft down from that little brick shed.
  3. hope you make it home th,my lady lives in boden st lowten,had lovely sunday lunch in sheperds today.
  4. yes ive heard it too the run off valves are knackered and need replacin,apparently they will net fish as they drain and move them to other places an then restock when job done,,thats what ive heard,cant wait to see that muddy bottom.
  5. my only son was born at cowley hill,sept 1969,lovely little hospital it was.
  6. in yickland we called em trollies and steerable too.
  7. the first census was 1841 so u must presume he's allready died by then,if he's not listed anywere on there.
  8. i live in car mill an my mate lives in chester,so no tolls for me its over thellwall or via tunnel cos i have a fst tag.
  9. effin nerve of them
  10. ive got 2 stoka made by nuttal an co[ugb] both for the holt popworks that was in two butt lane whiston.
  11. dont forget ugb my 1 st wife worked at sherdly in the grinding shop they used to grind the jars and tops to toffee jars and storage jars to make an air tight sealand also decanters.
  12. some dont want to be helped,some choose to live like that an some dont,,,,,how do you seperate them?
  13. looks like they share the same lippo
  14. what a nice story to tell,but sad in other ways.