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  1. cat rescue shop,fingerpost

    thanks dicky,sounds very shady.
  2. went to take some stuff in the above wed morning,all shuttered up,so went down to willowbrook hospice shop and 2 ladies in there were saying the above shop had nothing to do with cat rescue charity they referred to it as "her purse" charity implying they were taking in goods pretnding to be a charity when they weren,t and it was her that was pocketing the money,for herself,can anyone shed any light on this dodgy deal.
  3. Prefabs

    my sister lived in beacon grove blackbrook in single story prefab,,damn cold they were too.
  4. Any ideas who this is?

    i knew ste in cb days wouldn,t av recognised him tho only for description him bein at savoy way back.used to see him in cb discos n such.
  5. Prefabs

    theryve not been converted ,but there still prefads,converted or not.av a look round wasdale as well there must be loads of em left.
  6. Rag and Bone men

    no problems here in clinky wood,leave anything on drive an local gypos av it away in a flash.
  7. parr ind estate

    yes cardox was down southport road and they made dinamite for pits and quarry blasting,could always here the test fireing of dinamite down old whint were i grew up.
  8. Motor bike shops

    tom collins was in boundry road and workshop around the corner,fred hartley was in near were asda is now,geof dukes old place was in greenfield road,and bill pope was over from huntsman,them days we called tom collins the smiling bandit,the higher the price the bigger the smile.
  9. Moss Bank Nail Makers

    i know its a little out of area but my ancestors were nail makers in downall green,found this doing my family tree.
  10. Carp in Taylor Park.

    hey gangad remember when me an cliff used catch all them pike boat fishing in there,,,happy days.
  11. quite right so,when i was a kid in haydock we used to get guard van rides from the coal sidings in old whint haydock down to boardmans lane with instructions from the guard to jump off the train when it went round the left curve on the climb to cross broad oak road imagine hse now they would have a fit kids jumping from moving trains,happy days what fun we had growing up in the real world.
  12. Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    valves i believe are about 20ft down from that little brick shed.
  13. Strange St Helens words

    hope you make it home th,my lady lives in boden st lowten,had lovely sunday lunch in sheperds today.
  14. Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    yes ive heard it too the run off valves are knackered and need replacin,apparently they will net fish as they drain and move them to other places an then restock when job done,,thats what ive heard,cant wait to see that muddy bottom.
  15. Cowley Hill Maternity Hospital 1931-1970

    my only son was born at cowley hill,sept 1969,lovely little hospital it was.